Sea of Thieves Night’s Emissary: Stealth Guide

Sea of Thieves Night’s Emissary: Stealth Guide 1 -
Sea of Thieves Night’s Emissary: Stealth Guide 1 -
Do you want to know everything there is to know about stealth in Sea of Thieves? This guide will tell you plus so much more that will aide you in your plundering. From understanding the fundamentals to the science and psychology behind stealth as a whole.



Within Sea of Thieves, going in guns blazing is not always the best option. Stealth can play a huge part in combat situations and can even make the difference between winning or losing a battle. When done correctly, an experienced stealth player can run circles around an enemy crew and they will not even be aware of you 
I have been sneaking around since I was young and practicing stealth in games for a decade plus. I am the self-proclaimed stealth master within the Sea of Thieves. I don’t claim this title lightly, I am constantly trying to outdo myself and learn new tricks/tactics to use against the populace that roams these seas. Every play session I manage to hide on someone’s ship regardless if they are on alert or not. As new content comes to the seas, I find new tricks to add to my arsenal against the unwary. I hope you all can make good use of the tactics/information found within this guide and that it opens your eyes to the world of stealth as a whole. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Finding Your Hide Emotes

Hide Emotes are the best way to tuck because they hide your name tag from enemy crews until you stop emoting. This makes it so the only thing that visually shows them where you are is your body itself so you can actually hide. 

Most Useful Hide Emotes


HideSea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth GuideThis FREE emote is the best hiding emote in the game. It hides your name tag like all the others but also presents the least amount of your body to be seen while also remaining completely still.
Wall HideSea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth GuideWall Hide is incredibly useful in specific scenarios where you need to press up against something and attempt to remain undetected. It has the added benefit of jumping back away from your hitbox slightly so you can appear to phase through some walls while using this emote.
Barrel DisguiseSea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth GuideBarrel Disguise is useful for blending in groups of barrels on islands and getting ambushes on players looking for supplies. However, it’s drawback is it remains completely upright no matter if the ship is rocking in the waves or not, making you very obvious to players who see you.
Cannonball HideSea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth GuideCannonball Hide is another free emote, while not as good as the original Hide it still can present a very small amount of your body but it activates quicker than Hide does. This makes it useful for quick hides that must be preformed in a fraction of a second that are only meant to be short term.

In the main menu there will be a tab for the Pirate Emporium (also located on top of the Order of Souls Tent). 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 
Find the Hide and Peek Emote Bundle and open it. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 
Inside it you will find the Cannonball Hide Emote. This emote will be free to all players. The other emotes will have to be bought with real money though. If you must buy one I suggest the Wall Hide in this bundle because it’s the best in this set. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 
After getting the Cannonball Hide emote, find the Hide and Sneak emote bundle and open it. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 
There you can get the Hide Emote for free. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Basic Stealth Tips

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide - Basic Stealth Tips 

  • Wear more muted/dark colors. 
  • Only move when your sounds are muffled by other sounds. 
  • Only move near players if you can keep their line of sight blocked, or their focus is elsewhere. 
  • Only attack when necessary, loud noises such as gunfire draw attention. 
  • Take off your Peg-Leg, it makes more noise while walking. 
  • Provide the enemy with something to focus on. You can usually sail your ship right past them 
    then board their ship from the opposite side as they cannon your ship down. 
  • Don’t use your Spyglass or Eye of Reach, it’s shine reveals your position. 
  • Don’t pick up items unless you’re prepared to jump overboard with them or something is muffling their sound, they create noise while you walk or when you set them down. 
  • Don’t switch between weapons/equipment unless necessary. Each item has its own distinguishable sounds and experienced players may hear them. 
  • Keep your in-game mic muted, it alerts them and can direct them to where you are, if you must communicate, type to them. It doesn’t reveal your location just that you’re nearby. 
  • Get aboard ships ASAP, once on a ship (friendly or enemy) your mermaid disappears. 
  • Hide Emoting is the best way to hide your nameplate. Otherwise it appears regardless where you are on their screen. 
  • When swimming to board a ship, stay low until you reach the ladder, this hides your nameplate and blurs your character model within the water.


