SCP: Secret Laboratory Ultimate Guide & Basic Gameplay Tips for New Players – Walkthrough

SCP: Secret Laboratory Ultimate Guide & Basic Gameplay Tips for New Players – Walkthrough 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory Ultimate Guide & Basic Gameplay Tips for New Players – Walkthrough 1 -

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Section 1-1: Cla*s-D Personnel

“Inmates kept within the bowels of the Foundation sites as lab rats; test subjects at the mercy of the Foundation’s cruel practices. Escape from your confines and rebel against your imprisoners — by any means necessary.”

SCP: Secret Laboratory Ultimate Guide & Basic Gameplay Tips for New Players - Walkthrough - Section 1-1: Class-D Personnel - CD6C18D

Spawn Location: Light Containment Zone – CD01

Health: 100

Base speed: 4.05 m/s

Sprint speed: 5.51 m/s

Nickname: D-Cla*s, Cla*s-D, D-Boy, Prisoner, Escapee

Unfortunately for you, cla*s Ds are almost everyone’s enemies. Keep that in mind… When near scientists, tread carefully, because if one of them has a weapon, they won’t hesitate to end you.


Your main objective is to escape the facility by any means necessary. The moment you spawn you’re already fighting for survival, starting in the cell block alongside 40% of the players within the server. Firstly, you need to gain access to a keycard, but where do you find them? And what can you use to better help your escape?

Goal checklist

  • Obtain a keycard and/or weapon.
  • Locate SCP-914.
  • Upgrade your keycard.
  • Get to an elevator system to get into the HCZ.
  • Find the entrance zone checkpoint and make your way to a gate.
  • Take the elevator to the surface and escape into the bunker.

Light Containment Zone

Upon exiting your cell, you can either follow other Cla*s-D, which can give you protection but results in you not being able to get your own items, or alternatively go your own separate way to find your own items, which can sometimes be rewarding but also more dangerous.

The most common ways of obtaining a keycard is by making your way around Light Containment Zone in search of the key rooms that have loot. These are rooms labelled as:

– GR-18

– PC-15

– PT-00

– VT-00

– WC-00

All five of these rooms have a chance for either keycards and/or lockers (which contain keycards, medical and other general items) to spawn which can prove beneficial for Cla*s-D. Another room that contains a keycard is #0-12, which is restricted to being accessed without a Scientist Keycard or higher (excluding the Zone Manager Keycard). Do note that you won’t be able to open the door if you get trapped inside, even while being able to access to keycard at the bottom of the chamber since it is a Zone Manager Keycard.

Upon obtaining a keycard, you should make your way to the room #9-14 (also known as SCP-914). Using the keycard that you have obtained, you will be able to enter 914 and upgrade any items that you have with the respective settings, with it being preferable at upgrading on the Fine setting. Setting it to the wrong options could destroy or delay the upgrades of items that you have when entering the machine.

It is usually recommended to get a Facility Manager or O5 Keycard as they give you the freedom that a lot of other cards cannot give you. After you have finished your upgrades, get ready to leave and make your way to an Elevator System, which will lead you up into Heavy Containment Zone.

Heavy Containment Zone

In Heavy Containment you should be cautious at all times due to the distinct nature of the zone. Unlike Light Containment Zone, there are no markings on or above any doors to guide you throughout the map, leaving you alone to explore and hope you find the way out.

Along with this, there is also the underlying issue of other SCPs and MTF scurrying around which can be a big obstacle since it’s not that easy to get around them.

In the event that you do not have items in this zone, there are a few locations where you can obtain items to progress to your escape.

Your first objective here would be to get to the Server Room where a Scientist Keycard is located on one of the two floors. Your next objective would to then get to SCP-096’s Containment Chamber as it contains a Sergeant’s Keycard inside, which has Gate access and can allow you to escape. Once you have this keycard, you will be able to access all items in the armouries located in SCP-049’s Containment Chamber and in the Heavy Containment Zone’s Nuke Silo, as well as SCP Items located in pedestals around Heavy Containment Zone.

