Red Dead Online General Guide To Online Cowboy Tism

Red Dead Online General Guide To Online Cowboy Tism 1 -
Red Dead Online General Guide To Online Cowboy Tism 1 -
This game does not have a wiki so i will put a few things i learned down on this guide majig thingy.



Cowboy Supreme 

Basic Things

Hunting is based on weapon. You can press Q on your keyboard in order to find out which weapon to use on which animal when aiming on a animal you want to kill. From experience, most medium and large animals (deer,goats,whatnot) are killed with a rifle. Most small Carnivores (Wolfs, Foxes, Whatnot) are killed with a repeater. Most small game animals (rabbits, rats, whatnot, other than squirrels) are killed with a special rifle called a varmint rifle. Most birds (crows, ravens, whatnot, other than turkeys) are killed with a small game arrow with a bow. 
General Gunnery- 
The game has 4 types of weapons. Two handed rifles, which are things from shotguns to repeaters usually accurate specialist weapons, you can only equip two of these at a time. Pistols, mostly revolvers, a good general weapon. Melee, which can instantly execute people after a animation, the animation can be canceled. You can slash the weapon for damage if you can’t execute someone. Misc, all the random throwables and ammo types used for general murder. 
There are two types of fire, hip fire in which you shoot quickly for quick murder, and a aimed shot for accurate murder. Figuring out which type to use when is how the combat flow of this game functions (at least when it comes to shooty shoot). 
You can press Q to figure out information about a enemy when aiming. This is good for figuring out bounty targets and camp leaders for little effort. Although it does not function unless you are in combat from what i can tell (unless your looking at a animal). So its situational unless hunting, as you can find your target on the minimap for the most part. 
Money, Money Money Money, Cash Money Money- 
Most things in the game give general money so that does not really matter, just play the game and have fun. Now, when it comes to gold, that is a entirely different issue, the only real thing you need to know is that missions that give gold, increase the gold for how long you are in the mission. This seems to apply to ALL gold giving missions. So, spend a bit of extra time, hunt that deer that looks particularly juicy. Other guides state that it takes about 30min for the full effect although i am not sure how true that is. 
These are general missions, they are decent for making gold and seem to respawn over time. These missions can have players come in and invade. This seems to be linked to the Rival/Posse System if you have never encountered someone like that during a mission. 
Open World PvP 
I don’t know the point to open world PvP other than to annoy people. But there are features that can be used to easily avoid this entirely. Mostly the Parley system which makes the enemy stop killing you for 10min. And the bounty system in which you can make someone wanted over time. 
This game is a rockstar game, there were cheaters for GTA online There are cheaters for Red dead online. there is not much you can do about it other than accept it or embrace it. 
Treasure Maps- 
General maps you get from leveling should be waited out for a gold bar (or more) a pop. 
I suggest for food to just hunt some bois and get some herbs, my favorite is mint/thyme as it increases stamina. You cook at a campfire and select a meat, there is a button to switch the recipe for what to cook. (I know, i don’t know why they don’t just put variants in the menu either) 
Raider Camps- 
You find these on the map, kill everyone but the leader boi and you get a general map. 
These are random missions you just run into, same rules apply to all gold giving missions wait for more gold. 
These are potions which gives bubble over your stats. I don’t find them useful but they are supposedly good for combat. 

Bounty Boi (bounty hunter)

1. gold for a licence 
You go and hunt people wrap them up in your thicc trouser snake and slam them into the slammer. 
Have not played enough to feel confident making a full guide 

Magpie (collector)

1. gold for a licence 
collect things buy maps make money. 
Have not played enough to feel confident making a full guide 

Anarcho-Primitist (naturalist)

1. gold Locince 
Return to monkey, kill LEGENDARY creatures worth about 50$ a pelt. 
Have not played enough to feel confident making a full guide 

Hobo Lifestyle “by Cripps” (trader)

1. gold at your camp 
Supply cripps “addiction” by giving him many dead animal corpses well making money at the same time. none knows whats in the barrels but everyone knows it smells like hell. 
Have not played enough to feel confident making a full guide 

Trader V2.0 (Moonshiner)

2. gold for liccince 
Make money, Get stock, although this time you somewhat know what it is. 
Have not played enough to feel confident making a full guide 

Written by Catofdoom

Here we come to an end for Red Dead Online General Guide To Online Cowboy Tism hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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