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Resident Evil Ultimate Guide – Walkthrough 1 -
Resident Evil Ultimate Guide – Walkthrough 1 -

Easy guide to the entire game!



Resident evil 1 remake has two stories, one as Jill one as Chris, each with varying differences on each playthrough, Jill’s story is naturally easier as she gets better weapons, but both offer challenges. This guide will have both sides of the game in one guide.

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Your first objective is to find some clues. After speaking to Barry go to the far door and go through it. You should now meet your first zombie so arm your gun (or knife if you`re feeling a bit handy) and shoot it down.

After a few shots it will fall down, but it isn’t dead so aim down and blast it to make it stand up again and then shoot it some more. The body is Kenneth’s, this is the first clue. Collect the clips and go back to talk to Barry. Barry will still be where you spoke to him (still ‘examining’ the blood).

A zombie will now burst in and Barry will take care of it automatically. Now go to the Main Hall. Barry will now give you a lock pick and tell you where to go next, so go through the blue doors. In this room are 2 moveable objects (a desk and some steps), move the steps next to the statue and collect the map, now move the desk away from the door and enter. Inside there is a zombie on the floor, you can either shoot him on the floor or have some fun and boot his head off (Chris crushes his head), collect the ribbon on the shelf and exit.

Now go through the other door. As you walk down the corridor a dog will burst through the window and head towards you. Stay calm and shoot him with timed shots, it takes 5-6 shots.

Around the corner is another dog, do the same thing to kill him and exit through the door. The first door you see is a bathroom, ignore it (unless you are Chris in which case you should drain the water and find a cabinet key). Carry on down the corridor and you will come across two doors. The door on your left leads to a room with a shotgun in it. If you are Jill then go inside and get it, it will trigger a trap but don’t worry because Barry will save you. If you are playing Chris don’t go in this room yet as you will be killed by the trap.

Going through the other door you will meet 2 more zombies, if you are Jill you can get some good practise at blowing zombies heads off (aim high). Go through the Grey Door and kill the zombie by the stairs. Collect the green plant and use it if you have been hurt. Going through the door you will find a save room containing some Earth and a chest with 2 clips inside.

Save the game using the ribbon you found and then dump it in the chest. Collect the Earth and then exit and go up the stairs. To your left will be a zombie, quickly take him out and then take out the other one behind you. Now go through the door at the end of the corridor.

Shoot the zombie and turn right into a small study. Examine the Botany book and then leave. Head along the corridor, you should see a pair of green doors, you cannot enter these yet so continue down the corridor. After shooting another zombie you should find another 2 doors, go through the unlocked door. You are now back in the Main Hall. Barry will meet you (Jill only) and give you some bazooka ammo. Now you have to find the bazooka.

The bazooka is being guarded by some vicious crows in the door next to the one you just came through. Investigate the body and you will find the bazooka (Chris will find 2 clips). Don’t bother killing the crows as they are a pain to kill. Exit and go across the hall to the other door.

You are now on the balcony above the Dining Room, there are 2 zombies. After killing them push the stone statue off the balcony and go through the far door. You will find 2 more zombies by some stairs, kill them and then go down the stairs. 2 more zombies await you so be ready. Go through the door at the bottom of the stairs. Inside is a save room with a chest, (If you are Chris you meet Rebecca for the first time, she will volunteer to help you, if you say ‘Yes’ she will prepare some medicine for you which is handy as Chris has it quite tough and helps you out later in the game, if you say ‘No’ she will prepare some medicine but won’t help you out later in the game). Collect the ribbon on the bed (Chris gets a key) and save.

Remember this room as it is important later in the game. Exit this room and continue down the corridor encountering another zombie. The door on your right contains a clip, shotgun shells and a rusty shotgun (Chris needs this to get the shotgun) but can’t be entered yet. Go through the other door shoot the zombies and head down the narrow corridor towards the plant room.

In this room is a nasty plant which won’t let you near the key behind it. To kill it put the Earth in the pump and then collect the key behind it. Use the green plants if you have been injured. Now go back to the rusty shotgun room and collect the items (Chris has to use the rusty shotgun to get the new shotgun). Now go back through the doors and turn right.

Go through the door on your right and you will find a bedroom. On the bed is a clip. Upon investigation of the desk a zombie will burst out of the cupboard and try to eat you. Show him who’s boss and blow his head off.

