SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 17.0 ChangeLog by EastTree studios and Mozaka Hybert

SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 17.0 ChangeLog by EastTree studios and Mozaka Hybert 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 17.0 ChangeLog by EastTree studios and Mozaka Hybert 1 -
The new SCP:SL, Update 17.0, the “idk what to name the update lol”, is already live!
This is the ChangeLog for the new update, brought to you by EastTree studios and Mozaka Hybert


The new Update!

Hello everyone, Mozaka Hybert here, and today we updated our game to the 17.0 version, and the new update is called “idk what to name the update lol” !!! 
I hope you are just as exited as i am, we worked really hard on this update. 
So read the ChangeLog now. 

Update 17.0 changelog

from EastTree studios by Mozaka Hybert 
New stuff 
*as many people asked we added some more scps/classes/npcs to the game 
Added scp 069 he kills people by shape-shifting into their dead bodies so they get scared and die 
*this scp has no legs 
Added scp 420 he kills people by existing 
*Insta wins the round by killing everyone, 42% chance of spawning 
Added scp 69420 he is funni number 
*haha funni number scp 
Added scp 7732 he sits and kills people if he wants (looks like Mozaka Hybert) 
*the most powerful scp in the game it looks so hot 
Added scp 7731 he runs around and is real fat and deal 1 dmg per hit (looks like my ex lol) 
*the worst scp in the game it is so ugly ewwww 
Added scp 330 in the game forever 
*everyone really liked scp 330 last time so we added him back forever 
Added scp SUS omg its the impsoiter from amnogus!!!>!! 
*the impostor from among us looks like a human but can kill everyone, he can be voted out 
Added Gabien the trader, he spawns in Heavy and sells weapons 
*its an npc not a playable character 
Added Marchello the italian man he runs around and says mamma mia 
*also an npc and it cant be killed in any way  
Added two new human classes: bf and gf from friday night funkin, bf can battle anyone in a rap battle if he wants and the loser dies 
*i played fnf and it was pretty cool so i added bf and gf into the game just because of that and totally not because the game is really popular right now 
Added another fat human class: ur mom 
*also i heard it has ligma and sugoma 
Added more human class: D-boi V2.374.420 
*spare parts not included 
Added some more human class: scp 141 
*he looked pretty cool so i added him to the game 

General changes

*some other stuff we added/changed 
Made all music be the sans boss fight music 
Made mtf wear chaos uniforms and chaos wear mtf uniforms 
Made pink candy always drop from scp 330 and deal 99999dmg 
Made dbois eat scp 106 if they want 
Made 914 make anything you put in it an 05 keycard 
Made scientists spawn with the d-bois with no stuff at all 
Made scp 939 to stop biting people 
Made d-bois spawn in entrance zone with 5 medic bags guns and an 05 card 
Made the inventory of all scps and humans 20 slots 
Made 096 be always in rage and have 500 km speed per second 
Added some nice tea that you can drink but only if you are british 
Added HAMBURGER that you can eat but only if you are american 
Added a pile of poop that you can jump into and you get teleported into fortnight 
Added a room with with a dead mouse in it 
Added a gun room that only d-bois can enter it has all the guns 
Added a ded room that only scientists can enter it makes you die 
Added a new window in light containment 
Added a chair you can sit on in the surface zone 
Added an upgrade for scp 939 that makes it bite people 
Added a cup in the HCZ that if you drink from scp 682 appears and you fight him for exp 
Added a DLC for 82431$ that makes you an admin on any server 
Added a DLC for FREE that makes you die irl 

Gun update V2

*this is what all of you have been waiting for 
All guns removed 
*the gus whe had were pretty bad even after the gun update so we just removed them and made new guns that are totally original 
Added new guns: 
USAP gun 
a very very original gun totally not stolen from csgo sold by gabien 
Magazine capacity 12 / 24 
Firing mode(s) Semi-automatic 
Rate of fire 352 RPM 
Reload time 2.2 seconds 
Kill Award 
$300 (Competitive) 
$150 (Casual) 
Damage 35 
Recoil Control 18 / 26 (69%) nice 
Accurate Range 21 m 
Armor Penetration 50.5% 
Penetration Power 100 
Range Modifier 0.91 
dessert eagl 
a very cool one it shoots 
damge: 75 
range: 60 
magazen: 7.2 
accuracy: 79% 
fire rate: fast 
a pretty heavy machine gun, really its so heavy you cant even aim it you weakling 
damage: 30 
range: 1 
magansen: 30 
accuracy: 1% 
fire rate: very fast 
+50 range and 100% accuracy if wielded by mozaka hybert 
damage: sometimes 
range: yes 
magazine: thats where bullets go 
accuracy: not 
fire rate: big 
this is the new automat kalashitkova avavavava, totally original weapon, sold by gabien the trader 
damag: 47 
range: 47 
magizine: 47 
accuracy: 47% 
fire rate: 47 
another totaly original weapon sold by gabien the trader 
danmage: 100 
range: 50 
magazine: 11 
accuracy: 87% 
fire rate: slow 
Urded .50 cal 
the most powerful weapon in the game, found only in Surface near Mozaka Hybert 
dmage 99999999 
range: 99999 
magazine: 99999999999999999 
accuracy: 169999999999% 
fire rate: snail speed 
damage: 1 
range: 30 
magazine: 1000 
accuracy: 20% 
fire rate: fast as ♥♥♥♥ boi 
Shotgun from minecraft 
the shotgun from minecraft 
damage: 10 per pellet 
range: 30 per pellet 
magazine: 10 per pellet 
accuracy: random% per pellet 
fire rate: slow per pellet 

