Roskis: A Boozy Beginning Full Walkthrough Gameplay Guide

Roskis: A Boozy Beginning Full Walkthrough Gameplay Guide 1 -
Roskis: A Boozy Beginning Full Walkthrough Gameplay Guide 1 -

This is all-encompassing work-in-progress guide to Roskis: A Boozy Beginning.


ZOL Spaceship
When the game begins, approach Bingy and speak to him. Afterwards, check the computer on the right and view the recipe for Krzyspytor food. With that, use the computer on the left and select 0nium-C and Tommattium B3, then C-H-R-Y and Carr0tech. Now take the food up the stairs to the Krzyspytor enclosure where you will play the slot machine minigame for the first time. This is the game’s all-purpose combat system. Learn the effects of lining up food, shield tokens and potions. Afterwards, check the computer on the right.
Crash Site
After speaking to Bingy again, collect the slot machine at the crash site. Bingy tasks you with finding fruit, which is found hanging from a tree to the left of the crash. Proceed up and make a right, interacting with the bouncing rock. Now move a little to the left and check the pile of pink dust on the ground. Finally, head right and proceed below the cliffside to encounter the Dionysauce. Reduce its stamina by matching sugar and fruit, alternating between the two to deal triple damage.
Cross the bridge to the right and rest at the pink mushrooms. Shortly after, make your way right and encounter the Pyropus, matching wine to satisfy it. A small fire will begin to spread. Return to the river by the mushrooms and collect water with Bingy’s shot glass. Pour it on the flames and return to the river to repeat two more times, then speak to Kevinus. After he’s through talking, take a step in any direction.
Corposaurs Inc.
While speaking to Kevinus, complete his song with the lyrics An intern’s never sluggish, The work should never end!, Refills the coffee filters and You’ll grow up and learn! Next, check the sticky note on the fridge in the break room for the coffee recipe, then use the Smart CM-42 to begin brewing. Match a row of coffee, a row of milk, another row of coffee, then survive the machine’s attacks for four turns until it calms down. Now match a row of milk to pacify the machine.
Take the coffee to Kevinus, then bring his report to the copy room on the right. Return to Kevinus, then at his suggestion speak to the union representative in the office above the copy machine. Draw any of the three options, then take your painting to the copy machine. Use the computer on the right to search for “A Chip’s Daydream.” Bingy will interject, after which you can search for the music again. While navigating the web, choose Yes, Walk through the tunnel, Open the door on your right, Try the key on the locked door, Ignore the voices, Ignore them and move forward, Try to pet the furry creature, Let’s talk then, woof?, woof woof, woof wo and woof woof wo. Confirm the download and send it to the copier, then check it again. Take one step and Kevinus will approach you. He directs you to the IT Lair, accessed from the left of the union office.
Downstairs, speak to T-Koneus in the server room, then return to Kevinus upstairs. Next, find T-Koneus in the incubation room. Check the computer to review the conditions for incubating the perunasaur egg, or simply exit to begin. Take the egg from the nest and place it in the blue incubator, then press the switch beside it. Take the egg and press the switch beside the green incubator, then place the egg inside it. Remove the egg and place it in the red incubator. Remove the egg and press the switch beside the green incubator, then place it there again. Remove it again and press the switch beside the red incubator, and finally place it inside. Return to the IT Lair and speak to T-Koneus, then go back upstairs where you will be ambushed by Pizapple. After defeating her by matching mozzarella, return to Kevinus’ office and approach the back of his desk.
Hippirobot Commune
Make your way up and speak to The Shopper, then turn left and move up to the clearing. Speak to SO2001AC on the stage, then enter the cave to the left.
Meaningless Cave
Walk right and speak with N-BOT. Continue right and hit the switch on the wall six times. Then in the next area, interact with the switches beneath the coloured wall until their colours are blue, red, green and yellow from left to right. For the next area, interact with the mirror and choose Look unhappy, Look unhappy, Look puzzled and Do nothing. In the final area, choose the mid-right, mid-left and far-right switches. Now, enter the deepest chamber of the cave and follow the path to the end to meet Guru’s twin. Afterwards, turn back.
Hippirobot Commune
Return to the stage and speak to Guru. Afterwards, backtrack to the workshop you passed when you first arrived and step onto the vacant transporter on the right of the building.
Magic Code
This area features inverted controls. Make your way to the levitating cookie with the Hen on the bottom of the screen, then collect the four cotton candies with the Hens in each corner of the screen. In the second part, up is left, down is right, left is up and right is down.
Hippirobot Commune
Return to the stage and encounter the Sobrius, matching carrots to win the battle. After the battle, interact with Hermetos three times as it sprints around the commune. Return to the workshop and speak to T-Kone, then return to the beginning of the area, making your way back to Corposaurs Inc. Engage Limesson in battle, matching sugar, sparkling water, a mint leaf, ice, rum, rum and rum to overcome him with the perfect mojito.
Corposaurs Inc.
After T-Kone’s briefing, simply descend down the stairs and interact with the peace poster.
IT Tunnels
Walk through the doorway marked green, blue, orange, purple, yellow and red. In the next area, move up around the corner. Follow the path to the end, then use the elevator at the top of the room. In the following corridor, avoid the creatures’ lines of sight. Time your movements as they face different directions. Some even stand beside walls that fade in and out, and you can use these to slip by as well. The corridor winds several times and each hall contains an autosave. At the end of the corridor, enter the passage and follow this new room up to the red door.


