Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build

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Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build 1 - steamsplay.com
This is the Command Artifact build that i usually use for Merc!


Main Items

First what you should get: 
• 9x Lens-Makers Glasses 
• 1x (or more) Predatory Instincts 
• 1x (or more) Shatterspleen 
These are the main items in the build they make every attack 2x the dmg and they will bleed and boost attack speed. The bleed is perfect for Merc because his Eviscerate hits alot.Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build 

Other Items

Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build - Other Items 
These are also useful, to make the critical effects better: 
• Harvester’s Scythes — very useful if you want to play durable, as they heal when you get crits 
• Soldier’s Syringe — defenitly useful to make the Eviscerate hit more, doing more of Shatterspleen’s bleed 
• Ukulele — good for CC, as Eviscerate hits alot and it will be used alot 
• AtG Missle Mk. 1 — also another option for CC, for the same reason as the Ukulele 
• Aegis — This will convert extra HP from the Harvester’s Scythe into shield, very good for durability 
You may think of some items you would use, but these are some that worked well for me. 

Skills you Need

Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build - Skills you Need 
Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build 
Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build 
I would recommend these skills: 
• M2 — Rising Thunder 
• Shift — Focused Assault 
• R — Eviscerate 
If you want, you can change M2 and Shift skills but Eviscerate is extremely important, do not change it! 


Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build - Equipment 
For the equipment, I would just recommend the Primoridial Cube as it makes it easy to hit alot of enemies with Focused Assault, Rising Thunder, and Shatterspleen’s explosions. 

How to make this Build Work

You should use Eviscerate as much as possible, it is your main dealer of dmg and bleed from Shatterspleen. This is very effective on bosses, as they rack up large amounts of bleed, dealing immense damage. It’s also good for CC, as Shatterspleen’s explosions can also do bleed, there for passing the explosion through crowds.Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build 

By eBlittz

Here we come to an end for Risk of Rain 2 Merc Build hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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