Hiding Spots

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide - Hiding Spots 
Hiding spots within the Sea of Thieves are as limited as your imagination. Every rock, bush, shadow, and piece of debris is a hiding spot if you use them right. It is entirely up to you how you want to get to where you need to go by using the world around you to your advantage to block line of sight to yourself or allow you to camouflage in with the environment around you. 
Say you are under water with another pirate who you don’t want to know you are there. You could kill him but he’ll just alert his crew and your job will become significantly harder. Assuming he is swimming back to his ship or island, you can dive below him and hide in the seaweed or under a rock overhang and it will make you less likely to be found, just don’t swim too much in case he pauses and hears you. Hopefully he moves along before you start to make noises due to drowning. 
Don’t forget there are a number of crates and rocks in the world that allow you to hide within them if you angle yourself correctly. Use these to your advantage as well. 

Sloop Tuck Spots

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide - Sloop Tuck Spots 
The Sloop doesn’t have many hiding spots onboard for stowaways. The trick to remaining undetected onboard is constantly moving around the enemy crew. It is recommended to start in the Crow’s Nest then if one of the other players begins to climb jump down to main deck and catch a side ladder or land with the mast in between you and the Helmsman. If the opportunity presents itself go below deck and try to hide but remember you are cornered down there. However, if you look out the window near the ammo crate or near the voyage table, there is a chance you will get the prompt to grab the side ladder, if you do you’ll appear outside the ship on the ladder again. This can be used to avoid being seen or killed. 
The heat map shows player activity based on my experience within the game. Higher amount of time in an area by players or increased player traffic makes areas hotter such as stairs since they represent a high traffic area. This can be used to help you estimate where the enemy might be if you don’t have a visual on them but know they are on board. 
Purple Points: Medium quality hiding spots that you will only be found if the enemy crew knows you are on board. 
Red Points: Low quality hiding spots. These are best only if you use them as a temporary spot then move to a better spot. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Brigantine Tuck Spots

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide - Brigantine Tuck Spots 
The Brigantine should be played similar to the sloop in regards to mobility however, with its higher crew size, being spotted is much easier. However, there are two spots that Cutthroat Ghosts rarely get spotted at. There are at the map table beside it, and at the head of the bed using the “Pillar Hide” emote. 
The heat map shows player activity based on my experience within the game. Higher amount of time in an area by players or increased player traffic makes areas hotter such as stairs since they represent a high traffic area. This can be used to help you estimate where the enemy might be if you don’t have a visual on them but know they are on board. 
Blue Points: High quality hiding spots that you will rarely ever be found in. 
Purple Points: Medium quality hiding spots that you will only be found if the enemy crew knows you are on board. 
Red Points: Low quality hiding spots. These are best only if you use them as a temporary spot then move to a better spot. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Galleon Tuck Spots

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide - Galleon Tuck Spots 
The Galleon is by far the best ship for hiding on. However, it does have a large crew so in order to properly stow away, you must take great care in everything you do. The most important thing is identifying if the galleon has a full crew and where all the players are. If the ship is abandoned temporarily and the crew is on the island, you have free reign to get in a perfect hiding spot. Just make sure to be quick about it because one of the crew could be killed on the island and respawn beside you if you aren’t careful. 
The heat map shows player activity based on my experience within the game. Higher amount of time in an area by players or increased player traffic makes areas hotter such as stairs since they represent a high traffic area. This can be used to help you estimate where the enemy might be if you don’t have a visual on them but know they are on board. 
Dark Blue Points: These Ghost quality hiding spots are very difficult to get to but you are very unlikely to ever be found in them. 
Blue Points: High quality hiding spots that you will rarely ever be found in. 
Purple Points: Medium quality hiding spots that you will only be found if the enemy crew knows you are on board. 
Red Points: Low quality hiding spots. These are best only if you use them as a temporary spot then move to a better spot. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Reading Your Victims

