SCARLET NEXUS How To Adjust Game Sensitivity for Mouse and Gamepad in SCARLET NEXUS

SCARLET NEXUS Adjusting Deadzones & Sensivity (Mouse & Gamepad) 1 -
SCARLET NEXUS Adjusting Deadzones & Sensivity (Mouse & Gamepad) 1 -
A simple and quick guide to change the Deadzones and Sensivity for Scarlet Nexus. Also includes a tweak to disable Mouse Smoothing.


Adjusting Deadzones & Sensivity (Mouse & Gamepad)

Scarlet Nexus, by default, comes with a rather high Deadzone for both Gamepads and Mice, which can be irritating for people and there is no way to adjust them. The Developers only give us the option to adjust the Camera Speed, but no Deadzones and Sensivity. 
It is fixable by adjusting the Input.ini yourself. The Input.ini can be found under: 
Open Input.ini and paste in the following: 

[/script/engine.inputsettings] AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_LeftX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.250000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_LeftY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.250000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_RightX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.250000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="Gamepad_RightY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.250000,Sensitivity=1.000000,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseX",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=0.07,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) AxisConfig=(AxisKeyName="MouseY",AxisProperties=(DeadZone=0.000000,Sensitivity=0.07,Exponent=1.000000,bInvert=False)) bEnableMouseSmoothing=False

Those are the default values by Epic for the UE4. I also added the config line to disable Mouse Smoothing. 
I adjusted every Deadzone to be 0.000000 for the Gamepad and increased the Gamepad_LeftX and Gamepad_LeftY Sensitivity to 2.0. This might be a bit high, depending on your Gamepad and I tested it on a recently purchased PS5 DualSense Gamepad. By default, the Left Stick needs a good amount of input, before you start walking or running. 
I hope this short guide helps others to improve their gameplay experience and find their right settings. 
Also, be sure to set Input.ini to Write-Only after editing it or Scarlet Nexus might replace it with an empty file again at some point. 

Written by Maxunit

This is all for SCARLET NEXUS Adjusting Deadzones & Sensivity (Mouse & Gamepad) hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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