Once you are prepared with enough gear, you should be able to get through Entrance Zone without needing to face as many obstacles.

Entrance/Surface Zone

Once in Entrance Zone, the only objectives here are to find either Gate A or Gate B to lead you into Surface Zone. Although you are near the end of your journey, since a lot of time has most likely pa*sed, either NTF or Chaos are getting ready to spawn if they have not already, and as a Cla*s-D near the exit, many of them are most likely spectating you.

Due to this, it is important you quickly find either one of these rooms before a respawn, preferably Gate B since it is closer to the escape zone, because you may get unlucky and have NTF spawn over Chaos, delaying your escape and possibly resulting in your eventual termination.


Your only ally is the Chaos Insurgency.

Nine-Tailed Fox, Scientists, Facility Guards and SCPs are your enemies and they will not let you survive.

Chaos Insurgency respawn later on in the round in waves. They start off with 14 tickets, meaning 14 players can spawn in the first wave unless altered. Their goals are to rescue Cla*s-D, kill Nine-Tailed Fox and wipe out the Scientists to get a victory for the Cla*s-D.

Scientists are considered neutral, however they will not hesitate to turn on you if they gain access to weapons or no longer find you useful.

Finally, Mobile Task Force units are purely enemies. They have next to no reason to keep you alive besides bait for SCPs and as a sacrifice for SCP-106.



  • There are a lot of you.
  • SCPs being less likely to kill you ma*sively increases your chance of survival.


  • You spawn with nothing.
  • You have only one ally.
  • Having multiple allies is good.

Win Conditions

  • No scientists have escaped.
  • At least one cla*s-d has escaped.
  • There are no NTF or scientists alive.

Approachable Playstyles

Useful ways to play the game

  • Stealth

    The Stealth strategy is based on barely being seen and minimizing risk. The first thing you want to do is not be in a group. Always keep your sprint just in case you need to run and if you know an SCP is near, hide and keep quiet. You want to stay back from 914 until you know the SCP’s are gone and pick up any items you can. The next part is the hardest part in this. You have to go into HCZ where SCP’s will probably be. You should avoid tesla’s as much as you can and always listen to your surroundings as the SCP’s make noise. If you get caught by an SCP, book it out of there and hide when you know you are safe. If you find EZ, go through but keep to the sides because the hallways are straight and there are limited hiding spaces. Find Gate A or B and go through the elevator. Hope nothing will spawn when you’re up there and escape!

  • Group

    The Group strategy is based on sticking with allies. Use your sprint to catch up with teammates to not be left behind. When traveling try to collect items before your allies can, items with healing properties will greatly benefit you. Find 914 and upgrade to at least Facility Manager or Senior Researcher, it is advisable to upgrade further, but either of these cards can get you out of Light. Stay with your group as you travel into heavy and run away if it means life or death, hopefully you can find another group to stick with. Find EZ, and keep in close proximity with others until you find Gate A or B. If something moves towards you and your group, you can escape while those ahead of you are captured.


Section 1-2: Scientists

“Researchers, engineers, and division specialists; you must ensure your own survival until an MTF extracts you from the ensuing pandemonium. Use your wit — and access cards — to survive. But be wary of the Cla*s-D scurrying beneath you; they’ll do anything to escape their confines.”

SCP: Secret Laboratory Ultimate Guide & Basic Gameplay Tips for New Players - Walkthrough - Section 1-2: Scientists - 9193302

Spawn: Light Containment Zone – GR18, WC00, EX-A, EX-B and Outside #00

Abilities: N/A

Base speed: 5.4 m/s

Sprint speed: 7.35 m/s

Nickname: Nerds


Your main objective is to escape the facility using the items given to your cla*s as an advantage. As well as all the fights against SCPs, you’ll be fighting against cla*s-dl; the majority of players in the round. As a basic keycard has already been obtained, there’s more incentive to upgrade your card and reach heavy early on.