Players are human, they are creatures of habit. We all do things without realizing them and this can be analyzed and exploited by people who know how to do this. 
Reading an opponent is easier than you may think. Players usually have a favorite spot to store loot on the ship, and it’s different per crew. While hiding on their ship you can determine where their favorite spot is then you now can predict what the crew will do. They will bring loot from the island on to the ship and follow the shortest path to their loot, drop off their loot, potentially grab food/ammo, then return to the island to continue the cycle. This creates a closed circuit that you can exploit by walking directly behind them while they follow their path then you can walk off to the side before they make their return trip. 
Lets give another example. Say they are doing a fort of some kind. They are going to grab food, ammo, and jump overboard with potentially 1 lookout staying behind. That lookout is going to be looking for mermaids but mainly are going to be watching for enemy ships to come. If they are looking for ships you are considerably more likely to sneak past them because they will be looking to the horizon instead of directly in front of them. 
Players follow a linear path of objectives because that is how this game is played. You have to raise anchor, drop sails, and get on the helm to sail. Observing the enemy and predicting what they are going to do next is simply figuring out “what would I do if I was in their situation?” 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Manipulating The Enemy

Manipulation is one of the highest levels of stealth you can achieve. Think of a magician, they keep your attention in one place where the real trick is being preformed elsewhere. You have to learn how to force your opponent to do what you want them to without them realizing they are being played. This can be done in a multitude of ways and is entirely situational. 
Here are a few examples to give you an idea: 

  • There is a ship you want to board, so you sail your ship nearby and swim to the opposite side of their ship. While they cannon your ship you climb the opposite ladder and hide. This works well against average players and players who forget to watch ladders. Make your ship look like a noob in both how you drive it and in it’s cosmetics. Giving them a really easy target will often get the desired carefree attacking that you want. 
  • There is an alliance at an active fort. They are using in game microphones and seem to not know each other personally but simply are randoms in an alliance. Sneak over and get on board one of the ships undetected if possible. Then use one ship’s cannons to hit the other ship’s and start crying in open mic about how your ship is being attacked. If you have time switch ships and attack back so everyone is properly confused. 
  • You boarded and tucked on an open crew galleon. You can talk freely to the enemy crew just so long as they never see your name and realize you are not a part of their crew. Use them to attack other crews for you or even provide a distraction for you.

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Pulling The Trigger

Pulling The Trigger is the culmination of all your efforts in one singular moment. This is you sneaking off with their Chest of Legends or blowing up the mega kegs in their crow’s nest. Everything you accomplished is riding on this moment and you have to plan it out accordingly. If you start a fight and lose you completely wasted your time, so you have to know your limits as well as the threat level of the enemy should you be discovered. 
Understand what you are capable of and constantly try to outdo yourself. If you have nothing to lose, take risks and see what happens. Take steps to properly prepare for what you are going to do, from moving their kegs around to knowing you can firebomb the crows nest if you don’t have a ranged weapon that can shoot the kegs. Always plan for the optimum outcome, the potential outcome, and the worst case scenario and you’ll always be able to be one step ahead of the enemy. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Aggro Dropping

Players are just like AI in many ways, they are predictable and can be manipulated. With AI breaking Line-of-Sight often does the trick and this works surprisingly well against people as well. If you kill a crew on a ship then hide before they can respawn, they often assume you stole resources and jumped overboard. If your hiding spot is exceptionally good, this is much more likely to work because players will always look around the ship after they respawn, but stop once a player gives an “all clear”. This idea of breaking LoS and hiding before they can see you again works well in chases as well, they assume you either got away and mermaided away or got killed, with only some rare occasions people predicting you hiding. 
Other ways to drop player agro is to admit defeat. Either apologize or congratulate them for doing well in beating you. Wish them a good day and say you’re either headed back to your ship or getting off. On a galleon or in the crow’s nest this works especially well. Make your way to the helm on a galleon and when you wish them goodbye, jump off the side to the balcony below and hide again. Often, they will think you jumped into the water below and calm back down. In the crow’s nest jump off in the same manor and grab a side ladder before you hit the water, and hold on until you get another chance to board. 

