Rain World Spearmaster Strategy

Rain World Spearmaster Strategy 1 - steamsplay.com
Rain World Spearmaster Strategy 1 - steamsplay.com

Grab your spear and traverse the industrial wastelands in search of enough food to survive, but be wary—other, larger species are planning the same thing… and slugcats seem good.


1 – Instant Chieftain Strategy

Spearmaster does not have a mouth, which means he can’t carry items around in his stomach. At first, I believed that Spear master’s job was to hold the pearl in one of his hands to be friends and friendly with scans. This isn’t a good idea considering that his campaign is already focusing on doing this. Then I realized that spears could be sold to scavs. Of course, they aren’t worth the same. However, you can make an endless amount of them. A pearl is worth 10 points, and a spear costs two. This means you’ll be able to pay a toll if you give the scavs five spears. However, it would be best if you generated spears until they wave you through.

2. Double Spearing

If you’re low on food as a Spearmaster, you can slash enemies with 1 HP twice and sneak in an extra pip of food. For instance, the enemies like blue lizards, drop-wigs, and spiders are about 1 HP. They do not require two spears to kill them. However, you can find more food if they do.

3 – Spearable Items

Spearmaster can spear objects to compensate for not having mouths. Karma flowers, mushrooms, and neurons all function in this manner.

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