  • Krzyspytor: Reduce his 15 stamina by matching carrots, onions and tomatoes. Carrots deal 2 damage, onions deal 3 damage and tomatoes deal 4 damage.
  • Dionysauce: Reduce its 15 stamina by matching sugar and fruit. Both deal 2 damage however alternating them deals 6 damage.
  • Pyropus: Reduce its 15 stamina by matching wine, which deals 3 damage.
  • Smart CM-42: Reduce its 20 stamina by matching milk and coffee, alternating them for 5 damage each time. Using them out of sequence deals 1 damage and matching two rows of either deals 10 damage, however Smart CM-42’s health fully restores anytime the recipe is not adhered to. The final milk pouring deals 50 damage, ending the battle.
  • Pizapple: Reduce her 20 stamina by matching mozzarella, which deals 5 damage each time. Matching Pizapples inflicts 8.9 damage to Hen.
  • Sobrius: Reduce its 20 stamina by matching carrots, which deal 5 damage each time. Here, matching rum also restores 10 stamina for Hen.
  • Limesson: Reduce his 60 stamina by matching sugar, sparkling water, a mint leaf, ice, rum and rum, which deal 10 damage each time.



  • Hen: A human animal control worker on their twelfth year of working for ZOL when they crash land on the planet Roskis.
  • Bingy: A tentacled animal control worker employed by ZOL for decades. Disillusioned by his life as a whole, Bingy travels the stars drinking copiously and capturing wild animals with Hen. He has an enhanced liver.
  • Kevinus: A somewhat intelligent dinosaur tasked with and whole-heartedly enjoying crunching numbers for Corposaurs Inc. Kevinus carries a list of jokes that he enjoys telling, down to the number.
  • T-Kone: A hippirobot poorly disguised as a Corposaur. During his time covertly watching over the business dinosaurs, he went by the name T-Koneus. His original serial number, essentially his birth name, was AF1984-O.
  • Pizapple
  • Chairman: A mysterious corporate board member who tasks managers with taking the slot machine from Hen and Bingy.
  • SO2001AC: A hippirobot and former top biologist before retiring to live out his days tripping on the Magic Code. SO2001AC seems to be close with Guru and recognizes T-Kone by his serial number despite the dinosaur costume he wears.
  • Guru
  • N-BOT: A dog-like robot who recently reawakened for the first time in ages. N-BOT guides Hen and Bingy through a series of puzzles themed after meaninglessness and is the only character as nihilistic as Bingy.
  • Guru’s twin: Seemingly identical to Guru, he has shed his life as a hippirobot and renounced the Magic Code. He now works in self-isolation for the Corporate.



  • What Does This Button Do?: Unlocks when the game begins.
  • There Goes My Promotion!: Unlocks after the ZOL spaceship stage.
  • Something Uninsured This Way Comes: Unlocks after the crash site stage.
  • Lil’ Interns Live Another Day: Unlocks after the Corposaurs Inc. stage.
  • This Was Meaningless: Unlocks after the meaningless cave stage.
  • This Code Is Dope!: Unlocks after the Magic Code stage.
  • Wait… Did This Really Work?!: Unlocks after completing the game.
  • ZOL Catering Services Inc.: Unlocks after feeding the Krzyspytor on the spaceship.
  • The Nights Are Long In Space: Unlocks on the ZOL spaceship. When instructed to review the recipe for Krzyspytor food, first choose Photo gallery of tentacles that touch you in all the right spots.
  • There Was an Attempt
  • I Always Read Before It’s Bedtime: Unlocks during Guru’s story after choosing Do your worst and hit me with the full version!
  • It Was Too Good to Be True Anyway
  • So, This Is Where Interns Come From


Written by Griszly

Here we come to an end for Roskis: A Boozy Beginning Full Walkthrough Gameplay Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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