Quest: Escape Room 2 100% Walkthrough

Quest: Escape Room 2 100% Walkthrough 1 -
Quest: Escape Room 2 100% Walkthrough 1 -
Since I did the 1st game its only right to carry on with the other games. This game is much bigger then the 1st with multiple areas and rooms


1st Area

Quest: Escape Room 2 100% Walkthrough - 1st Area 
To start go to the edge of the map and click on the plant – Creator of beauty 
Go back down and push 4 blocks onto the spaces below 
Go to the next area 
Click on the green button multiple times – Oops and Ooops 
Pick up the code and keycard from the consoles next to it 
Unlock the door with both items – 3964 
Go to the next area 
Don’t touch any blocks 
Go up the ladder and pick up the box 
Throw the box onto the spaces – Was it possible? 
Go to the new section 

2nd Area

You will need to collect 3 items to shut down the system but be careful not to get caught, if you do you can easily get between everyone 
Ignore everything and go into the 2nd door for a game over and – Wrong Turn 
Go to the end of the hall for another door – Not this time! 
Pick up the 1st item next to the guard, you will need to press the buttons but don’t complete it if someone is looking at you 
In fact see that green button again press it – Disintegration 
Instead of going to the game over door, go upwards from the fork for another item 
Just to the left is the last item needed 
Back to the fork a new path is unlocked 
Enter the door 
There will be a puzzle in the middle of the consoles – look at the odd numbers 57399 
The courtyard will be unlocked, so go back to the 3rd item 
Go past the weird tubes for a new area 

3rd Area

Before you go to the green door at the top left, click on the light pole – Handyman 
Click the red box near the door and swap all the levers 
Enter the now open door 
Click on the sink, then the toilet – Thirst 
Pick up the acid under bed 
Use acid on corpse and collect key 
Click on the boxes at the bottom 
Click on toolbox at top – listen to the sounds 3679 
With both keys go back outside and go through the brown door 

4th Area

Turn off the light 
Click on the book underneath for the code 
Use it on the top draw 4466 
Go to the next room 
Quest: Escape Room 2 100% Walkthrough 
Click on the corner of the rug – Fie! 
The picture contains the code 
Use code on tv 536 
Use tv again – Kabukicho 
Use new code on device by door – 6124 
Enter door 
Click on the plant 
Click draw underneath painting 
Use code on green draws 951 
Click on draw underneath flowers 
Finally go through door 
Alot of stuff needs to be collected 
First click on the painting above vent 
Go to bathroom – bottom door 
Click on toilet for key and – Habit 
Click on sink, bath and locker 
Go back to the bedroom 
Click on vent, plant and draw next to door 
Click on body until achievement unlocks – The Ripper 
Proceed to the next area 
Look at clock and use the time for the draw code 
Look at the painting – count the edges for the code 5843 
Use that code on computer 
Straight under is a box to click on 
Then proceed to our final main section 

5th Area

We got some wonderful math sections now. Its not hard so you can probably just skip over this but I’ll put the answers anyway 

8 and 6 
You will encounter the binary puzzle again on the wall separating everyone 8553 
Use it on console next to door 
Go back to the orange levers to progress to the next room 
Save and press the console next to the robot – Wrong button! 
Instead go for the big orange screen where you now control the robot 
You can go straight to the end or kill everyone for – Maniac killer 
In the final room you will encounter a boss battle, hit the boss 20 times to finish 
You can finish the game now or 
Click on the boss – It’s Сruel! 
I spy another green button, spam it – I Like Dolphins! I Love Dolphins! I HATE Dolphins!!! 


Creator of beauty – Make a flower bloom 
Was it possible? – Only use the box to unlock the door 
Oops – Press a deadly green button 
Ooops – Keep spamming the button 
Wrong Turn – Enter a door 
Not this time! – Enter another door 
Disintegration – Deadly green button 
Handyman – Fix the lights 
Thirst – Take a drink 
Fie! – Question the carpet 
Kabukicho – Use the tv again 
Habit – Take another drink 
The Ripper – Become a surgeon 
Wrong button! – Don’t press the one in front of the deadly robot 
Maniac killer – Make everyone go to sleep 
It’s Сruel! – Poke the boss 
Dolphins! x3 – Spam that deadly green button 
The End – Story 

Written by Cece09

This is all for Quest: Escape Room 2 100% Walkthrough hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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