Understanding The Body


Player Vision:

Within the game the Field of View is 78° by default. However, experienced players will adjust this up to 90° enabling them to see a much larger area. If players have a lower FoV they are much more likely to overlook you when you are laying down due to their screen barely even showing your body. Additionally, the enemy player nameplate is visible up to 18 paces away. Any farther than that and it will disappear. It also vanishes if there is something blocking line of sight with that player, be it brush or a structure. 
It is also important to mention, that the human eye tracks two different things at the same time, color differences and motion. The human eye has Rod Cells which track motion and make up the majority of peripheral vision and night vision. Cone Cells are used to differentiate color and are also responsible for more clear visual images. This is why it is important for stealth players to blend closely to the environment they are in as well as remain still because different portions of the eye will pick you up if you are in the player’s FoV. One last thing to be aware of, males have more rods than females do on average, which makes men more capable at motion detection. The opposite is true for females, they have more cones than males which helps with color differentiation. 
With color differences the more things the eye has to look at the more likely something subtle will remain unnoticed. It is always suggested to hide in shadows and darker areas because color differences are more subtle there. This is one of the reasons the Wilds region (or the dark, or fog) is the best for stealth due to the muted color pallet. However, it is better to mix your lighting than to simple be in a dark spot. If a player’s eyes adjust then it is irrelevant if you are in the dark if everything is dark. If you mix the lighting you are hiding in it doesn’t let a person’s eyes adjust and makes you even harder to be seen. This is why striped animals hide in brush and tall grass, the light is patchy and makes them more difficult to be seen. 
One last thing to be aware of, is that people don’t look up very often. This is due to the fact that usually something really bright is up there discouraging you from looking at it, additionally the fact you have go to watch where you are stepping and find anything that may be in the ground. This isn’t as common in gaming however due to the brightness of the sun or lights not being unbearable like it is for real. However, this is still common when people are looking for people who are hiding on their ship, because the tucked player is almost always laying down people look down. This is useful if you are hiding above people and is one of the reasons higher hiding spots are desired. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 


Your shadow and silhouette can give you away more often than you realize. Keep track of where the sun is so you can predict which angle your shadow will be cast. However, unlike in real life, you only have 1 shadow at a time and it is only caused by the sun. No other light sources create a shadow. 
Remember that while you may not be directly visible in the distance your silhouette could be. Take special care to never present yourself directly against the sky or ocean. If someone is below you, they will see your silhouette against the sky/ocean ceiling. To avoid this never stand directly atop of a hill and instead stay below the crest of the hill/mountain. To avoid being detected in water avoid being above someone who is swimming, they look up more often than down. Use rock crevices and seaweed to obscure their view of you and remain perfectly still, they will most often overlook you. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

Player Hearing:

The human ear can commonly hear between 20Hz to 20kHz although the top end of this range decreases with age (I’m 25 and my range is 15Hz to 18kHz although I have fantastic hearing). The ear actually focuses on higher frequencies on its own and ignores lower frequencies more often. This is why in music the bass is considered the base, or foundation of a sound and everything else needs to be quieter in order to make a more balanced sound. Obviously, volume makes a huge difference as well. Below is a tier table based on likelihood a sound will get you noticed by a player; this is based on volume, pitch, and recognizability. Each will have a score from 1-10. 1 is impossible to hear, while 10 is as obvious as a mermaid in the water. 

Shallow Water777

*Note: Transitioning from water to dry ground in boots will add an extra squish sound effect for ~2 seconds. I would argue this increases the score given above by 1 based on land type. 

