Satisfactory Tips on how to play Satifactory

Satisfactory Tips on how to play Satifactory 1 -
Satisfactory Tips on how to play Satifactory 1 -
Ideas on how to play the game for newbies!



Satisfactory is an open-world sandbox game where you can do anything you want, with the exception of needing to unlock things. This is going to list the rules that everyone should know before heading into the game.

Conveyor Building

• You can make a slightly steep incline when using conveyors
• You can switch out conveyors with different marks (mk’s) by holding the different mark and hovering over the other conveyor
• You can make abnormally weird shapes
• Good method of transportation if you’re using higher marks
• They can be relatively expensive, but it depends
• They are the most annoying thing you will ever experience when it comes to building/fixing a spaghetti factorySatisfactory Tips on how to play Satifactory

Satisfactory Tips on how to play Satifactory

Alien Life Treatment

• If it is hostile, charging at you, breathing fire at you, or is a spider, kill it
• Never. Kill. A. Lizard. Doggo. Or I will find you
• Treat the strange creatures with respect, unless they get in your way
• If you see the manta ray in the sky, it’s harmless
• Never. Kill. A. Lizard. Doggo. Or I will find you
• If there is a Lizard Bird, idk, you do what you want, I personally don’t kill them
• If you see a power slug, kidnap it from its chill spot, squeeze out its mucus for power, and ultimately erase it from your world forever.

Factory Building

• Spaghetti is okay, but remember to fix it later game
• Don’t die
• Using a heck ton of power shards is useful
• Find the right resource nodes for the factory
• If you don’t have a copper sheet factory at tier 6, what are you doing with your life?
• Manufacturers will be a pain.
• AFK in a safe place, please, I’m begging you

Vehicular Transport

• The factory cart: will be probably the best and worst mode of transportation around your factory. Hilarious but inefficient
• Trains: are amazingly good at long distance transport
• Drones: they look cool
• Cyberwagon: Do I need to say anything?
• Tractor: Pretty good, but they go boom boom
• Truck: I’ve seen worse, like the tractor
• Conveyor Belts: Good middle game transport when you have higher marks
• Zipline: Will be the best early game mode of transport, get the hang of it easily
• Walking: Slow, unless you have bladerunners
• Hyper Tubes: Good for when you have long distance transport and have to go to the bathroom
• Jump Pads: At least they’re fun, until you fall from a dangerous height, break all 206 bones, and then have to make the trek back with only a xeno zapper, and 5 pale berries


• Biomass: The most annoying source of power you will ever lay your eyes on
• Coal: Efficient but takes up a lot of time to build
• Turbo Fuel: Amazingly good, especially when you have the resources to build them
• Nuclear: Super good, just don’t die

Nuclear Handling

• Don’t die
• Every animal is okay when near nuclear
• When in early game, do not go to a pure uranium area right next to your base, mine some, and try to bring it back, only to find out that you’re still being damaged by radiation because the uranium’s in your back pocket, die, and spend 15 minutes getting your crate back because you can’t get the uranium out in time for your death.
• Use the suit that actually prevents radiation

Written by Jonny

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