In the cupboard is some more handy shotgun ammo. Exit and continue down the corridor (ignore the left turning, it leads to a small room with a tiger statue in it). Going through the door you will find yourself in the place where you found the first zombie. Go into the Dining room and collect the wooden shield above the fireplace and the Blue Gem in the debris of the fallen statue. Now go back to the Tiger statue and use the Blue Gem to get the first Amulet. Go back to the corridor, turn left and go through the Red doors into the Piano Room.

JILL-Jill can play the piano so all you have to do is find the music sheet and play the piano to reveal the hidden entrance.

CHRIS-Chris can’t play the piano so Rebecca comes in. She has some knowledge of the piano but needs to practise. Now is a good time to go and get the shotgun. When you return Rebecca has learned the score and opens the hidden entrance.

Once the hidden room has been found go in and pick up the gold shield, the door will now close trapping you. Replace the Gold Shield with the Wooden Shield and the entrance will open up again. Now take the Gold Shield to the Dining Room and slot it into the hole above the fireplace, this will move the clock to reveal another key. Use these 2 keys to open the doors in the upstairs part of the eastern wing of the mansion.

Go through the pair of Green Doors to find the second Amulet. The puzzle inside is quite easy (cover the vents, switch the switch). Exit and turn left.

Inside the next door you’ll find Richard, he’s been attacked by a giant snake and needs the serum. Jill has to now find the serum, remember that important room? Go back there and get the serum (Chris doesn’t have get the serum as Richard is already dead). When you return you find that Richard dies anyway, before he dies he gives you a radio (which is pretty useless but necessary) and if you search his body you will find another clip.

Collect some green plants and go through the door. After entering the room wait a second, a zombie will stumble out of the side straight into your sights. Going down the corridor where the zombie came from you’ll find a room with a clip. When you get the lighter come back to this room. Exit and go up the stairs.

The Yawn

As you walk around the room, a Giant Snake – The Yawn – will appear. Use the auto-aim to shoot it. After you have shot at it a few times, it will run away, leaving another Amulet. Search the room to find some shotgun ammo and use a Green Herb if you are hurt.

If you were poisoned by the snake and do not have the Serum, you will begin suffering the same effects that plagued Richard.

If playing as Jill, Barry will take you directly to the the room the serum is contained in;

If playing as Chris, you will take control of Rebecca and take the Serum to him.

You should now have three Crests: The Sun, the Wind and Moon Crests. Head to the ground floor corridor outside the East Staircase and walk through the north-facing door, into the Gallery.

In here, there are six paintings, all of the same person as he travels through life (from a newborn to his gravestone).

Mansion continued

Resident Evil Ultimate Guide - Walkthrough - Mansion continued - B674E31

Light the buttons bellow the paintings in the order the man would follow, each portrait being an older version of him. If you failed, however, the Crows above you will attack. To find out if you got it right, go to the Painting not of the man – at the end of the room – and flip the switch. It should be revealed as a safe, containing another Crest.

Exit the room and go through the north-most door outside. Out here, a Cerberus will attempt to kill you, so be warned. At the end of the room, place the Crests into the slots and the door nearby will open.

Through the door is a storage room. Move the steps to reach the Square Crank, and exit through the other door.


There are 2 Cerberuses out here so do some careful shooting otherwise they will be all over you. After killing the dogs go through the rusty gates and use the crank on the slues gate. This will drain the water so that you can now go across to the other side. On the other side run because snakes appear and they will poison you. Go down the lift. Stepping off the lift you will find yourself by 2 dogs, kill them from a distance and go through the other rusty gates (ignore the other lift for now). Through these gates are 2 more dogs, the first one can be tricky because of the camera angle but the other one is easy. Enter the door.

In front of you should be a stone statue, push this over the hole down the corridor (this prevents a vine monster from grabbing you). Go through the door on your right to find a save room. Save here and dump any unnecessary items (keys, plants, ribbons), collect the bazooka ammo and exit. Go into the door opposite to find 2 zombies, some shotgun ammo (in the drawer) and an important red book. Go into the other door to find an important key in the bath. The Red door at the end of the corridor contains 2 spiders, a clip and a save ribbon. Go through the door past the statue. Enter the first door you see. In this room are 3 doors, one is the door to the Chemical room which is protected by a security lock (light all the lights to open the door), the next door is the ‘003’ door which you need to find the key for later and the last door is a one way door of no importance yet. Venturing into part of the room you will find a wasps nest, by this nest is a ‘002’ key, grab it and run as wasps start to appear. Exit out of the door you came through and turn right to find the ‘002’ door. Unlock this door and enter. Inside are 2 bookcases, move the left bookcase back and the right bookcase towards where the other one was. This will reveal a hidden ladder, make sure you have the bathtub key and a space in your inventory and then go down the ladder. Down the ladder are some boxes, push them into the water to make a bridge. Go across the bridge and through the door. IMPORTANT-Do NOT go left, the shark will kill you instantly.

