Raft How to Create Mod Tutorial in Raft

Raft How to Create Mod Tutorial in Raft 1 - steamsplay.com
Raft How to Create Mod Tutorial in Raft 1 - steamsplay.com
In this guide, I show you how to easily install mods on Raft very easily (with pictures).


Installing ModLoader

First of all, in order to install mods, you need to install ModLoader first. ModLoader can be downloaded www.raftmodding.com – https://www.raftmodding.com/download
NOTE : ModLoader is made by traxam and TeKGameR. Not affiliated with Raft, Redbeet Interactive or Axolot Games.
Raft Modding Guide
Just click on “Download Launcher” button and then install it.
ModLoader’s main menu will look like this :
Raft Modding Guide

Note : always keep ModLoader up to date. this window will appear if there is an update for ModLoader :
Raft Modding Guide

Click on “Update Now” to start update :
Raft Modding Guide

Installing Mods

In order to find and install mods, you need to go to https://www.raftmodding.com/mods.

Raft Modding Guide
The search bar can help you find a specific mod :
Raft Modding Guide
To install your desired mod, open the mod’s page and click on “Install Mod” :
Raft Modding Guide
After clicking the button, this window will appear and asks you to install the mod :
Raft Modding Guide

Simply click on “Yes, Install it!” to install the mod.

Launching Raft With Mods

after you done installing mods, you need to launch Raft via ModLoader. Click on “Play” button to launch Raft. You can still earn achievements with mods.
Raft Modding Guide
if everything is okay, you will receive this message from ModLoader :
Raft Modding Guide
After the game fully loaded, this window will appear in game :
Raft Modding Guide
Simply, “check” the checkboxes and click on “Load Selected Mods” and wait for their status to change to “Loaded”
click on Raft Modding Guide
to load just a single mod.


Some Useful Mods

Player Compass : Adds a compass at the top of your screen to locate your friends more easily
www.raftmodding.com – https://www.raftmodding.com/mods/playercompass

Stack Mod : This mod will increase the stack size of all stackable items! (Read the descriptions of this mod to learn how to use)
www.raftmodding.com – https://www.raftmodding.com/mods/stack-mod

BetterFPS : Easily increase your FPS!
www.raftmodding.com – https://www.raftmodding.com/mods/betterfps

ItemSpawner : ItemSpawner allows you to spawn items, animals and islands/landmarks with a nice Menu.
www.raftmodding.com – https://www.raftmodding.com/mods/itemspawner


So … this is how you install mods on raft. I tried to make it as short as possible and also easy to understand.
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if there is something I missed or if you find a misspelled word, feel free to notify me in comments section.

Thank you for reading my guide, I hope you enjoyed it!

Written by ThE_Un1Qu3

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