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Prodigy is a great story. A shame that you encounter secrets without their backstory. SO! I will recopilate every book that I find, and collect it here to future readings. So that, in case you will make a wiki or rebuilding this world, you know what is known. Warning, take the texts with a scoop of salt. After all, some were made by humans and their lies.

PD: If you find a secret room with lore, report it at the Secret Rooms Logbook.


Public Knowledge


  • Legend of Torran 
    After the War of Glass, legends were passed down of a mortal who fought beside the gods. He was their equal. They say this mortal, alone, slew the God of Shadow. In the final days of the war of glass he stood alongside the surviving gods, united against the God of Hatred. With his defeat the God of Hate laid a final curse upon this hero. He would never truly die. The mortal would be forced to live from life to life always finding struggle, hardship, and tradgedy. There would be no rest for him. It is said that to this day, Torran protect us. That whenever the world is on a perilous path, he will be reborn to face it.
  • Light of Raem 
    Raem is righteous strength, light, and truth. A faith originally preached by the Revante, it has now spread across the world as more find solace in the protection of Raem. Unfortunately, there are still those that believe the heretical stories like the war of glass and the notion of multiple Gods. Raem’s followers know the truth, and await her great day of judgement. Raem shall take her warrior to join her crusade, damning the darkness forever.
  • King Reignir I 
    Long before Ashford the land was drowned in chaos. The region was plagued by endless bloodshed as men fought both one another and their relentless natural enemies. A warrior rose among the warring strongholds of the south. Edward Regnir united the humans into what became ashford and dove out all who theatened humanity. He drove back the Rapsus into their toxic swamps, the Mirias into their haunted woods, and the Yoni to their burning draugh. The line of Reignir is one of heroes that wll lead all humanity to prosperity and all enemies into ruin.
  • War of Glass 
    In the Age of Myths and Gods a war broke out between them. This war was said to turn an entire nation into a molten wasteland of glass. On one side, Gods fought for the freedom of mortals, the other for their subjugation. In the end, four gods were slain and two more missing.
  • Myth of Creation 
    Old tales of Creation before the Light of Raem speak of eleven mighty souls. They happened upon this fledgeling world. For centuries they nurtured and built upon it. They watched with great pride over what they had helped create. But this bliss was not to last. Soon the war between immortals began. This was was known as the War of Glass, the war to decide the fate of all mortals.
  • Humans and Magic 
    Ever since the first encounter with magic, were it from Fae or Akinai, humanity has sought to harness that power for themselves. However, even with the aid of the Fae… Humanity found no success. It is theorized that the human form cannot connect with magic and thus cannot interact with it. This does not stop countless fiends from doing anything they can in hopes of being the first. 
  • Brother Gods 
    Estarosa insists on only one God, the God Zolei. However, there is evidence of a second and long forgotten God, Found in some forgotten temples. This God was said to be brother and foil to Zolei. His brother was represented by Death and Darkness. Zolei slew his brother during the Midnight War, freeing Estarosa into a time of Light and Prosperity.


Boneyard’s Tablet

In honor of all those who gave their and lives and stood against the god of hate. 

Tidal Mines Texts


    Entrance Note

  • I know it’s there… I saw them with my own eyes… Cursed bones in the boneyard. I could feel the evil comin’ off ’em the second I opened the chest… Hope no one’s fool enough to take them. 
    Foreman’s Old Journal 
  • Met the Head of the Vann Family today. Strange man he is. Showed me some Estarosan Sword askin’ what metal it was or if I had a clue where it coulda’ come from. Swear on my nan. That metal was unlike nothin’ I’ve ever seen. Touchin’ it felt like it was pullin’ the warmth and life outta my skin. Rushed him out the door fast as I could.


Subterranean Alchemist’s Lair


    Alchemist’s Journals

  • I was brought to this backwater by Sir Richard Vann. At first, I thought him a madman with wealth when I heard his tale. However, the few moments I have had alone with the blade, I have felt it. Its tendrils claw at the mind. Regardless, my purpose is to destroy it. I fear that is more difficult than initially imagined. This weapon is certainly not of this world. 
  • During extensive exposure to more… caustic mixtures, the blade began to give off a sort of sweat? Or shall I compare it to blood? Regardless, a black and viscous liquid began to bleed out and drip from the metal. I find this discovery quite haunting. Already, this job is stealing restful sleep from me. Following this discovery, I will abandoning my post. I leave my notes with him. Raem protect you Sir Vann. I am not strong enough to follow you on this path.