Turn right and run through the water until you see 2 doors, head towards the left-hand door. The shark will be right behind you so don`t waste time. In this room is a switch which drains the water (leaving the sharks high and dry, and easy to kill). Switch the flashing switch to open the door next-door. Inside this room is some ammo for your shotgun and Beretta and the ‘003’ key. Take this key back to the ‘003’ and open it. Now put the Red Book in the bookcase and go through the secret door (if you don’t have a ribbon and want to save you can find a ribbon in the drawer).

VARIATIONS JILL-After Jill has shot the plant and it shrivels up, Barry will come in and finish it off.

CHRIS-If you said ‘Yes’ to Rebecca when she offered to help then Chris will be grabbed by the plant and Rebecca will appear. You now have to control Rebecca. Go to the Chemical Room and make V-Jolt (the instructions are on the wall), now use this in the Plant Room (near the shark room).

If you said ‘No’ to Rebecca you have to kill the plant on your own. It takes lots of hits with your Beretta and shotgun, don`t stay in the same place too long as the ceiling will fall on you.

When the Tentacle Plant has died you can now investigate the fireplace to find a key, use this key to open locked doors in the Mansion. Go back to the Mansion.

Mansion (return)

The first door to unlock is the door next to the Grey door (where you meet the first Hunter). Inside is a dark room, turn the light on and collect the Red Book and the Python Ammo. This is a clue, life is a lot easier with the Python.


CHRIS-About this time Chris will hear Rebecca scream, if you make your way to the room where you met her you will find that she is about to be killed by a Hunter, unless you save her. DON’T go yet as the Hunter is hard to kill with the shotgun. Instead find the Python.

Your main objective now is to get the Python which is concealed behind the Tiger Statue. To get the Python you need the Red Gem. The easiest route to get to the Red Gem room is to go along the ground floor until you get to the Main Hall, now go upstairs to the Balcony in the Dining Room and kill the Hunters (if you are low on ammo just shoot one and dodge the other). Going through the far door you will find 2 more Hunters either kill these or dodge them. If you are Chris DO NOT go down the stairs. Enter the door next to the stairs and you will find yourself in a room full of stuffed animals. On the table are some documents and on the desk is some ammo for your shotgun and Python. The Red Gem is hidden in the Stags Head but you cannot see it yet. Push the steps in front of the fireplace and switch the light off, you will now see the Red Gem, collect it and go to the Tiger Statue. REMEMBER if you are Chris do not go down the stairs, instead go the long way round (Balcony, Main Hall, Dining Room, First Zombie Corridor). You will meet 3 more Hunters, 2 are easy to dodge but you will have to kill the one outside the Tiger Statue Room. Put the Red Gem in the Statue and collect the Python, arm it and go kill some Hunters! (it only takes one shot. If you are playing Chris go and rescue Rebecca (Serum Room).

VARIATION CHRIS-If you save Rebecca she will set off the self destruct sequence at the end of the game. If you go into Serum Room you hear a scream as Rebecca is killed. Chris is deeply saddened by Rebecca’s death, letting out a heartfelt ‘ReeeeebbbeCCCCCCCCaaaaaaa!!!!’. It truly makes you feel guilty!

Your next objective now is to find a Battery for the Broken Lift. Go to the Eastern Staircase (making sure you have the Tentacle Plant Key and 3 spaces in you inventory). Go up the stairs and kill the Hunters (one you can shoot in the back!). The door on your right leads to 2 more rooms. One has a lighter, shotgun ammo and a Red Plant, the other has some Bazooka ammo (Chris has more Shotgun ammo). The lighter can be used to reveal a map in the room down the corridor but it’s not really vital.

Exit and go to the room down the corridor. Enter and go through the Red Door. Inside is a Piano, go up to it and investigate. The snake you fought previously will now appear from the fireplace and try to finish you off. Shoot him with either your Python(!) or Shotgun. During the battle the Snake will make a large hole in the floor, investigate.

VARIATIONS JILL-Upon investigating the hole Barry will come in and help Jill to climb down. When Jill climbs down the rope mysteriously drops. THIS IS IMPORTANT! Barry says that dropping the rope was an accident. If you wait for him to drop another rope then he will help you out later in the game. If you do not wait for Barry and continue down the ladder (underneath the gravestone) then he will not appear until the end in which he dies. CHRIS-Chris goes down the hole but cannot get back up.