Glitch fixes

*as you know the game is glitched af so we tried fixing some of them 
Fixed a glitch where the game didnt cost 99$ and was free 
*the game now costs 99$ and you cant play it if you didnt pay 
Fixed a glitch where scp 231 didt have a butt texture 
*sorry guys i forgot the butt texture for spc 231 
Fixed a glitch where peanut had no 3 hands 
*wow how could we miss that one 
Fixed a glitch where the slaves that work in easttree studios could call for help 
*they cant call for help if they are dead 🙂 
Fixed a glitch where dbois lost health when they took dmg 
*this glitch was in the game from the start and now we finally fixed it 
Fixed a glitch where guards spawned 
*guards were actually a mistake but we fixed it 
Fixed a glitch where you would die if you became spectator 
*now you wont die if you become a spectator 
Fixed a glitch where you die if scientist kisses a chaos boi 
* im not sure how this one happened but its fixed now 
Fixed a glitch where chaos didnt teleport near dbois when they spawn 
*a very game-breaking glitch, we had to fix it quickly 
Fixed a glitch where mtf could shoot their guns 
*wait i forgot what i had to write here so i guess its a cool new feature haha 
Fixed a glitch where items disappeared when you picked them up 
*items no longer disappear when you pick them up 
Fixed a glitch where you could eat your head if you pressed M 
*wait what 
Fixed a glitch where peanut couldnt move when people looked at him 
*a very weird glitch we had no idea how to fix so people just turn away from peanut now 
Fixed a glitch where scp 106 and 049 were too slow, they are now 300% faster 
*i played scp 049 today and i died becaus i was too slow so i fixed that 
Fixed a glitch where the game crashed if you pressed F 69421 times 
*now you have to press just 69 times for it 
Fixed a bug because it was broken the bug works now 
*my pet bug stopped working so i fixed it and it works now 
Fixed a glitch where the serpents hand flying bus would get stuck in the trees sometimes 
*the serpents hand flying flying bus would get stuck in the trees sometimes so now it doesnt 
Fixed a glitch where the game cost 99$ and not 69$ 
*the game now costs 69$ and you cant play it if you paid 99$ 
Fixed a glitch where chaos didnt spawn each second 
*chaos spawned kinda rarely so we up`ed the spawn rates 
Fixed a glitch where MTF spawned too much they now spawn one time each round with 3 people 
*MTF spawned kinda too much so we down`ed the spawn rates 

Other changes

*some other stuff we changed/added 
All human classes are now females and they look like cute/hot anime girls 
*a lot of you guys asked for this so we did it 
Removed all clothing from the game 
*a lot of people asked for this one too im not sure why 
Ate a cupcake 
*mmmmmmm tasty cupcake 
Chat now works in the game 
*yep you heard it now you can have normal chat if you are a 13 year old that is too dumb to use the voice chat 
Cencored some bad words: if you say them you get banned for 69 years and also die irl 
“poop” “fard” “amogus” “Scientist” “MTF” “omg SCP:SL by easttree studios and morzka Hybert is so bad they suck” “DBOIIIIIIIIZZZZZZZZZZZZ” “when new update” 
*some people were saying really bad words in voice chat so we cencored some of them 
VR support not added 
*we didnt add VR support 
Surface now doesnt exist but thers some cube idk who broke it 
*the surface is now broken not like i care lol  
Now thers a 69 bullet limit 
*the bullets were too much so limit now 
The counter-terrorists can now jump on the bed 
*we hope this new very useful feature will help you enjoy the game more! 
Scp 079 can now walk around the facility and zap people with electricity as a joke 
*PLAYING SCP 079 IS SOOOOOO BORING but now its fixed 
Added a new boss: Eye of Ctugthsgu from Terraria you can fight him in the surface 
*he is pretty hard because thers no hermes boots in the game 
Deleted the discord server 

Bad News

We accidently deleted the whole update so its cancelled now 🙁 

By Digger4money

This is all for SCP: Secret Laboratory Update 17.0 ChangeLog by EastTree studios and Mozaka Hybert hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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