Sands of Salzaar Command Skills by Unit Type

Sands of Salzaar Command Skills by Unit Type 1 -
Sands of Salzaar Command Skills by Unit Type 1 -

Some buffs are better than others–clearly–but the most important thing is knowing that the buff functions with your units!
If you know what kind of army you want at end-game, this list will help you look for the best characters to aid your army via their Command Skill.
For example, if you are trying to build a Thur Warmonger army, then you are looking for Melee and Heavy Armor buffs. Dhib Swordsmen: Light Armor, Slashing, Melee. Et cetera.
Once you know who you want, you can open the Map (“M”) then hit “World Map” then you can hover over every town looking for the NPC’s that work for you.
Disclaimer: I compiled this by hand from various saved games. The list of Characters will be incomplete, and some may be wrong. Please feel free to add additions and corrections in the comments.
Disclaimer 2: This list is about delineating the Unit CATEGORIES, not providing a detailed list of Unit buffs.
Disclaimer 3: You will NOT be able to recruit all of these characters.
1) There is a mod in the workshop which lets you recruit faction leaders
2) There is a talent “Political Animal” that allows you to recruit hostiles

P.S. I don’t think Command Skills apply to Characters, only the Squad.
So don’t waste time tinkering with your character’s Armor and Weapon to try to gain the benefits of Command.

Command Skills by Unit Type

  • Assel – Crit
  • Hina – Freeze
  • Kunju – HP
  • Lotus Kabir – Magic defense
  • Muta’aliq – Max Health
  • Hartum – Mana Regen
  • Mumtali Giddah – Slow
  • Yasmin Giddah – Damage vs Light & Cavalry

* Ruha’s Command skill applies to “non-Heavy Armor” and I don’t know if Knight and Fortified are separate and distinct from “Heavy” or not.
Even if I thought I knew, of course I have no idea whether it’s coded the way they wrote it.

General advice

To recruit an NPC you need a relationship status of [20] Friendly, or better.
–This gives you Command Skill Level 1.
–[50] Dutiful gives you Command 2.
–[100] Reverent gives Command 3.
Start your game by adding the most convenient NPCs to your party,without respect to their abilities or Command buffs.
–When you enter a town, ask “What can I do for you” of the NPC’s in the Tavern.
–You can save before doing so and reload until you get a quest you like. (“Save scumming.”)
–The quest may be enough to make them friendly; if not, give a Gift.
–Recruit them once they are Friendly.
–Tell them to leave when you find someone better
–Take their equipment before expelling them! (Unless you are leading a faction and they are one of your leaders.)
Then, play the game as normal using your random NPC’s
–Accumulate Gifts in your inventory
–You can occasionally buy Gifts (Fleur sells them)
–Take Charisma talents
Of course you should upgrade your NPCs for ones with better abilities/utility whenever possible, butwith respect to the NPCs with Command Skills:
When you see one of the NPC’s you really want (an end-game Character) in a Tavern, give them a Gift and ask if they have a quest for you.
–This allows you to increase their friendliness rating as high as possible before recruiting them.
–Giving a gift now yields +20 favor. (The 2nd gift is +10) Two gifts and one quest will put them close to 50 Favor. (for Command Level 2)
–Once the character is in your party, (standard) gifts are always worth +2 (not 20!) Favor and you can only give a gift every 4-5 days. Thus, to raise your relationship 50 points would take 25 gifts and 100+ days!
[Note that once you have recruited an NPC, you can Banish them from the party and find them “in the wild” but they will still only grant you +2 Favor for each Gift.]
The Charisma talents can give +13% if all taken, but this is a very small bonus.
-10-20 Favor for Gifts “in the wild” = +1 or +2 Favor bonus
–2 Favor for a Gift in your party at +13% = no bonus
–(Charisma also boosts gains from random Party events, but you have no control over those, and most are 2-4 points.)
Once you have the NPC you want at [50] (or higher) (or 46 or 48), Recruit them.
–Immediately go into their dialogue menu and choose “Command Skill”, they will raise it to 2 for you.
Once you have the Command Skill at 2 [50] or 3 [100] it will not be lostif the relationship status falls.
If you have NPC’s that you are recruiting because of their Skill Trees (rather than their Command), hire them as soon as possible!
You want full control over their Skill Points and skill trees.
(Or else you will be wishing for more Wisdom crystals, which you get by going to the two Libraries in Zagros once a month.)
When the “Party Event” pops up on the bottom right, be sure to save before opening it. This gives you the option to save scum to achieve the best results.
–If all results are bad, you can just hit X and close/skip the event, it will go away with no effect.
–Always abuse the Characters whose Command skills are not applicable to your units and protect the important ones
If you REALLY want to cheat during a Party Event, you can go to a town, save carefully, view the results, reload the save, then kick out everyone in the party who has a negative response.
After resolving the event, go to the Tavern and Recruit them again!
–(You can ignore the happiness of anyone already at Command 3 — and characters at 2 with no hope of achieving 100 Favor. In other words, anyone irrelevant.)

Additional advice

Random Tips and Things I Wish I Knew From the Start – [] 
This guide has a useful section:

Not Everyone is Created Equally

The list is very incomplete*, but it should give you an idea about what you are looking for in a good Character with respect to their Skill Trees (as opposed to Command).
* And is very wrong that Threnody doesn’t have enough active abilities!
I might also mention that “Heal an ally” is mostly useless (regardless of whether they earned a (*) rating or not) — don’t bother with Healing unless it’s AoE.
Most heals and self-heals are inconsequential, a few hundred HP at the expensive of mana or using a damage skill.
Better to let a Character die and revive while spamming attacks than waste time healing 5% of their HP.
In general, avoid minor or modest Skill Tree buffs and heals that are not passive and waste time (and Mana!) in battle. In general.
The one situation in which you benefit from targeted healing is if your Squad is composed of armies with small units, such as Rams and Ballistas and Special creatures.

Written by JCalton

This is all for Sands of Salzaar Command Skills by Unit Type hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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