Ready or Not All Weapons Detailed Guide

Ready or Not All Weapons Detailed Guide 1 -
Ready or Not All Weapons Detailed Guide 1 -

I have played at least 1 game with every single weapon and this guide will describe how each gun plays. It doesn’t have any real technical details as it’s designed to be easily accessible to everyone.

Primary Weapons:

Assault Rifle:

R7 Launcher – Fires non-lethal rounds that have no effect on the player and are physically incapable of killing civilians. No full auto but can rapid single fire. Enemies often ignore being hit. Would not recommend even for a non-lethal run.
TAC7000 – Paintball gun that fires pepper spray balls. Good for non-lethal but enemies still don’t always respond. Recommended use is to hit enemies with the pepper spray and then tase to ensure they surrender. Does not affect player. Can’t be reloaded but that’s because the capacity is huge to start with.
SA-58 – Very high recoil. Not very interesting other than that so there’s better options.
M4A1 – Generic base gun. Jack of all trades not specifically a master of anything.
ARWC – A low amount of recoil, good rate of fire and very quiet when supressed.
SR-16 – Excellent all-rounder, not much recoil and decent rate of fire. Quiet when supressed.
HK416 – Excellent all-rounder, not much recoil and decent rate of fire.
MK16 – Fast rate of fire for an assault rifle. Excellent control.
SLR47 – Very slim ADS model, recoil isn’t bad, and the rate of fire isn’t bad. Another semi-generic
G36C – Decent all-rounder.
ARN-18 – Faster than average rate of fire. Not insane recoil, but the rate of fire makes it pull up a little, so you have to compensate harder than normal.

Submachine Gun:

MP5A2 – Handles nicely, has a convenient burst fire mode, and has a slim model that takes up only a small portion of your screen.
UMP-45 – Slightly slower fire rate. Not a bad gun if you can hit with it.
MPX – High rate of fire, handles extremely well.


Beanbag shotgun – Good. Basically, does no damage. It 2 headshots to kill a civilian, but even at close range it takes 8 shells, or a full reload + one to kill a civilian with body shots.
M4 Super 90 – Better than the 870 CQB due to higher fire rate.
870 CQB – Excellent single shot damage but lower rate of fire.


M32A1 Flash – A good support weapon but make sure everyone has anti flash goggles on. Lethal if hit at point blank.

Secondary weapons:

G19 – Good mag size. Surprisingly powerful. Good rate of fire if you rapid click.
M45A1– All round worse than the G19. Quiet.
.357 Magnum – Not many rounds, however it is a one-shot even to the body, so this issue is negated.
Slow rate of fire, but again, extremely powerful. Barely any recoil if you ADS, quite a big jump if not
P92X – Extremely quiet. Good rate of fire if you rapid click.
Taser – Absolute must-have for any non-lethal run, and an excellent choice for lethal runs as it can
be used to stun non-cooperative civilians without any downsides.
57 USG – Has so little recoil it’s basically not there. Feels like it can shoot even faster than the other pistols.
USP45 – Generally outclassed by other weapons. Nothing special worth noting.

This is all for Ready or Not All Weapons Detailed Guide hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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