SCP: Secret Laboratory How to kill every SCP easily / Kill people as SCPS

SCP: Secret Laboratory How to kill every SCP easily / Kill people as SCPS 1 -
SCP: Secret Laboratory How to kill every SCP easily / Kill people as SCPS 1 -
This is a guide on how to kill every SCP in SCP:SL AND kill people as said SCP. This is my first guide so I hope you enjoy it!



Hello! my name is frosty and in this guide I will be explaining how to kill every SCP in the game easily. This guide is meant for players fairly new all the way to experienced, so some things in this guide you might allready know. If you liked this guide rate 5 stars and/or award, I would really appreciate it! I will be updating this in the future so please give me suggestions in the comments. 

SCP 079

AKA “The Computer” 
To kill this scp it is fairly simple; you must find all the generators scattered through the map and place a Weapon Manager Tablet in the generator, after all 5 have been activated, the computer will die. Other scps or people can turn off the generators so you should keep an eye on them. The computer can also be killed through the Alpha Warhead and after the warhead goes off, the computer will perish. 
Killing as computer: Computer is like the support class of this game, so assisting SCPs with kills such as closing doors on people for scps, etc. You can also kill people by zapping them with the Tesla Gate ,but you can only get that at a certain Acess Level 
Acess Levels 
Acess levels are what the computer can gain from doing tasks like opening doors, interacting with things etc. Each acess level you level up you have the ability to open more things, such as shocking tesla gates and Opening the Nuke room on . 

SCP 049

AKA “The Doctor” 
SCP 049 is a slow scp, and with the ability to 1 shot kill someone he can be dangerous, so the doctors best choice is to target people without guns, like Dclass, or to hide in corners or elevators. The best way to kill the doctor is to have 2-3 armed people keeping distance from the doctor, and also shooting at him, since the doctor is so slow he will have a hard time catching up, and with people shooting him from each direction he will die quickly. 
Killing as 049: Camp corners, elevators, etc. If you find your way to light try pairing up with others SCP (like 173 since he spawns in light) and wipe out everyone. 

SCP 173

AKA “The Peanut” 
SCP 173, like the doctor can kill someone in 1 shot, but it comes with the downside of that SCP 173 can only move when people are not looking at him. He also spawns in light containment unlike the other SCPS who spawn in heavy containment. When SCP 173 is in someones distance, they will begin to blink every few seconds. The fastest way to kill peanut is to have a swarm of chaos / mtf all shooting at him, or if you and your buddy both have Logicers you can shoot at him while walking backwards and opening doors. 
Killing as 173: Stay with your team. Its foolish to go by yourself unless its the start of the game and you’re in light containment. Pairing up with SCP 096 is suggested, as you are an unstoppable force together. 

SCP 939

AKA “The Dog” 
SCP 939 can only see you when you talk in chat, or move when not stealth walking (hold c while walking). If you bump into 939 then he can see you can kill you. Try hiding in corners, etc to hide from him. The way to kill the dog is similar to 049, and to swarm him with bullets from every direction, but be aware that as you shoot 939 he gets faster. 
Kill people as 939: The best way to kill people is to team up with computer and have him tell you the location of hiding enemies. Usually, only scps can talk to eachother, but as 939 by pressing V you can talk to other humans and try to get them to open the doors for 


By SCP 079

Here we come to an end for SCP: Secret Laboratory How to kill every SCP easily / Kill people as SCPS hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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