Mariana’s Arena



  • Zolei? He doesn’t look human. 
    Midnight War 
  • The last war of Estarosa was between life and death itself. This led to the end of the worship of Var, and all practices associated with him. The war lasted only three years, with the first two saw the servants of Var victorious. A great cataclysm changed the tides of war, when the two gods fought alongside their servants. Var was defeated with his servants, and Zolei prospered. 
    A letter. 
  • Mariana, your report of Revulan’s influence spreading north has caused us great concern. Do what must be done. Revulan must be stopped. 
    Realm of Var 
  • West of Estarosa lies sparkling shore of a long forgotten civilization. Zolei and his fiery light washed across it burning all life, melting stone, and turning sand to glass. It is a haunting place. Some claim to hear the screams at night. This is said to be the lifeless kingdom of Var. Estarosa, however, is considered the Land of Zolei, the Land of Life. 
    Light of Death 
  • Death sends a person down to the next life. They can choose to walk the path of light left by Zolei or stray into the Dark. Those who wanders into the Blackness of Var are lost forever. Their soul consumed to feed his endless hunger. 
  • Brother of Zolei and God of the Dark. Where Zolei is, Var is not. The Death to the Other’s Life. At least, that is how the story goes. Followers of Var are Warriors and killers. Those who have cast their lives away and taken on the mantle of death. 
    Dusk Dancers 
  • The priesthood of Var was trained with special blades, using them like a graceful dance. These days, the use of those blades and dances are seen as Taboo. Now, Death and Dark is worshipped, Life and Light seemingly gone. 
    Clergy of Lights 
  • The priesthood of Zolei teaches that there is only truly one god. That Var is no one. He is emptiness. The lack of Zolei’s Light. Partying, excess, and sloth. These are what bring joy to one’s life. Or so they say. Others say this makes our people weaker. That the clergy leads us stray. They seek answers in the dark.


Vann’s Castle



  • It’s not a very good Sketch of a swordsman… No way… is that Bolivar? 
    Sir Oswin Vann’s Old Journals 
  • Never in all my days serving King Regnir have I fought such a monster. My comrades were all slaughtered and short order… And I too, nearly found myself at the mercy of his blade. His eyes glow like a predator in the night, his face hidden beneath the shadow of his thick red hair. I, to this day, know how I managed to best him. I fear luck was on my side that day. His strange Estarosan blade is mine now. I pray he never returns for it. Those eyes are ones I fear will haunt me for many years. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • I have moved my famly to the northern frontier. This small port of mine shall be the grave of this accursed blade. With Raem by my side, I devote my life to the destruction of this blade and its master. For too long I have prayed to Raem for purpose. A reason to live. This blade seems to be the answer. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • The blade is Evil. When alone, I can hear its whispers speaking of rebirth and power. And then I saw him. The red swordsman that I killed. He and this blade are some kind of Primordial Evil. Raem chose me for this task, it is time I take action. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • The blade seems to effect my son very much. had to remove it, and my studies, from the keep. I shall continue my work in the Lighthouse. I pray he does not continue to hear its whispers and hauntings. This darkness will die by my hands. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann


Grey Castle – Left Door


    Mage Rebellion

  • The reason of why it happened may never be known to us. But the harmony between nations was shattered. The humans, led by mages, invaded our lands and slaughtered our people… We responded in kind. Suddenly, our world was engulfed in bloodshed. 
  • Armadel returned and instead of punishing those mages, we were punished. We were cast into this lifeless prision. Made for us to rot in. Time does not flow in this place. And it seems we are the only things that live here. Everything else is so frozen and dead…  
  • We curse you Armadel, you lover of humans. You created us only as fodder for your true children. We served our purpose and now you send us here? We will be free. We will kill our creator. 
    Path home 
  • A way has been found. A number of us were sent throught to test. The gates work, and more, we have found access to worlds outside our own. Some hope we can find peace in these worlds. But I fear that this hunger for revenge against the mages has grown too strong.



