Roguebook Basic Gameplay Tips + Boss Killing Tips

Roguebook Basic Gameplay Tips + Boss Killing Tips 1 -
Roguebook Basic Gameplay Tips + Boss Killing Tips 1 -

This is a simple guide on getting your first win. I won’t be expanding on the higher difficulties, this is all about using the starting teal to beat the game for your first time.

An introduction to your starting team

You start with 2 heroes unlocked, Sharra and Soroco.
Based on their starting cards, hp and relics you might think Sharra’s your damage dealer and Sorocco’s the tank, which isn’t entirely incorrect.
Sharra deals more damage if she’s at the front, and while she’s got some great defensive cards most of her cards are offensive. She benefits from relics that increase her power.
Sorocco’s more complicated though. He gets block if he’s at the front at the end of the turn, has some great block cards, but also has a lot of high-damage high-cost cards. He benefits from heals, since he’ll hopefully be taking more hits, as well as relics that reward expensive cards.

Your first boss

If you’re reading this guide, you might have already beaten him but if not, here’s the first boss that you only need to beat once.
Cloaked Hunter, a future companion, needs to be beat in order to advance to the next stage. Once you’ve beaten him he’s replaced by one of several bosses.
He switches between dealing damage , upping his own power and making you vulnerable, meaning he’s pretty straightforward.
At half hp, he becomes enraged, dealing significantly more damage.


Sharra deals damage, but she’s got 3 general archetypes you can try to build around. Remember not too get overly focused on one of these, a god deck can face multiple challenges well rather than one perfectly.
First, there’s daggers. These are 0-cost, 2 damage attacks that stack (stick in your hand). They combo well with relics that require a certain amount of attacks or cards played to activate. This can be the most ignorable of the 3 archetypes, as depending on your level perks and cards it can be hard to get value.
Second, there’s bleed. Bleed is a permanent debuff that deals damage each turn. Stack for reliable damage. Always good to have some in your deck.
Third, there’s courage. This gives you a mana at the start of turn in exchange for a stack, and certain cards deal damage based on your courage. Extra mana’s always nice.


Sorocco’s a tank/big damage dealer and he’s got 3 general archetypes you can try to build around. Remember not too get overly focused on one of these, a god deck can face multiple challenges well rather than one perfectly.
First, there’s expensive cards. There’s several relics and perks that reward 2+ cost cards, and if you have a couple of those then picking up expensive cards becomes a lot more viable. Works better with permanent upgrades.
Second, there’s tanking. This just means loading Sorocco up with defensive cards, making him a primarily defensive fighter. Works well with…
Third, headbanging. Increases the next attack’s damage by 3. This allows you to build up for a single large hit, making cheaper attacks more effective and rewarding a stalling pattern.

General tips

Pick up cards whenever possible. Don’t pick up a card if all options seem bad, but you don’t have a way to get rid of your mediocre starting cards yet, meaning pretty much any card improves your average deck quality.
You’re unlikely to win your first run. This is a roguelite, not a roguelike, meaning your first run is effectively handicapped. However, I managed a win on run number 2, so don’t feel like you absolutely have to grind for a win.
Unlock fairy wells as soon as possible. They’re your main way of getting extra mana.
Use up your brushes, but potentially save up your inks once every revealed spot on the map has been explored. Random individual tiles are likely to be empty, and getting to another tower in the next map is likely to be of greater value.
Always check the shop at the start of a map. Knowing what relics you might purchase can help give your card selecting direction.

Things the game doesn’t tell you

These are general gameplay tips to make your life easier.
If you hover over the end turn button, you can see the resulting damage to you and your opponent. This can save you time doing a count of enemy damage amounts, but also takes relics and allies into account.
If you exceed the amount of paints you can hold, you drop the new paint on the ground and can pick it up later. If this happens against a boss, it gets sent to the next level.
If you get a second brush-altering paint, it gets turned into a random regular paint. So use em or lose em.

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