Goal checklist

  • Locate SCP-914.
  • Upgrade your keycard.
  • Find facility guards/NTF.
  • Activate the nuke.
  • Find the entrance zone checkpoint and make your way to a gate.
  • Take the elevator to the surface and escape into the bunker.

Light Containment Zone

Scientist keycards can open SCP-012’s containment cell, which will contain a Zone Manager card, and/or a gun. If found early, upgrading your card in SCP-914 is recommended, as it provides a great advantage, however beware of any cla*s-d personnel, as they may be armed. Arming yourself is less necessary, as you have guards as allies. It may be more beneficial to find them in Heavy Containment than try to hang around light any more than needed.

Heavy Containment Zone

In HCZ, you should try to avoid tesla gates, as they bring unwanted attention to your location. As you have likely gotten out of light quicker than cla*s-d, SCPs will be near elevators, checkpoints or lurking around heavy. I’d recommend staying low, and avoiding any non-human footsteps. If you see any guard, stick close to them. Guards have come from the Entrance zone, and most likely know where it, and other important locations are. Notable locations for un-upgraded cards are SCP-096’s room and Nuke Room. SCP-096’s room contains a Lieutenant card, which can open gates, while Nuke Room contains a guard keycard on the shelves which can open checkpoint doors.

Entrance/Surface Zone

Escaping provides the Nine Tailed Fox team with one spawn ticket, on servers where tickets are limited this can give your team an advantage. You will spawn back as an NTF Specialist (Provided they are not cuffed, or any other server specific exception applies), which is, for all intents and purposes, the same as a servant.


Your allies are Nine Tailed Fox and the Facility Guards.

  • Speedrun

    The Speedrun strategy is based on escaping as fast as you can. The first thing you want to do is find SCP-012’s containment chamber. Open the door to the chamber and get the zone manager and sometimes the gun. Use your sprint to walk around faster. Find Exit A or B to leave light containment zone. Once you’re in heavy containment zone, try and find 096’s containment room as fast as you can. Once you’ve found it you should get the sergeant card and run around and find the entrance zone checkpoint. When you’ve found it, go through and find gate A or B, preferably B as it reduces the amount you need to walk. Go down the elevator and head to the escape zone. Don’t worry about something spawning because if you’re quick, nothing will spawn for the next minute or two. Once you’ve escaped see what time you got and if it’s below 3 minutes you get an achievement. Then flex how easy this game is.


  • Stealth

    This Stealth strategy is based on barely being noticed and ensuring your safety. Once you have spawned you should immediately hide next to the checkpoint. Wait until an SCP opens the checkpoint and pa*ses you then slowly sneak past them. Head into the elevator and up into heavy. This strategy is even better due to facility guards being your allies, and if they open the gates instead they won’t kill you./list]


Section 1-3: Facility Guards

Facility guards are the dedicated security for the facility and are supposed to act as first responders to any incidents or breaches that may occur.

Spawn Location: In various locations around Entrance Zone

Spawn Items: FSP-9, med kit, radio, flash grenade, facility guard keycard

Health: 100

Base speed: 4.05 m/s

Sprint speed: 5.51 m/s

Nickname: Guard

As a facility guard, you are the first line of defence for the SCP Foundation. Though hardly equipped to deal with the major threats of a security breach, your primary goal is to escort vital personnel to safety or to extraction, and to eliminate minor threats to the foundation’s security until the MTF sends reinforcements to secure the facility. Scattered across the Entrance Zone, your only hope is to work together and follow your mission.

Light Containment Zone

Entering Light Containment Zone is when your real mission begins. Search around this section for scientists as swiftly as possible as each second that pa*ses is another second closer to danger. You will find many Cla*s-D personnel in this zone, many of them being aggressive, a threat to either you or the scientists, and on rare occasions armed with weapons. Guards should only ever take one willing cla*s-D to act as bait for SCPs, or as a sacrifice for the femur breaker in the event that SCP-106 is active in the round. Most Cla*s-D should be dispatched of quickly as to prevent complications in the future. If you’re lucky enough, you may find additional ammo in the lockers in unique rooms of Light Containment Zone, or on the corpses of Cla*s-D that happened to be carrying some for ill-intent purposes.

