RAILROADS Online! Locomotive Hidden Secrets & Specs Guide

RAILROADS Online! Locomotive Hidden Secrets & Specs Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
RAILROADS Online! Locomotive Hidden Secrets & Specs Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

It reveals the information that is not presented in the shop, but you need to know it to better understand your engines.

General info

A steam locomotive has a few different parameters that describes it. I think you need to know them to understand how does the engine work. Most of them have different margins to those we see in the game. And it can be confusing. Let’s go through them step-by-step.
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Attention! All the numbers are given for 0-4-0 Porter locomotive, since I’ve studied only this engine. Later I’ll add numbers for other engines.
Fire temperature is a parameter that influences water boiling.
It drops to -10 degrees (not to 0 as UI says), if locomotive was not fed with wood for a long time. Fully fired up locomotive has a fire temperature of 400 degrees. You need positive fire temperatute, to warm the water. Water gains some temperature every second. If fire temperatute > 0, then water temperature is increased by fire temperatute * 0,005. If fire temperatute <= 0, water temperature is decreased by 0,05.
Fuel points (FP) show amount of fuel in the firebox. If FP > 0, than they will increase/decrease fire temperature by FP * 0,04 every second. FP can drop down to -50 for a starving locomotive (not to 0 as UI says). Every firewood piece gives you 10 FP. A locomotive consumes 0,1 FP per second.
Thus to fire up a locomotive, you need to throw at least 6 firewood pieces. If you throw them very fast, you can get positive fire temperatute in 30 seconds. However, fuel will be depleted soon and won’t be able to heat the water enough.
With 7 firewood pieces you can get positive fire temperatute in 13 seconds. But it still won’t be able to boil you even a cap of water.
You need at least 8 firewood pieces. Positive fire temperatute will be achieved in 9 seconds. Not a big deal, but. But due higher heat production you will get enough heat to boil the water.
Thus, you need to throw 3 firewood pieces into the firebox every 5 minutes to maintain the fire. You can’t save fuel, but you can not to overuse it. Don’t throw firewood, if you have 40+ FP. Then the best practice to start your cold Porter is to throw exactly 10 firewood pieces into the firebox.
Water temperature is a parameter that influences pressure production. You need water temperature to be between 100 and 110 degrees as well as water level > 0. Lowest water temperature possible is 0 degrees (not 10 as UI says).
That’s why you don’t have both temperatures rise for a while after you’ve thrown firewood. First fire temperature needs to overcome that -10 to 0 degrees path. Then water temperature does the same path from 0 to 10 degrees.
Boiler pressure (PSI) is a parameter that influence locomotive’s tractive effort. PSI gain is 2/110 * water temperature if latter >= 100 degrees. In other words you’ll get from 1,82 PSI per second at water temperature of 100 degrees to 2,00 PSI per second at water temperature of 110 degrees.
PSI usage is linear and depends only on regulator position. You can stand still, but consume pressure. PSI consumed per second is 1.4 * regulator position.
Thus, hot firebox will provide you enough pressure all the time.
Water levelis a parameter that shows your water amount left. You can store up to 900 units of water (not 500 as UI says). Water consumption is linear and depends on water temperature and regulator position. Locomotive consumes water temperature / 110 * regulator position water units every second in case water temperature >= 100 degrees.
Considering this info we can find out how fast your locomotive will cool down. Let’s assume we had 400 fire temperature. We know that fire temperature changes by FP * 0,04 every second. Then negative fire temperature (-0,512 degrees) will be reached when FP is -44.8, that’s 448 seconds after FP reached 0. In 6 seconds the temperature will drop to -10 degrees and stays there. However, FP will continue their path to -50.
After fire temperature became negative, water temperature drops from 110 degrees to 100 degrees in 200 seconds if no fire provided. During the same 200 seconds your locomotive will consume not 20,0 FP (2 firewood pieces) as expected, but only 5,2 (from -44,8 to -50). In some way we can say that we can save 14,8 FP (1,4 firewood pieces). Does it worth the hassle? We need more experiments to find it out.

0-4-0 Porter

Water capacity, units: 900
Firewood capacity, pcs: 65
Lowest water temperature, deg. C: 0
Maximum water temperature, deg. C: 110
Lowest fire temperature, deg. C: -10
Maximum fire temperature, deg. C: 400
Lowest firebox fuel amount: -50
Maximum firebox fuel amount: 50
Fuel consumption: 0,1 per second.
1 piece of firewood provides 10 fuel.

Written by Devilhunter

Here we come to an end for RAILROADS Online! Locomotive Hidden Secrets & Specs Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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