Ready or Not How to Fix Game Crash + Lobby Error

Ready or Not How to Fix Game Crash + Lobby Error 1 -
Ready or Not How to Fix Game Crash + Lobby Error 1 -

If you’re having issues with crashing or issues joining a match this guide is for you. This is a re-post from the devs from their discord. trying to the word out there! Please rate this up so people can see this!


Below is a list of some issues that have been encountered so far. We’re working on locking in causes, but in the meantime is a list of some potential fixes. This list will be updated as more potential fixes come forward.
Game crashing randomly:
This issue unfortunately has a wide range of causes, many of which boil down to user software / hardware, or a combination of the two.
Below are some band aid solutions that may or may not work.
– If playing on DX12 and crashing, try switching to DX11.
– Try setting any RTX settings in %localappdata% > Ready or Not > Saved > Config > WindowsNoEditor > GameUserSettings.ini to false, except for RTXenabled.
– Verify the game files through steam.
– Try disabling windows game mode.
– Try disabling any in-game overlays, or third party overlays.
– Make sure your GPU drivers are up to date.
My mic is very quiet in-game:
We have a solution which will be included in the next patch.
Loading screen stuck at 100%:
Go into %localappdata%, and delete the Ready or Not folder. This will be fixed by a future patch.
No sound is playing except menu / UI sounds:
– Verify your game files on steam.
Framerate drops / stutters:
This issue also has a wide range of causes, similar to the crashing above. We will be pushing a shader fix for certain in-game windows which cause framerate drops. Some potential solutions:
– Try disabling xbox game bar, windows game mode, or both.
– Try disabling any in-game overlays or third party overlays.
– Try disabling the ‘Logitech Gaming Registry Service’ in windows services.
– Try switching to DX11 or DX12.
My mouse isn’t registering clicks!:
– Set your screen mode to fullscreen.
My character is shooting trash bags!:
Please purchase the game. If you did, thank you! Please disable any steam emulators / cheat engine / crypto mining software. You may have blacklisted software running in the background.


Friend lobbies seem to be causing issues for some folks. Noted internally so we’ll be investigating. In the meantime, here’s a list of potential things to try that (we’re hoping) solves the problem. I’ll update the list as I think of more:
– Make sure you’re playing the most recent version number (16853, top right corner of screen)
– Make sure you’re logged into steam friends and online (try signing out then back in)
– Whitelist RoN in your firewall
– Close the game completely, double check that the game is completely closed in task manager, and restart steam.
– Make sure you aren’t running VPN / virtual network software in the background as this can interfere. This includes hamachi / zero tier / etc.
– Verify the game’s files.
– In rare cases, certain programs that have an overlay may cause issues. Try disabling any third party overlays.
– In rare cases, switching DX mode (selectable when the game launches) may also fix lobby issues.
– Try a full pc reboot.
– Set your steam client to offline (from the Steam button in the top left corner -> Go to offline mode) before switching it back to online.
– As a last resort, uninstall the game, make sure no residual Ready or Not files are left over in the steamapps AND %localappdata% folder (you can delete if there are), and reinstall.
-quoted from the devs


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