Prioritising scientists, Facility Guards should make their way to the common place where scientists can be found, that being 914. Sometimes cla*s-D can prove useful and guide you to 914, to which you should extract the scientists, and terminate any potential threats to their lives. You may come across scientists on your way to 914, who you should also guide to safety. Once you have found enough scientists, your team should focus on escorting them back to the Entrance Zone, or if an access card capable of opening the gates has been acquired, extracting the scientists.

Heavy Containment Zone

Once in heavy containment, try to locate a small T-intersection armoury if you weren’t able to find ammo in the lockers, as extra bullets may help in fending off SCPs that chase after you. If you have obtained a scientist Keycard, try locating SCP-096’s room, as acquiring the sergeant’s keycard from that room will prove useful in aiding the scientists. Vigilance is recommended as one wrong step you take may be your demise. Listen out for SCPs, as avoiding them is the best idea while you try and find an elevator up into light containment zone. Communicate with your fellow guards to keep them safe from danger, as sticking together may prevent SCPs such as 939 away from your group.

Entrance Zone

At the beginning of the game, you will spawn in a random location in the entrance zone, along with other facility guards littered around nearby. Finding your fellow guards is key to surviving Heavy Containment Zone, and other guards should be encouraged to work as a team. Equipped with a radio, locating your allies is simple enough and intel should be shared as you never know what information could save your life, or theirs. Lockers are spread across the offices and contain a variety of useful items such as additional ammo, various medical supplies, and scientist keycards which can be useful in your mission. Being grouped is the best way to survive as a facility guard. Once you’ve grouped up, you’re ready to head into heavy containment. Being cautious is recommended, as there are many undesirable threats that lurk beyond the checkpoint doors.

Surface Zone

Guards should only go to surface zone for two reasons; if they are extracting scientists from the facility, or if the Alpha Warhead is about to detonate. They should then a*sist in securing an NTF win by any means necessary. Otherwise once the vital personnel are safely extracted, and your primary objective is completed. You must move onto the secondary objective of securing the foundation by recontaining the SCPs and terminating all threats to the foundation such as Cla*s-D and Chaos Insurgents.


Your allies are Scientists and Nine-Tailed Fox.

You can a*sist the scientists by:

  • Damaging/distracting SCPs
  • Showing them the way out
  • Eliminating all threats to them

You can a*sist the Nine-Tailed Fox by:

  • Providing more units
  • Having an upgraded card for them.
  • Killing the Cla*s-D and Chaos Insurgency
  • Dealing as much damage to the SCPs.
  • Arming the nuke to detonate the facility, limiting the playing area.
  • Providing valuable intel about the inside of the foundation.

Your enemies are the SCPs, Cla*s-D, and Chaos Insurgency. These teams will take any opportunity to kill your team and your allies as well as impede your progress in any way they can. These enemies must be terminated to secure an NTF Victory.

Approachable Playstyles

Useful ways to play the game

  • The Enforcer

    This PlayStyle focuses on killing all the Cla*s-D personnel and leaving the scientists for later on. The Enforcer is all about ensuring there are no threats to the foundation by killing all non-essential personnel and spending ammunition just to hurt SCPs. The Enforcer doesn’t care which SCP gets shot and will spend every last bullet on the SCPs once he is sure the Cla*s-D are neutralised. Often viewed and portrayed as cruel and heartless, this playstyle is for those who don’t want to take risks with the Cla*s-D personnel, by terminating all the Cla*s-D, The Enforcer ensures that no Cla*s-D escape the facility.

