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Ranch Simulator Material Cost for Building List Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
The cost of the concrete and metal materials needed to build every building/furniture. [version 0.542]


Building Materials




Not calculated in this guide because it’s free to gather your own


10 units for $100
5. units for $500


5 units for $25
5. units for $250

Farm Houses



Farmhouse PH-2

23 Wood – 12 logs (1 board left over)
8. Concrete – 50bag + (6)5bag = $400
1. Metal – (2)10stack = $200 & 5 units remaining

Total:$600 and 12 logs (scrap: 1 plank & 5 metal)

Farmhouse PH-4

28 Wood – 14 logs
15. Concrete – (3)50bag + 5bag = $775
3. Metal – (3)10stack = $300

Total:$1075 and 14 logs

Farmhouse PH-6

35 Wood – 18 logs (1 board left over)
17. Concrete – (3)50bag + (5)5bag = $875
4. Metal – 50stack = $500 & 5 units remaining

Total:$1375 and 18 logs (scrap: 1 plank & 5 metal)

Retro Farmhouse

64 Wood – 32 logs
36. Concrete – (7)50bag + (3)5bag = $1825
14. Metal – (2)50stack + (4)10stack = $1400

Total:$3225 and 32 logs

Animal Buildings




Barn sections are made entirely out of wood.


Each barn needs 2 side doors and 1 main door. Together these need:
4. Wood – 20 logs
5 Metal – $100 or scrap from other projects


20 Wood – 10 logs
1. Metal – $100



Small Coop only needs wood.

Medium Coop

20 Wood – 10 logs
7 Metal – $100 with 3 scrap

Big Coop

50 Wood – 25 logs
2. Metal – $300 with 5 scrap

Premium Coop

65 Wood – 33 logs with 1 scrap
3. Metal – $400 with 5 scrap

Expensive Coop

100 Wood – 50 logs
5. Metal – $600 with 8 scrap (or $500 if you have 2 scrap already)


Not including the lamps. They’re 4 metal a piece.
Also the houses all come with a cheese and salami closet.


6 Wood – 3 logs
5. Concrete – $250

Cheese Cabinet

16 Wood – 8 logs
1. Metal – $200 with 2 scrap

Salami Cabinet

16 Wood – 8 logs
1. Metal – $200 with 2 scrap


50 Concrete – $250
12. Metal – $1300 with 5 scrap
Total:$1550 with 5 metal scrap


150 Metal – $1500

Personal Favorites [v0.542]

What I think is the biggest bang for the buck. Or just the nicest.

Chicken Coop


Big Coop&Medium Coop
Medium Coop lets you keep the chickens inside while you clean, Big Coop has the egg drawer. I don’t know why the Premium and Expensive coops have neither of these.
UPDATE: apparently the chickens can’t escape from the small door in the Expensive Coop which is handy for collecting eggs but cleaning is still a pain.

Note: don’t bother with the small troughs until you get a granary or windmill.



PH-2 is just the most basic and boring one. Skip it.

PH-4 is my favorite so far. It’s decorated nicely and has the countertop space for your tools, without being too extra like the 6 is. Only annoyance is that the door to the meat&cheese closet hides the second salami rack.

PH-6 has a bigger kitchen and quick access to the meat&cheese closet, but aesthetically I just do not vibe. It’s kinda fancy. More for the ranchers who wear a suit or slacks and not a rancher who wears jeans and a hawaiian shirt.

Retro Farmhouse is…. pretty dang nice. Expensive, but… nice. Only complaint is that the overhead cabinets make placing the manual meat grinder a pain.

Equipment Upgrades


The Luxury Table Saw, Electric Meat Grinder, and Electric Sausage Stuffer are alright. the second two are handy for when you have coolers full of meat and want to process it quick. I was surprised they didn’t need gasoline. None are things I would recommend saving up for, but if you got the cash burning a hole in your pocket go ahead.



Don’t bother with the SUV and Sedan. The small pickup I bought for my first cow, but it handles terribly. The ATV is very fast but only has a little rack. The big pickup handles pretty well. The box truck handles much better than I thought it would. My current setup is the UTV/ATV with a small trailer for harvesting lumber, a pickup for selling/buying stuff in town, and the box truck for hauling animals.

Written by Rainbow Sheep

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