Red Algorithm Skills Mechanic Gameplay Tips

Red Algorithm Skills Mechanic Gameplay Tips 1 -
Red Algorithm Skills Mechanic Gameplay Tips 1 -

In this guide you will learn everything about Skills mechanic in Red Algorithm

What are skills?

Skills were introduced in Version 1.8 – [] . They are essentially just another way of permanently improving your heroes. As you play the game and get new levels, your hero gains skill points and becomes better at dealing with particular weapons.
Red Algorithm Skills Mechanic Gameplay Tips - What are skills? - DB465B5
This button will lead you to them
There you will see the skills screen:
Red Algorithm Skills Mechanic Gameplay Tips - What are skills? - D51A325
Every hero starts with 0 skill points
The screen above actually has pretty much all the necessary information that you need to understand how skills work, but in this short guide, we’ll go thru all this anyway one more time.

Skills list

There are 10 skills in the game:

  • Pistols
  • Shotguns
  • SMGs
  • ARs
  • Rifles
  • Plasma
  • Gauss
  • MGs
  • Launchers
  • Primitive

One skill per each weapon cla*s.


Every 20 skill points in one skill give you a bonus:

  • 20 skill points: +0.25 habit gain speed
  • 40 skill points: +5% experience
  • 60 skill points: +10% accuracy
  • 80 skill points: +10% range
  • 100 skill points: +10% damage

An important note here is that only the primary cla*s of the weapon is considered when you get one of those bonuses. For example, if we take a mixed-cla*s weapon like Judge – [] , which is a mix of launchers ( primary [P] ) and pistols ( secondary [S] ), only your mastery with launchers and skill points there will be taken into account.

Training speed

Here are the factors that affect skills training speed:

  • 0.05 skill points per hero level in the casual mode
  • 0.1 skill points per hero level in the casual mode
  • Double speed for favorite [+] skills
  • Double speed with Genius – []  perk
  • Additional 1% per 1 completed achievement
  • Additional 10, 20, or 30% per fulfilled declaration, and 10% less if not fulfilled
  • Double speed with the Book DLC – [] 

Here is an example of the calculation. Let’s say that we survived 13 minutes in Hard Mode and finished with hero John level 11 and we had a rifle all the time. This alone will mean that we got: 0.1 * 10 (11 – 1, we start with level 1) = 1 skill point. As rifles is one of John’s favorite skills, we will double our skill points and get: 1 * 2 = 2 skill points with Rifles skill. If we already completed 50 achievements, we will get +50% bonus to that and get: 2 * 1.5 = 3 skill points. What else can be there? For instance, if we also completed a 10 minutes declaration, we get an additional 10%, so the total would be: 3 * 1.1 = 3.3 skill points per one game. Is that slow or fast for a 10 minutes game? It’s hard to judge, but 6 games like that (1 hour in the game) will give you 19.8 skill points already, which means that you will almost get 1/5 bonuses (+0.25 habit gain speed). This was the case of a free hero and no DLCs. If you purchase the Book DLC (which is the cheapest one…), you can double the training speed and save a lot of time (and help to support the game! :)).
If it’s not the favorite skill of the hero and you play in the casual mode, skill training speed can be painfully slow, however, it’s meant to be that way. Skills weren’t intended to be the goal of the game at all, it’s just another small long-term progression that you can enjoy.
If you want to train skills fast, you have to start playing in Hard Mode, get some runes before to improve the hero (to be ready for the Hard Mode), try to fulfill declarations, complete as many achievements as possible, and stick to the hero favorite skills.
Also, note that skill points that you see in the game are rounded by default. To see the raw skill points (not rounded), you can go to settings and set “Nice Skill” to “off”.
Lastly, small positive news, when you use mixed-cla*s weapons (which are most of the plasma and gauss weapons, and many others), you will train 2 skills at the same time! For instance, if you pick up Siberia – []  (SMG + Pistol) as Sarah, who has SMGs as the favorite skill, you will get double skill points per each hero level with SMGs, and, in addition to that, regular skill points for pistols skill as well! In some rare cases, when both hero favorite skills are also 2 cla*ses of the weapon, you can train 2 skills with the double speed at the same time!

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