  • NTF’s Best Friend

    Caring little for the Cla*s-D, this playstyle offers a less bloodthirsty route, focusing on the mission rather than focusing on the threats. This Facility Guard will ensure that scientists get escorted out of Light Containment Zone, and will take steps to a*sist with 079’s recontainment by obtaining the Sergeant’s keycard for the sole purpose of activating generators, and opening gates for the scientists. These players will mainly spend their ammo on SCPs to keep them away from the scientists and will often sacrifice their own life to protect them.


Section 1-4: Nine-Tailed Fox

“The first MTF units to respond to the emergency. Eliminate or re-contain any SCPs that have escaped.”

Spawn Location: Surface Zone

Health: 100

Base speed: 4.05 m/s

Sprint speed: 5.51 m/s

Nickname: MTF, NTF

These soldiers are outfitted with the Epsilon 11 rifle for captains and sergeants, designed to deal with targets at both close distances and long distances with high efficiency; and the crossvec for the Cadets, which are effective at dealing high amounts of damage at close to mid range of their target. These weapons are customizable to suit the users needs for the situation. In addition to these guns, these soldiers are also given frag grenades to a*sist with recontaining SCPs or as a temporary area denial. Every unit is given a radio to give intel over long distances as well as an access card respective to their rank.

Light Containment Zone

This is the last place the Nine-Tailed Fox would search, as by the time units have made their way to light containment zone, decontamination has commenced or is about to. This zone is only entered if a unit wanted to upgrade their equipment with SCP-914 or has just escaped SCP-106’s Pocket Dimension and was teleported to either PC-15 or an X-Intersection.

Heavy Containment Zone

This is the zone where Nine-Tailed Fox operatives will spend the most time, as most vital personnel that remain will be in this zone awaiting extraction with the NTF or hiding away from the SCP Dangers until the NTF are able to safely escort them. Heavy Containment zone is also home to SCPs as they will find Heavy Containment Zone to be the most beneficial because of the close-quarter nature of the area. This makes teamwork vital for this segment, as separating or splitting up often results in units being disposed of very quickly. Heavy Containment zone holds a lot of useful items that will a*sist them in their mission to recontain the escaped SCPs. These items include: SCP-268, SCP-207, SCP-018 and SCP-500. There are also certain rooms in Heavy Containment Zone that are of great interest to the NTF, including a T-intersection Armory filled with ammunition in the event units run out during the mission, 2 additional armory rooms inside SCP-049’s Chambers, or the Alpha Warhead Control Room. Either of these small armory rooms hold an Epsilon 11 rifle with ammo for the weapon, whereas the other will contain a surplus of various supplies and ammo in small cubic compartments.

Entrance Zone

Entrance Zone is where the NTF first begin their mission. They should devote a bit of time to search this zone before advancing, keeping an eye out for SCPs that are plotting an ambush, or for any threats to the foundation to neutralise, as well as searching each room in this zone for any essential personnel that are hiding and awaiting extraction. This zone is when the team should be on high alert, as majority of gunfights between Chaos Insurgency and the Nine-Tailed Fox occur in Entrance Zone and Heavy Containment Zone. Listening for specific sounds, as well as giving/receiving intel over the radio can also be extremely useful. Additionally, NTF Captains can access the intercom room to broadcast a message to everyone in the game, though the broadcaster has to be careful not to share vital information to their enemies if they intend to inform other units without radios of plans/details about the mission objectives.

Surface Zone

Surface Zone is where the NTF are initially deployed. The helicopter will land at the facility and respawn up to 20 NTF, though number of NTF spawned is dependent on how many spectators there are and how many spawn tickets they have remaining. Once deployed, if the facility is still operational, the task force should make their way to the Gate B Elevator which is located at the end of the right side catwalk. Once they enter the elevator and make their way down into the facility, they should be wary of surprise attacks they might encounter once the doors open back up. If already opened by someone, there is a small room at the bottom of Gate A’s stairs that initiates the detonation sequence for the Alpha Warhead. Keep in mind that only 3 keycards can access the Detonation Sequence Initiation room, that being the Containment Engineer, the Facility Manager, and the O5 Card. No access card is required to disarm/arm the warhead within heavy containment zone and it can be disarmed or cancelled by every cla*s. Note that cancelling the detonation sequence rounds the remaining time to the closest multiple of 5. Keep this in mind when heading back down into the facility to re-arm the warhead.