Go down the ladder and decapitate the zombies. Around the corner from the ladder is some more Shotgun Ammo. Go down the corridor through the doors. You will now hear 2 zombies eating something, approach them slowly and shoot them on the floor. Collect the Green Plants if you need them.

Going through the next door you will find yourself in a Kitchen. The door in front of you leads back to the First Zombie Corridor, ignore this for now. If you are Chris collect the Key on the stove. Turn right and go to the lift (killing the Zombie on the floor). Exiting the lift you find another Zombie, kill him and turn right. Go through the door ahead to find some shotgun ammo and a Battery. Exit and on the immediate left will be a Zombie, kill him. If you continue down this corridor you will see a Zombie eating another, creep up to them and kill them both. The door here is locked so go back to the lift and turn left, kill the Zombie and go through the Blue Doors. Inside is a Library containing 2 Zombies. The first Zombie is easy the kill, the second is a bit trickier. Go through the left opening and turn right, be ready as a Zombie will be right next to you, blow his head off! The book contains some useful information.

If you need a Ribbon, Clip or simply want a nice view out of the window then continue forward and push the bookcase left to find the door. Now go through the other door. There are no Zombies in here so you can relax, find the switch and push the statue to where the light is shining. Collect the CD-ROM and exit. If you want some more Python ammo it can be found in the drawer. Exit and head towards the Broken Lift (by the Waterfall) making sure you have the Crank in your inventory.

Put the Battery in the hole and go up the lift. Use the Crank on the Water Gate and go back down to the Waterfall using the new lift. You can now go down the ladder which was behind the Waterfall. Go through the door.

VARIATIONS JILL-If you waited for Barry to drop the rope then he will meet you here. He will ask to help you. If you say ‘Yes’ then he will ask if he should go first. If you say ‘Yes’ then he will go first. If you want the ultimate ending then you MUST go through the door on the left to meet him otherwise you will find him later by the ladder, dying (where he will give you a picture of his family). If you say ‘No’ when he asks to help you then he die at the end of the game. CHRIS-A Flamethrower will now be on the wall, collect it and find Enrico.


Resident Evil Ultimate Guide - Walkthrough - Caves - EA28A64

Exploring this section you will find a Health Spray and Bazooka ammo (Chris gets Shotgun ammo). Going through another door you will find Enrico. Enrico is wounded and now talks to Jill (He tries to shoot Chris!), but before he can reveal who is the traitor he gets shot by a mysterious person who runs away and drops another crank. A clip can be found on Enrico, collect the crank (on the floor) and go back towards the ladder. The place is now crawling with Hunters so be careful. At the ladder go down the corridor and save if you have a ribbon on you (the next part can be lethal). Around the corner is another hole you can use your crank on, this revolves the corridor allowing you to go through the door. This next bit is tricky, but if you can control your character well then it shouldn’t be a problem. Go right up to the boulder and run back to the door, the boulder will now start to roll very fast towards you, if it catches you it will kill you instantly. Now go to where the boulder (this will trigger a Hunter so arm your Python and kill him) was and collect the Bazooka ammo (or Python ammo for Chris). Go through the wall past the boulder. Inside this next room is a large poisonous Spider, kill him with 2 shots of your Python and watch out for the baby Spiders (exit the room and come back in and they will be gone). The opposite door is blocked by a spiders web so collect the Knife in corner to cut through it (or use Chris`s Flamethrower). Go through the door and turn left.

Go through the door (avoiding the snakes). You should now be in a save room, collect the ribbon and save as there is another boulder section coming up.

Collect the Heal Spray and put it in the Chest, there is also a Blue Plant on the floor, use it if you have been poisoned. Before leaving this room make sure you have the Red Book and the Hexagonal crank. Exit and go through the far door (if you are Chris put the Flamethrower back on the wall to open the door). Turn right and head towards the hole for the Crank, use the crank 3 times to turn the corridor. Go up to the boulder and run towards the corridor you just made, once the boulder has past go to where it was and collect the CD-ROM. Now go back to the corridor you just made and enter the door. The puzzle in this room is quite easy (use the crank to push the statue away from the wall). Collect the Blue book and exit. You should now have a Red and a Blue Book, open them to reveal 2 Amulets. Go back to the door and turn left towards the lift. Up the lift is a round pool, use the amulets on the holes and go down the steps and the ladder at the bottom.


