Quake Soundtrack Error Fix with Video Tutorial Guide

Quake Soundtrack Error Fix with Video Tutorial Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Quake Soundtrack Error Fix with Video Tutorial Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

Inspired by /u/The_King_of_Toasters post on Reddit linked below I decided to make this video to illustrate the issue and post a solution as well as encourage others to use the 2020 Official Remaster.

I made this video to highlight the Soundtrack mistakes made by Nightdive Studios for the 2021 update to Quake and to highlight the differences between it, the original 1996 CD audio and the 2020 Nine Inch Nails Remaster. My hope is to also highlight why it would be amazing if they fixed the issue and also used the Official 2020 Remaster.

This has been detailed by a reddit user in detail here post as well as spectrograms provided and more information regarding the de-emphasis issue:

https://www.reddit.com/r/quake/comments/pafk2p/i_figured_out_why_the_soundtrack_sounds_wrong/ – [reddit.com]

Video illustrating the issue and comparing the 1996 CD Audio to the Official 2020 Remaster

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Step 01: Go to options and set Music volume to 10 and Sound to 5. These volumes were matched to be the same as the 1996 original.

Step 02: Get your wavs from the original or preferably the remaster and use an application such as XLD (foobar can apparently do this on Windows) to convert them to OGG files using the highest quality setting of 10. The soundtracks are in the same order so the first track should be named “track02.ogg”, the second “track03.ogg”, etc. Replace the files in the path I specified.

Step 03: Replace the low quality audio files under “Quake\rerelease\id1\music” with high quality OGG transcodes of the 2020 Remaster (quality set to 10 / maximum). They should be labelled the same as the original files (track02.ogg, etc) and they have to be OGG files for this to work.

I wish I could provide a download link for the OGG files but I’m unsure of the legality of doing so.

Extra tips for a true definitive experience

  • Turn off vsync and set framerate cap to unlimited (to minimize input delay)
  • g_showintromovie 0 to turn off intro screens
  • cl_backspeed 400 for the normal quake backpedal speed, helps with dodging.
  • Turn off Anti Aliasing as the game doesn’t need it and all it does it blur the image more
  • I’d recommend turning off motion blur
  • Turn on both view bob and quit messages under the gameplay settings menu, no idea why this would be off by default. The quit messages are part of the OG vibe as well as view bob and turning off view bob makes the game look unfinished.


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