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Risk of Rain 2 OP Build Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Guide to a very OP build


Hey! thanks for checking out my first guide!

this will help you to easily beat monsoon difficulty by not pressing any buttons at all!

below is the guide that will show you the items needed and tips to become an omnipotent god.

Items required

1 Forgive me please (duh)

1 Ceremonial daggers

1+ Gesture of the drowned

1+ Fuel cells (don’t go over three)

1 Soulbound catalyst

1+ Will-o’-the-wisp

1+ Topaz amulet (if you have more life you have the more you will need)

Optional items:

1 Frost relic

1 Resonance disc

1+ Monster tooth

1+ Gasoline

1+ Ghor’s tome

1+ Bandolier

Tips with the build

Try to go to the lunar bazaar as many times as you can to get the Gesture and red item soups go to the void fields and farm out for the red item but be careful because the void fields are insanely dangerous on monsoon difficulty if you are near death in the void fields run to the exit portal so you don’t lose you god run.

If you cannot get to the bazaar try opening all large chests and always farm for the red item on stage four because the build needs so many reds so it might take you till the second re-loop to get all the items you need or might get lucky (like me) and get all the items on stage four.

Useful artifacts:

Swarms and sacrifice are good for getting large quantities of items when you go to the void fields pick up a bustling fungus and farm outside the cells for infinite items.

Command is great for getting the red items you need.

Kin can be very useful if you if you get squishy monsters (like lemurians, beetles and jellyfish just pray that you don’t get lesser wisps).


I hope this guide helps you to beat monsoon difficulty!

thank you for reading this! expect more guides from me in the near future.

Written by Epicjettt3

Hope you enjoy the post for Risk of Rain 2 OP Build Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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