Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players

Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players 1 -
Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players 1 -

Have you started playing and feel overwhelmed by the sheer number of choices in unlocks you have? Well don’t fear because this guide intends to help with that! I’m going to go over what I feel to be “The Essential Unlocks” that you are going to want to have going into your runs. There will be some minor spoilers for unlocks going forward however I will not spoil any other content such as how their blueprints are unlocked.

The Big Five

These are the 5 biggest unlocks in the game. These are the things that are going to be game-changing and stuff you absolutely want ASAP.

  • Chainmeter:
    This unlock is huge. It allows you to gain more souls by being quick and not getting hit. Definitely a must-grab
  • Recycle:
    I bring this one up with caution. Many new players will fall into the trap of recycling too much and feeling very weak and having few relics. Usually having a relic is better than not having it, however that being said, recycle is still a very powerful ability. What else is Bomb Grub meant to be used for.
  • Cursed Choice:
    This is quite possibly the most powerful unlock in this game. It lets you choose between two curses whenever you receive one. Make sure you are taking curses so you get this unlocked and make sure you unlock this as soon as you have the blueprint.
  • Tickets:
    The only unlock that could possibly stand up to cursed choice. I’m not going to go very in depth into tickets but they essentially allow you to start with items, pickups, stats etc. In exchange they will give you downsides such as health or curses. However they also allow you to play daily and weekly runs which are great sources of soul coins and extremely fun.
  • Shop Expansion #1
    It’s another item slot per shop. Need I say more?


Machines and Pickups

For the machines I’m simply going to put the order I would suggest unlocking them in. However, most of these unlocks are rather scattered and will likely be pretty far apart. That being said I think all are very powerful upgrades and should be prioritized (with one exception).

  • Recycle Machine
  • Claw Machine
  • Health Machine
  • Vending Machine
  • Chance machine
    Chance would be the one exception I was mentioning. While it is fine I certainly think that all the others are much, much more valuable.

Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players - Machines and Pickups - EFF6757As for pickups my order goes as follows:

  • Silver Chests
    Extremely powerful, I don’t think much explanation is needed
  • Golden Strings
    Golden strings are so so strong. Being able to get a rare relic where it would normally be a common and a legendary where it would normally be a rare is so insanely powerful. Notable remarks: It will be consumed by a statue even if you cant afford the item. It also is a guaranteed legendary if you enter a rare merchant with one.
  • Double Hearts
    They are a very simple yet powerful pickup. I have had them save many runs before.
  • Talismans
    I really feel like talismans are very bad. I find myself recycling them 75% of the time because the curse it would remove isn’t worth it. Something to note is that it will always remove your first curse you obtained on the run. This is an unlock I would save for much later.


Soul Torches

I would say these are all valuable upgrades and generally worth getting if you can. I would prioritize the unlocks above more but if you have nothing else great to unlock they are very helpful.


There are many rooms waiting to be unlocked through the Tinkerer! Honestly most of these rooms are rather powerful in the correct situation. Some are definitely more powerful than others though.

  • Crossroads
    While not technically a room per say, this allows rooms to spawn as choices. This is really powerful because many times it will be a choice between a room which costs a key and one which doesn’t. Typically the one that doesn’t key is the correct choice because of how powerful keys are.
  • Challenge rooms
    You know how I mentioned how powerful keys are? Well imagine a room that doesn’t cost a key and has a high likelihood of giving you two pickups or a relic out of it. Challenge rooms are very good.
  • Observatory rooms
    Probably the best use of a key other than your shop. Celestial weapons are really good! A heart or a 10% damage up is really good! Observatory rooms are really good!
  • Arcade rooms
    This is essentially a second, worse shop. It is very powerful and will typically give you back your key you spent to enter it.
  • Giants room
    Basically a chest with a choice. Pretty strong but there are definitely better things to spend a key on.
  • Corrupted room
    Grants you a rare or better relic and a curse. This room is also quite strong. The reason I have it lower than Giants here is because you likely will not have cursed choices unlocked yet which makes this room much worse. However, once cursed choice is unlocked this room is pretty good.
  • Hotspring room
    This one is hard for me to say. While the effect of healing all your missing health is powerful sometimes, I really don’t think the hotsprings are all that good. The reason is usually you will be at a high hp in proportion to your max health if you are upgrading intelligently. It certainly has its uses sometimes but I feel generally it is not worth it.
  • Lucky Well
    The lucky well is pretty good but certainly is a little scary. It allows you to toss a relic in with a very high chance that relic is upgraded. Its essentially a better relic hammer. However it has a chance to consume the relic and not give it back. Not very good :/ Is it usually worth your key, probably not. Is it nice when it works, sure.
  • Cat room
    Ah yes the cat room. The room where i get to spend a key for a random 20% stat up and a 10% stat down. This room is… quite frankly bad. Its a not very high chance at a good stat up and a stat down. I feel that having a stat in the negative is more impact than a stat in the positive. What i mean by this is -10% range is very bad while +20% range is only kinda good. I just don’t think this room is worth your key ever. Definitely the last room I would unlock.



Last on this list are relics. Some important things to note. As a brand new player i would recommend starting every run with at least 1, usually 2 relics. If you want to get farther just grab 2 great relics going into every run and you will do great. If you would rather see new other unlocks then maybe you just grab one cheap relic per run and you are content with that. Either way, here are some the unlockable relics I would say are the cream of the crop. These are not in order of strength but I promise every single one of these is a really strong item.
Common:Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players - Relics - C1DFFEC

  • Moldy Cheese
  • Life Fruit
  • Cute Doll
  • Broken Nail
  • Simple Package
  • Lava Lamp
  • Reinforced Shield
  • Bouncy Ball
  • Moon Locket
  • Frogun
  • Electric Heart
  • Tesla Coil

Rare:Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players - Relics - 4541AEA

  • Time Capsule
  • Poisoned Apple
  • Glass Cannon
  • Hot Chocolate
  • Damaged Ammo
  • Rancid Cloud
  • Tormented Soul
  • Snowlad
  • IV Bag
  • Wax Wings
  • Water Gun
  • Bursting Bubble
  • Equality
  • Silver Bell
  • Hive
  • Laser Diode
  • Planetary Ring
  • Mercenary’s Mark
  • Bag of Greed
  • Morals
  • Forgiveness
  • Practice Target
  • Silver Bullet
  • Gold tooth
  • Back Shield
  • Orbital Shields
  • Bugspray
  • Tiny Spider

Legendary:Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players - Relics - 9D01714All of them but Steady Foot lol

Thanks for reading!

Hopefully this helps you out! Enjoy!

Written by Funguy101

Here we come to an end for Revita Unlockable Items/Essentials for New Players hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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