Scott Pilgrim vs The World Cheat Codes + Boss Rush Unlock

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Cheat Codes + Boss Rush Unlock 2 -
Scott Pilgrim vs The World Cheat Codes + Boss Rush Unlock 2 -

Here’s a quick guide to all the cheat codes in this fantastic game. How to Use Your PS/XBOX Controller to Unlock “Boss Rush,” “Survival Horror,” and Other Cheat Codes.



Furthermore, the “Extra Game Modes” already include Boss Rush, Survival Horror, Battle Royale, and Dodge Ball from the start, so the codes are unnecessary, even though they can still be entered.

And, as with current-gen console versions, the code to play as the same character in multiplayer either no longer works or is completely disabled. (Unless there is a way to restore it through modding or otherwise.)


These cheat codes must be activated at the screen that says “Press Start button”; otherwise, they will not work.

Scott Pilgrim vs The World Cheat Codes + Boss Rush Unlock - Welcome! - 158EE1E

Cheat codes

Here’s a list with all the cheat codes that can be activated using a PS/XBOX Controller. All cheat codes must be entered on the game’s title screen to be effective. The Sound Check Level code (must be entered on the level select screen. The Noble Sacrifice code must also be entered during gameplay).

NameCheat CodeEffect
Change coins into animalsUp, Down and Down, Down, Up. Up, Higher, Up. Up.Coins can be transformed into animals, as the title suggests
Allow two players to choose the same characterXbox: Down, RB. Up, L.B., Y. B.

PS: Down, R1, up, L1, Triangle and Circle

Both you and the other player can choose the exact same character (crazy?)
More bloodXbox: A,B,A,X, A.B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,B,A,X,A,B,B,B,A,B,B,A,B,B,A,B,B,B,A,X,A,B,B,B,A,B,B,A,B,A,B,B,B,A,A,B,B,B,B,A05569692A05569692A05569692A,A,B,A,X, AX, A., A,X, A., A,B, A, A., B, A.

PS – X, Circle, X, Square, X, Circle, Circle

More blood
Boss RushXbox: Right, right, B, R, RB. Right, right, B, R, RB.

PS – Right, Right, Circle, R1, Right, Right, Circle, R1

Unlock Boss Rush mode
Survival HorrorDown, Right. Up, Right. Down, Right. Down, Right. Down, Right. Down, Right. Right.Unlock Survival Horror mode
Sound Check LevelXbox

PS – L1, L1, L1, R1, R1, R1, L1, R1

Unlock Joseph’s Room (soundcheck) (Joseph needs to be in Stage Select)
Every level can be started with Power of LoveXbox: X,X,X,X,A,B,Y

PS – Square, Square, Square, X, Circle, Triangle

Start every level with a Power of Love sword
Noble Sacrifice in (, while at a level)Xbox– Hold A and tap up, down, left, right, left, right, B

PS– Hold X, tap Up, Up and Down, Down Left, Right Left, Right Circle

It gives $50 at the price of one Life (. Sell your soul, basically).



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