Red Dead Redemption 2 List of mods + Installation Guide

Red Dead Redemption 2 List of mods + Installation Guide 1 -
Red Dead Redemption 2 List of mods + Installation Guide 1 -

This is a list of mods through which the game can somewhat become lively and immersive.

Things You Need – []  – There will be a Native Trainer.asi file in the archive, do not copy and paste it in your game’s directory since it’s a trainer and we’re aiming to add a immersive experience before using trainers lol.. – []  – Helps you load mods, specifically creates a folder renamed as ‘lml‘ in which you would need to add files which clearly state that they need Lenny’s Mod Loader to run. Otherwise simple .asi files are pasted right into the game’s directory with no sub-folder in between. – []  – This is through which any of the .asi script/mod files run into your game. Without this you can’t run, for example the Cut Dialogue Restoration Mod.
Tutorial to watch and get an idea as to how to install mods: – []  (Watch till 4:50 to get an idea as to how things work)
Video above is the installation guide which is for a mod which helps restore and add a lot of clothes into the vanilla game, known as WhyEm’s Assortment and the point of adding it is basically help people understand how they can understand mods dependent on Lenny’s Mod Loader as well as normal .asi scripts.

List of Mods with URL(s)

For Nexus – []  – It’s annoying I know but you need to have an account in order to download mods, if you can however find the same re-uploads on – []  then that is well and good! – []  – Makes the law less dumb in-game in terms of combat, survival and spawn rate, less annoying wanted mechanics, etc. Check it out in it’s page. – []  – Adds gangs in the entire world, imo this adds the most immersiveness into the game than any mod does. This should’ve been kinda there in the game itself but it quite isn’t, makes it fun to encounter gang members and kill them, etc. – []  – Makes ragdoll cool and pretty much combat realistic as possible, read more in the page. – []  – Adds like a kind of sleep meter around your Radar which basically helps you to keep the game even more normalized in terms of letting the protagonist sleep, etc. And you can ofc read more in the page but you get what it means by the title of the mod only. – []  – Personally like the look it gives to the gun metals and all, you could feel differently but that is fine, check it out once on it’s page. – []  – Turns down the values at which challenges get completed, very useful since it makes the challenges less annoying, etc. – []  – Makes the nights really dark, you can get more info from the page. – []  – Removes the speed limit at which the horse can go while in towns e.g = Valentine, Strawberry, etc. – []  – Instant Travel Mod, helps you teleport to a place in an ethical way. – []  – Cut Dialogue Restoration, restores bad a*s dialogues in combat from Arthur, etc. – []  – First Person Walk Fix, basically to make you walk normally while in first person, unlike how you’re always jogging while trying to walk. – []  – Injuries Overhaul, basically to add more realism into the game it makes you have certain types of injuries if you get shot at X or Y position in your body, you can of course read more in the page but that’s really it. – []  – Seats mod, basically allowing you to sit anywhere where there’s a chair in the world. Very glitchy I’d say, most of the times you’d have to linger around the positions and all to make it work but other than that the mod is charming. – []  – Bank Robbery Mod, yeah it is what the title suggests but can sometimes be definitely too easy and pays too much for a one time go, however it’s fun.


Thanks for taking the time to read this simple and quick guide, if you don’t understand anything leave a comment and suggest me some additions I could add that are actually worth it.

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