RimWorld How to Update Mod Faster Tips

RimWorld How to Update Mod Faster Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
RimWorld How to Update Mod Faster Tips 1 - steamsplay.com
Here’s a list of the Does and Don’ts of getting your favorite mods to update sooner to whatever the newest release or version of the game is.



After having browsed the mods to see which ones of my favorites have already been updated or just need a little more time for whatever reason the creator has, I got frustrated with the sheer number of “Update to 1.3 plz” or “I can’t play without this mod update please!” and decided to post something that might help some people help our amazing modding community follow up with the newest content update. 

The Does

-Get involved with the modding community and offer support or assistance if you are savvy with coding 
-Get involved with the modders discord or modding group if it’s open and see if they need assistance with play testing 
-Show your general support for modders 
-If the modder as a Patreon/Ko-Fi/Fiverr/Some other payment or donation platform, donate some money to them to show their efforts and works are appreciated 
-Be patient and refrain from commenting about an update until a significant amount of time has passed 
-Check to see if the mod is still being maintained by its creator or someone else has picked it up to continue it’s support 
-Continue offering bug reports and useful information the modder asks for to help them squish bugs and improve the quality of their mod 
-Be respectful about modders time, it’s usually something they do for free on their spare time 
-Try out some of the other mods that have already been updated 
-Revert back to 1.2 while waiting for mods to update if they are critical to your experience 
-Pray to Randy Random that the modders have random cargo pods drop silver and chocolate on their colonies 

The Don’ts

-Comment asking for an update when other’s already have done so 
-Yell, threaten, abuse, or otherwise poorly treat modders 
-Try playing with an un updated mod and then complaining if it doesn’t work (I heard a lot got changed under the hood this time around) 
-Forget that modders are not your personal slaves or that this is not their job 
-Leave bad reviews on mods because the creator hasn’t updated just yet 
-Spam the modders who adopt abandoned mods and maintain them with the updates to update someone elses mod 
-Forget to pray to Randy Random that a mechanoid cluster does not land on your colony and turn your colonists into hats if you do any of this 

Here we come to an end for RimWorld How to Update Mod Faster Tips hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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