Understanding The Mind

Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide - Understanding The Mind 
Knowing what players are going to do before they do it or being able to mind game them into doing what you want is one of the most important skills to stealth. Knowing what path people are more likely to take based on pattern recognition and using logic can mean the difference between remaining undetected and ruining the entire operation. With people being lazy, they are not always on “high alert” and overlook simple things when they aren’t thinking about it. This is the core idea of stealth and is why it works so well. Someone looking for you will look for tuck spots and things out of the ordinary, whereas laid back people will not care about a dark blob near their cannon because they are looking at the shiny chest on the shoreline past it. 

Choice is an Illusion:

Humans are a creature of habit, we like following a routine and taking the path of least resistance because its easier. These facts go into our gaming as well. In Sea of Thieves players almost always want to put their loot in the same spot once they choose it. Most players leave it in the captain’s quarters or below deck, however, it is almost always all put in one central location. Once you discover where a crew prefers to keep loot you know the spot, they will be taking anything they find. That is half of predicting what people will do. You also know they will be coming from off-ship with said loot, most commonly using the ladders or rowboat to get on board. With these facts in place, you simply need to know the path in which they will take, on ships there is often only one or two ways to most locations on a ship. To hide from them, you simply hide from the route they will take in itself. This works in most instances if they are not aware you are on board, however, nothing works 100% of the time. 
The most complex thing about choice being an illusion, is that you can predict where people will look. People are always looking at one thing; whatever happens to catch their interest or requires them to look at in order to do properly. These things can be a threat, interesting scenery, where they are going (walking or sailing), something visually distracting, or a short-term tangible goal ahead. It is your job to either create these scenarios for them or figure them out before they happen so you can capitalize on them. For example, if you are solo sailing, sail your ship right past theirs but before you do, slide down the far ladder away from them out of sight. They will be watching your ship sail beside theirs and probably cannon it down, while you climb the ladder on the opposite side of their ship. In doing this you force players to look one way while the real trick is being done from another angle. In short, slight of hand is your friend. 
If someone is actively running from you, you can force them to still do what you want in some situations. You know their goal is to escape or sell an item, so they will either be running away from you or towards a sell point. Many islands have shortcuts you can take to cut people off and all islands have a perimeter which can be run in the opposite direction to cut them off, obviously this only works with more than one person. But if you are chasing someone you can run slightly more to the left and they will in turn, turn to their right in an effort to create more distance between you. Using this, you can force them into dead ends if they don’t know the island, or into a trap or ally. If they are not paying attention this will not work but you are more likely to catch them by simply running them down, if you are better at pathing through the environment that is. 

Ghost Tricks

Below are a few tricks that can be used to better avoid detection or vanish directly in front of someone’s eyes. Some tricks are more difficult to perform perfectly but if done correctly on the first try, it will leave the enemy confused and paranoid, or even completely unaware you were even there. 
Infernal Departure – While in a gunfight with someone throw a firebomb between you two or just in front of them. The moment the firebomb leaves your hand use the “Hide” emote behind an object. The explosion from the firebomb will conceal your laying down animation and they will see an explosion then you’re no-where to be seen. This is incredibly difficult to do and will only buy you a little time to think of your next move but it is incredibly effective. They will often assume you jumped overboard or went below/above deck not tucked. 
Tactical Quitting – If you are being chased by a crew, run below deck and round a corner of some sort to block line-of-sight. The moment you are out of their field-of-view leave the game. They will get to where you were and see no-one there effectively vanishing and they will waste time searching the entire ship for you and not find you making them more paranoid. It must be done perfectly or you will only waste your own time. Rejoin on a crewmate and get back into the fight. This can be used solo as well but not as effectively and you have to force close the game so you can use the Rejoin feature. Other uses for this trick are gathering information undetected then quitting to avoid detection then rejoin your ship. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 


Thank you for reading this guide, hopefully you learned something and have a few ideas you would like to accomplish using these tricks. If you would like to watch a video in which I cover a lot of this with some in game footage here is a link to my

Reap the weak, cull mortality. 
Sea of Thieves Night's Emissary: Stealth Guide 

By Zherron Vorse

This is all for Sea of Thieves Night’s Emissary: Stealth Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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