The Allies of the NTF are the Scientists, Facility Guards, and survivors from previous NTF spawn waves.

You can a*sist Scientists by:

  • Neutralising any threat that endangers the Scientist’s life.
  • Escorting the Scientist to the Extraction Zone on the surface.
  • Staying close to Scientists and giving them medkits when they need it.

The enemies of the NTF include: Cla*s-D Personnel, Chaos Insurgency, and SCPs. These teams will actively try to eliminate Scientists and fellow NTF and must be neutralised to secure an NTF Victory.

Cla*s Playstyles

Useful ways to play the game

  • Private

    The main bulk of the NTF, the Private comes equipped with the Crossvec, commonly mistaken as ‘expendable’ because of their access card’s inability to open gates, high quantity and lower health values than their superiors. The Private is as valuable as any other rank and should not be taken lightly. With high numbers comes high firepower, and these members should use that to their advantage. Sticking closeby and using the power of many crossvecs can create a wall of bullets that SCPs will have to endure to get close. Thanks to the Crossvec’s shredding power at close to mid range, Privates can also flank and get close and personal with the SCPs to maximise their damage. Getting too overzealous is a major weakness for the Private, as their HP doesn’t support getting too close.

  • Sergeant

    As the rank above Private, the Sergeant’s slightly larger health pool offers better survivability, but limited numbers makes the Sergeant unable to replicate the Private’s more a*sertive playstyle. Being equipped with the FR-SR, its effective range is from mid to long range. Sergeants should find themselves behind frontline Privates, picking off targets that are out of reach from Privates. Their access card allows gates to be opened, and thus Sergeants should lead Privates towards objectives will eliminating threats. Keen eyes and ears as well as fluent communication is vital for the Sergeant as this will keep both him and his team alive.

  • Specialist

    Scientists that escape the facility and are extracted become NTF Specialists. The Specialist should behave similarly to the Sergeant, having the same access level of a Sergeant makes them able to access gates as well. Equipped with the FR-SR, Specialists should play a little bit conservatively, as their intel of the inside of the facility is vital to the team. These guys should be the ones to navigate the team safely throughout the facility as well as a*siting the team from the backlines by either laying down fire support, or throwing grenades from the back towards enemies.

  • Captain

    The Captain is the most crucial rank, having the highest health pool and the highest access card of the team makes it only one Captain being able to spawn in a single wave. Outlining the importance of the Captain, his role is to provide orders, keep the team in check and grant access to locations that only his keycard can access. Being equipped with the FR-SR, he should support his team from the very backlines, as putting his life in danger may put the team in jeopardy.


Section 1-5: Chaos Insurgency

“Once a mere splinter cell force and now a formidable military power, yet still but a shadow of their former Foundation employers. Your primary objective is to purge the facility of Foundation personnel and seize the “a*sets” that are deemed to serve the best interests of Delta Command, your elusive overseers.”

Spawn Location: Surface Zone, Underneath the Bridge

Health: 100

Base speed: 4.05 m/s

Sprint speed: 5.51 m/s

Nickname: Chaos

You’re part of a deadly strike force responsible for taking apart the foundation’s operations. Armed to the teeth with Logicers, Shotguns and AKs, your team can carve misery for any that stand in your way. Thanks to their pure lethality, the Chaos Insurgency will not spawn as often as NTF, having a lower chance to spawn and fewer spawn tickets. Your objective is to dismantle the foundation by rescuing the Cla*s D personnel, and eliminating all other staff and MTF units.


Each unit serves their unique role in the squad, the Chaos Repressors being designed to handle CQC with the shotgun while riflemen and conscripts can handle medium to long range encounters with their AK. The Marauders are effective in all ranges with the Logicer, but are slowed down while the weapon is active. With this in mind, you should communicate and cooperate with your team. Without radios, sticking together is recommended as you are more formidable as a large force.

