SCP: Secret Laboratory Tips & Tricks for Halloween Event

SCP: Secret Laboratory Tips & Tricks for Halloween Event 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory Tips & Tricks for Halloween Event 1 -

Welcome to another guide on how to be a massive a*s in SCP SL! This time, It will be 2021’s Halloween version. I hope you enjoy this, do relax and chill while reading this. Try not to do them since you may get ban in some servers, Lmao. Not all of them are Halloween stuff. But, most of them are.
How to be a massive a*s in SCP SL ( Halloween Version ) :
1. Tell a rogue admin to give everyone the blue or rainbow candy.
2. Be a scientist and rush to the candy room to maybe get a gun and force the Class Ds to get more than two candy.
3. Become a SCP and rush to the candy room to ruin the fun.
4. Throw SCP 2176 ( Ghostlight ) in a room where SCP 173 is in with your friends to doom them all.
5. Eat the blue candy in SCP 330 and commit mass murder inside of the room.
6. Eat the rainbow candy to annoy everybody.
7. Give everyone a blue candy to get ready to kill any scps you see.
8. Throw the pumpkin ball ( SCP 018 ) to annoy your friends or enemies with the sound or kill them with that annoying pumpkin.
9. As an admin, blackout the facility and let SCP 049 dominate everyone due to the lack of visibility in the dark. ( You can literally only see the eyes )
10. Use a voice changer to troll and be annoying.
11. Lock people inside SCP 330.
12. Be a Class D and tell a scientist to open the door and get the gun then betray him.
13. Give someone the red candy to make their controls weird.
14. Tell some annoying and disgusting facts.
15. Lie about the purple candy giving speed and tell them to use it when escaping a scp. ( This does give them some AHP so, maybe not use this one. )
16. Ignore everybody’s advice.
17. Use the cola to zoom past everything, usually this annoys the mtf and scps.
18. As an admin, tp you to someone and scare them being any scary looking scp. ( SCP 049 or SCP 106 is recommended. )
19.Tell some horrible jokes to annoy them as much as possible with your jokes.
20. Lie about its safe when you go up the elevator of some kind.
21. Talk about spoilers if that person does not want spoilers from either a movie or a video.
22. Tell a rogue admin or you yourself as an admin, To give everyone either a blue or rainbow candy.
23. Chase someone as an marshmallow man and maybe target a few.
24. Wait for a SCP to get close to the door and then close the door. ( This will annoy him a lot. )
25. Abusing glitches in the game.
26. Talk a lot in the radio even tho your talking to people that are not using the radio. ( Everybody else can hear you thru the radio but you are actually just talking to the guy that is tryna talk to you. )
27. Make some weird noises. ( Eating noises??? )
28. Talk about some annoying and disgusting fun facts.
29. As an admin, give yourself a lot of rainbow candies and run around the facility and eat them or follow a person while doing it.
30. Scam someone that wants a candy.
Welp, that was it. The Halloween Version of 30 ways on how to be a massive a*s in SCP SL. Hopefully you enjoyed it. I messed up like, 3 times, lmao. I will prob take a rest until the Christmas update comes out. Maybe I will make a Christmas Version of the 30 ways on how to be a massive a*s in SCP SL if this gets a lot of ratings. Cya for now, have a nice day. Time to take my rest.


Written by Heaven Olivia

This is all for SCP: Secret Laboratory Tips & Tricks for Halloween Event hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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