Robin Morningwood Adventure Secret ending and achievements full guide

Robin Morningwood Adventure Secret ending and achievements full guide 1 -
Robin Morningwood Adventure Secret ending and achievements full guide 1 -

This guide will help you achieve the secret ending.

Introduction and Tips

To unlock Straight achievement, you need to meet the conditions for the secret ending. Catherine can be contacted at the Whiterain Tavern. These conditions are:

  • You cannot have an affinity with any men (.
  • Merchants are not the "Favorite Customers"
  • No "Came Over".
  • Tyran's Cursed King defeated

It is much easier to unlock the (end in New Game+. You can bring resources or gear into the new world from your previous save file. Autorepairing buildings is possible, but you still have to collect the quest items. I recommend that you bring the One Ring (or One Plug) and Excaliballs. Scrolls should be taken out of your gear.
Tips: Grant X was defeated and Cursed King Tyran was defeated with one Orc's Favorite Dish each. If you don’t need the extra Focus or Vitality, Chef’s Frog Legs (25 Beef, 10 Fruit, 1 Golden Ore each) are a good alternative. It is not possible to re-roll your gear, as it requires three affinity with Horace.


Note: Is it [Place] x? It means x scene at a place. Highwood Forest 2 would mean go to Highwood Forest scene 2. You may also find sub-areas in some areas. [place]x – b is the scene x sub area. It doesn't matter how many days it takes to complete the route, but it's a great tracker. I completed this route in 1.5 hours
To make the run easier, you will need to prepare some resources or gear from your old sale files before you can start New Game Plus. Affinity levels will not be gained by accumulating limited resources.

  • Keep playing through the Main Game, until King Tyran is defeated.
  • Make the One True C(l)ock ring at Hanth's Forge, with 50 Gold Ore (Giant Lyod minigame or badass dul), 50 Rough diamond (Dueling on Lavalanch 2, and 50 Black Oe (dueling on Solitude Peak 3 ).
  • The One "True” Butt Plug can be purchased from the daddy oc in Ultima Plug, Glory Dungeon. It includes 50 Gold Ore, 50 rough diamond, and 50 black ores
  • Complete Dododo side quest
  • Collect 210 Meats (dueling on Eden's Beach 1- ), 90 Fruits (Feasterra 1- ), 6 Black Ores and 600 Coins in King Tyran's minigame (or duel)).
  • Quit and begin New Game Plus with the same Save File


Route (New Game Plus)

Day One

  • Run away from guards (Does not impact the ending but is quicker than going into a hatch)
  • Complete tutorial, but fail Hubert’s minigame
  • Sleep

Day Two

  • Talk to Orderic and play the minigame of failure
  • Talk to Gregor to play the minigame of failure
  • Build a home and sleep

Day Three + Four

  • Repair your house
  • Go to Eden's Bench 3 for Valdo's spear. To get Hanth's anvil, go to Highwood Forest 3

Day Five

  • Store gifts (You'll need the inventory for)
  • Repair the docks and fail minigame
  • You can unlock all the recipes if you have made 2 to 6 Orcs's Favourite Dishes (210 Meat and 90 Fruit, 6 Black Ores,). If you haven't, you need to farm resources in order to unlock the final recipes (115 Meat and 45 Fruit, 1 Copper Ore.
  • Repair the Forge and you will fail minigame
  • Fight Dark Knight

Day Six, Seven and Eight

  • Save Rafaelo at Dustridge 3-b, Arthur in Rusty Valley3-b, and Liam at Whiterain3-b

Day Nine

  • Beton's Tournament – Participation

Day Ten

  • Go to Golden Sand 2 to get stone manhood at the temple
  • To advance to night-time, you must fail Hubert's minigames or duel
  • Restore the King status manhood and ride that sucker
  • Follow the revealed path to defeat Guard (or Zack)
  • Go to the main foyer
  • Go to the left room of Main Foyer and Bribe Inferno Trio, 600 coins
  • Participant in Grant's Tournament

Day Eleven

  • Fight King and Fail (. No "Came Over” exception)
  • Fail Astaroth’s minigame
  • Repair Glory Dungeon
  • Go to Solitude Peak, defeat all three Dark Knights (Purple, Green, and Blue)
  • Defeat Grant X (. Use Orc's Favorite Dish, if in red). Break seal.

Day Twelve

  • Fight the King (. If you're in red, Orc's Favorite dish).

Day Thirteen

  • To advance to night-time, you must go to Whiterain 2 and win two duels.
  • Talk to Catherine when you go to Whiterain 4.


Thank you

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I'm currently working on a full achievement guide as well as a walkthrough.


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