Light Containment Zone

Unlike the NTF, you have a reason to go into this area. As so many cla*s d spawn in the round, there is a high chance that some are left behind without a keycard, trapped in rooms, or are lost and need help in escaping. Scientists often trap them in 012 at the start of the round, so that’s a good place to start it’s also likely they are left stuck in SCP-914’s room as it is also keycard accessible. You realistically only need one cla*s d to escape to fulfil your win conditions, but it is beneficial to round upas many as you can find in LCZ to increase the chances of at least 1 escape. You shouldn’t have to worry about SCPs once entering this zone as they rarely have reason to be there.

Heavy Containment Zone

This is where your group thrives. Regarded as the most labyrinthian zone in the game, it pays to force gun fights here. The CQC nature of this area allows for advantageous ambushes as well as being able to escort D Cla*s without drawing too much attention. There are many helpful items scattered around this section to help your objectives, such as medkits, SCP items and more. Caution is advised will transporting your a*sets to safety, as anomalies will prioritise killing Cla*s D over scientists or MTF. Since you don’t have access to radios in your kit, it’s wise to escort with other chaos to help ward off those that would otherwise impede your mission.

Scientists, facility guards and NTF squads also pose a threat to you. Thankfully, you’re far more efficient at handling those threats in this zone. Try not to get overzealous by this fact, your weapons are only superior if you use them properly. NTF can pick your group off easily from afar, so utilising the maze-like structure can really help you out in shaking off adversaries.

Entrance Zone

This is your first glance to the inner workings of the foundation. However, your job doesn’t get easier from here. Your first objective should be to secure the area from any foundation personnel or SCPs. This is to create a clear path for guiding the prisoners to the surface zone. You’ll want to keep them away from Gate A if convenient, as Gate B offers a much faster path. There’s also the high probability of fighting the NTF in this zone. You should try to control the fight in your favour by positioning yourself close to the checkpoint for a quick retreat into a more favourable zone.

Surface Zone

Thanks to the 11.0 “Parabellum Update”, you have a far better chance to win against the NTF on the surface. With enough coordination in your squad, you can easily clear a spawn wave to allow easy pa*sage for cla*s d personnel. You should also aim to detonate the alpha warhead as it will force all players to come to you making for easy prey.


As a Chaos Insurgent. Your only allies are eachother, and Cla*s D Personnel.

You can a*sist the Cla*s D by:

Providing them the much needed protection, fire support and medical support.

Guiding them to safety or the escape zone.

Killing all enemies that threaten their safety.

Your enemies are the SCPs, MTF, and Scientists. These teams will try to kill you, or your allies by any means necessary. Scientists and MTF teams must be eliminated in order to secure a Cla*s D victory.

Approachable Playstyles

Useful ways to play the game

  • Chaos Marauder

    Marauders are given the Logicer followed by heavy armour which means these guys aren’t designed to run away but to stay and fight. The Logicer can handle any distance, but because of a marauder’s inability to run away from danger, it’s likely you should be around the medium to long distances from targets.

  • Chaos Repressor

    The repressor gains a shotgun and a revolver for their weapon kit. The shotgun makes them the most effective at close range, and the revolver to prevent repressors from being completely useless in long range combat. These soldiers are well equipped and deal ma*sive amounts of damage when they get close to their enemy.

  • Chaos Rifleman

    These guys receive a standard AK, good for close to mid range, but inaccurate in the longer distance. An all-round cla*s, these soldiers are best suited in the mid-close ranges, to help repressors and to lay down overwhelming fire if need be.

  • Chaos Conscript

    The escaped variant of the Chaos, these guys gain the same loadout as a Rifleman, but hold valuable intel about the inside of the facility. You shoudl focus on preserving yourself more, sticking behind the riflemen and closer to the marauders.



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