Satisfactory Tips How to Travel Faster in Game

Satisfactory Tips How to Travel Faster in Game 1 -
Satisfactory Tips How to Travel Faster in Game 1 -

In this guide, you will learn ways to travel faster.

Personal Favorite Ways To Travel

My personal favorite ways to travel is the blade runners and the hover pack. The hover pack lets you fly forever, but only if you are near power. The wire connecting 2 power poles doesn’t count for some reason though. The blade runners let you move a lot faster on the ground, and makes falling have less consequences.

Best Exploration Travel Methods

The best exploration travel methods are usually the jet pack and the blade runners. Like I set before, the blade runners lessens fall damage and increase running and walking speed considerably. The jet pack uses fuel to fly for about 5 seconds max. This can help you get to high places, attack from above, or just check things out.

Best Discovered Travel Methods

These travel methods are the best in explored areas that you have made habitable and an extension on to your base: The hover pack and blade runners. I already talked about both of these, so skip the next paragraph if you don’t want me to explain these items abilities again.
The hover pack lets you fly forever, as long as you are near something that has power. The blade runners let you run and walk a good bit faster, and you take less fall damage.
You can also use conveyor belts to travel. Especially the MK5 version, these belts can make you go fast speeds. If you want to go faster, and if you want to fly, while you are on a conveyor, slide, and jump, propelling you forward as fast if not faster than the conveyor, and getting some height at the same time. Effective combo.
This isn’t a fast method, but it is a method. You can use a zip line to hang onto a power line, and go across it at an OK speed. You won’t go through or around the power pole though, so if you get near one, let go of the button, swerve around the pole, and quickly get back on the power line.

Best Travel Methods In General

The best travel method is… The hypertube cannon! You can go so fast, that you can easily go across thousands of meters in less then 30 seconds. I use it for long distances, or when I want to experience me flying across the map in 2 seconds. It can be really fun and useful.


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