You will now be in a room with a chest, dump any unnecessary items and collect the 2 CD-ROMS. Outside this room are 2 Zombies, careful as they spit acid at you. Use the Plants if you get injured. Collect the CD-ROM on the desk (the door cannot be opened yet) and go down the stairs.

This place is crawling with a new kind of Zombie, they are slow but if they catch you they will inflict massive damage, use your Shotgun to shoot them. Turn right at the bottom of the stairs and go through the doors. The first door on your left is a room containing clues on how to decode a password.

Use the 2 lights to solve the puzzle(the other light is hidden behind the bookcase). A clip is hidden in the box and there is a plant in the corner. Go back to the stairs and go straight forwards. Go through the doors into the Computer Room and login as JOHN, and password ADA. You will now be given the option to unlock some doors, use the password found in the previous room.

Collect the Slide Reel on the floor and go back up the stairs to the previously locked door. Use the Slide Reel on the machine to view some interesting details. Look at the Vent on the wall to find a switch, use it to find a Key. Now go back down the stairs, turn right through the doors and go to the other door.

Inside you will find a room with 4 Zombies in it, use your Shotgun, Bazooka or Python to get rid of them. Collect the file in the wall and then use a CD-ROM on the machine in the corner (past the ‘interesting’ picture).

This CD-Rom machine opens one of the 3 switches that lock the other door outside, this door leads to a cell containing Chris (or Jill) so if you want the ultimate ending you have to find all the machines. One is in Power Room 2 and the other is in a secret room only accessible through an Air Vent, both of which you’ll find later.

With the key you found in the Slide Room go to the stairs and find the door with a Red marking in front of it. Enter and turn left through the doors. Solve the box-moving puzzle inside (don’t step on the switch) and go through the Air Vent. Inside is a spooky room containing some dead corpses, Python Ammo and another CD-ROM machine.

Exit to find yourself back by the Red door, go back through the door and go straight ahead. Kill the Zombies and go into the first door you see, this should be a Save Room. Save here and collect the Bazooka ammo (or Python Ammo). If you don`t have any Ribbon, one can be found in a crack in the wall by the Stairs. Arm yourself with the Python and make sure you have the final CD-ROM before you exit. On the right is a lift but it needs to be turned on first, go in the opposite direction, into Factory Room 1.

Be ready with your Python as the next Monsters are nasty. These monsters can climb on the ceiling and slash you from above, use the automatic aim and shot them down, there are 2 in this room (3 for Chris). Find the Terminal and switch it on. Exit through the other door. Use the same strategy as before to kill the monsters in here and then find the CD-ROM machine and use the CD-ROM (the door leading to the cell is now open).

Go through the next door to find yourself in the Power Room, find the Terminal and switch it on. You can now use the lift, but before you go there, go back to the 3 Switch Door and go talk to Chris (or Jill). The door cannot be opened yet so go back to the (now working) Lift, before you go up the lift stock up on Python ammo and any Health items. Go to the Lift.

Resident Evil Ultimate Guide - Walkthrough - Lab - 49F9983


There are several branching paths for you to take now.

If you want, go to the room furthest on the left of the floor map down some stairs. In there you will find your lost friend (whether Chris or Jill) and will free them. If your partner is still alive, they will activate the Self-Destruction timer.

When you are ready, head back up to the Crate in B2F, and take out the last items you will need.


Magnum Bullets (if you did not use them up)

Full Health items

one FREE space.

Go upstairs and meet with your friends. The Tyrant will be heard and they will split up. Activate power and go to the Helipad.

Here, you will collect the Signal Rockets and place them within the circle and use them to signal Brad.

If your friends are still alive, they will enter through the elevator moments before the Tyrant arrives… through the floor.

T-002: The second encounter

The tyrant has entered its “R” form since last time and is as more stronger than ever.

Keep running around the Helipad and shooting at it. Be warned: it will use its Running animation a lot more often.

With only thirty seconds to go before the mansion explodes (if your partner survived), Brad will throw a Rocket Launcher to you. Make it count, as it can push away the oncoming rocket.


Partner sets off timer and survives = The Mansion explodes and the two escape.

Partner sets off timer and is killed by Tyrant = The Mansion explodes and you escape.

Partner did not survive = The Mansion does not explode, you do not encounter the Tyrant on the helipad and it survives.

Friend is freed = The Mansion does not exploded, but the two of you escape, you do not encounter the Tyrant on the helipad and it survives.

Friend and Partner survive = The Mansion explodes and all three escape.

Friend is freed but Partner is killed by Tyrant = The Mansion explodes and the two of you escape.


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