REDCON Artilary Guide

REDCON Artilary Guide 1 -
REDCON Artilary Guide 1 -
Well here I am… I played trough mobile and I complete the campaign in mobile.I not the best player in the world but I have enough knowledge to guide. So here we go….


Ballistic weapons

Many types of weapons you can use and some consume more ammo then energy other is energy over ammo. 
This types of artillery is most common and mostly used. such as 
Ballistic Cannon 
OMEGA Cannon 
Assault cannon 
And many more…. 
They consume different types of ammo 
Incendiary, will light on fire and cause fire damage over time. 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
Neutrotoxin: gas that not even a gas mask can save them. Only way to save yourself is to get a legendary perk Microfiltration.(If the enemy has it. Neutrotoxin is USERLESS) 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
Flash bang or concussion: This will incapacitate soldiers for some seconds use cushioned helmets to reduce their affect! 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
Shapernal bomb: This type of bomb can be only fired at mortars but do horrific damage to soldiers 
REDCON Artilary Guide 

Energy and Laser weapons

This type of weapons cost more energy then ammo 
Like Lasers and EMPS 
Lasers cannot be stooped by defenses, shields or scanbruler. Can shoot in pin point accuracy. The SOLARIS Laser has a chance to set a building on fire on 25%. And SILARIS do more damage and has a chance to set building on fire by 75%. 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
And EMPs, can bypass defenses but NOT shields and scanbruler. Use tons of energy and can disable building and weapons. 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
You can’t change because there no payload! 
REDCON Artilary Guide 



The perks is a bonus that give a buff. There 4 rarities, common, uncommon, rare and legendary(no epic). So they variate to how useful they are and how much. 
Common, uncommon, and rare 
>Small buffs (like 2%, 5%, etc…) 
>Can accumulate (Like 2%+3%= 5%) 
The perks that I know you can get: 
Advance auto re loaders ( X% of weapons that use rounds) 
Advanced charger (X% of EMP and laser weapons) 
Titanium Jackhammers (up to 40% the soldiers will take structures faster) 
Rocketing (X% of faster rocket bases pre-lauch) 
Overclocking (Reduce X% preparation of screbuler, air command, and clandestine operations) 
And many more… (the list will be too long) 
>Can change drastically tour fortress 
>They give huge buffs (10%, 50%) 
Cannot accumulate (except volunteers and reserves) 
This what you can get 
Arms race (10% fast preparation to tactical nuke) 
Volunteers and reserves (Add 1 soldiers to your fortress if luck enough to get both USE THEM they are the legendaries that can accumulate) 
Hall of Fire (Defences do 10% more damege) 
So on, so on…. 
You get legendaries randomly there no such strategy to get them. A least what I know.REDCON Artilary Guide 

Strategy- “Big brothers”

Because my lack of activity I name the “Big brothers” 
You will need 
OMEGA Cannon 
Tactical Nuke 
Defense system 
The rest is up to you! 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
Now will work if the enemy has a scanbruler. 
Because will make AI make a decision that avoid the HUGE shoot from OMEGA or get destroyed by tactical nuke and will always choice the OMEGA. So here one way to victory! You must protect the Tactical nuke otherwise will be useless this strategy! 

Strategy-“Quantity over quality”

This a simple one. Use high rate weapons then damage. 
You can use: 
Assault cannons 
Ballistic Cannon 
ALASTOR cannons 
(optional THYPON supergun) 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
To do much dameg as possable enable doubleshoot and round roulette 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
REDCON Artilary Guide 

Strategy- “Takeover that S H I T”

This is one way to get more credits then other way to victoiry 
What you 
3 sniper cannons 
Fled command 
REDCON Artilary Guide 
You get big chunk of credits if you are suscesful 

That’s all folks!

SO that’s all… That was the most common strategies and I will expand this list later. Any other strategies leave a comment. I am a Brazilian I not very good with English so you will see misspellings. But thanks I hope that help! 

Written by mrbraziliam

Hope you enjoy the post for REDCON Artilary Guide, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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