Sir Oswin Vann’s Old Journals 

  • Estarosa is the land of a single God. However… In older records, I have found evidence that they once served two gods. Now, they worship a single God of Stars and Life, while warning of the Dark and Lifeless Night. This evidence points to the possibility that this lack of Life is its own God. At some point, something, changed… 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • This God of the Estarosans betrayed his brother and stole his power. This damned him to mortality and sealed his power into a sacred object. To think, all that to save Estarosa from a Lifeless Night… 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • This sacred object is a sword, its power sealed with hundreds of souls. Within this blade, I believe, lingers the power of a Dark Forgotten God. This power… It is waiting to be released. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • My nightmares are getting worse. A creature among the blackness of the sky. With only one eye, it watches me as I die time and time again. I fear my study of dark gods is haunting me… Is this my punishment? I have begun to make contact with experts in magic. Together, we will see what I can do about destroying this… Power for good. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • The Akinai are a haunting, yet incredible people. Somehow, they managed to determine the curse and its strength. This mortal God… He may be using these souls to break the seal on his power. Raem only knows how many poor souls are now locked in this blade… We plan to free them, though I pray I do not die before my work is done. So many years have been lost… I had forgotten how old I’d become. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • Although we removed the souls from the blade, they still linger. It’s as if they’re chained to this accursed blade. Do they not wish to be free? Or can they not escape? I wish I knew the answers. The Akinai peoplle will join me, and tonight we shall seal this blade away. To prevent him from finding it before we can free these souls. I fear what could happen if he were to find it. This blade seems so close to breaking. It would not take much for him now. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • Things are strange here. Perhaps I am going mad. This time in the lighthouse, it feels like I am no longer in Vann’s Point. I hear the souls cry out to me, begging for freedom. Raem forgive me, I cannot save you yet. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • What limits does a God have? What power could this sword bring him? Would he become like the creature within my nightmares? Raem, where are you? My God, why must I face this alone? 
    -Sir Oswin Vann
  • It appears my time is up. I suppose it was always fate to die writing in these damn books. I gave up everything for this, my home, my wife… All for what? A lighthouse filled with ramblings? How pitiful. We are no closer to ending this, I still hear the souls. They’re angry, sad, so many emotions. And where is my god? Has Raem truly abandoned me? No, I don’t think she was ever truly with me. Now, I go into the lifeless night. Forever. I will find you, and fight you directly. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann

Note in a Used Prayer Book. 

  • You are so talented, gifted, and able. I know great things will come of you. No matter your path I will always be proud of you. I love you son. 
    -Sir Oswin Vann


Crodiles’ Betting Map


    Crocodile’s Employee’s Notes

  • Word is, it’s all ready for us. We just need to finish packin’ things all up. Then the greatest city in the frontier will come to life. Crocodile is a visionary. 
  • This last shipment from Siska should do it. Pack it all up and get it ready for the boats. Crododile wants us ready to ship out any day now.


Haunted House


    Writ of Execution

  • On this day, I, Richard Vann, ratify this writ of execution for a one, Captain Amadeus Crowl for the crimes of treason, insubordination, and murder. His execution is set to be carried out by drowning cage on the morrow. All hail the Great King Regnir and the Crown of Ashford. 
    Signed, His Loyal Subject 
    – Richard Vann
    Richard Vann’s Old Journals 
  • Foolishness. My father believed Var could be stopped. But can a man stop death? Certainly not. But, it may be possible to ally yourself. Darrow refuses to help me in repairing the blade. It is fine, I shall find another way. His essence… Var. I still hear him. He calls out to me. Soon, my God. 
    – Richard Vann
  • I recall something in my father’s writing about this blade needing two more souls. I have… experimented with this teory. The deaths were not quick, nor easy. The blade is far too damaged to -have a proper edge. However for you, my God… I managed. After the second kill, to my surprise, nothing happened. Perhaps their souls were weak? Or did they lack souls entirely? Regardless, I will have my men gather creatures from every land. We will discover what souls are needed. 
    – Richad Vann
  • I have killed countless people. I even made a deal with crocodile to bring me more creatures to use. But, somehow it isn’t enough. No matter. I will kill as many as I need, and I will prove those damn Akinai wrong. For you, my God, I have dispatched my men south to seek the one who tormented my father. Perhaps Var’s mortal form is the answer. To make matters worse, my son has returned from the frontier and seems to suspect me. I will need to dispatch of him soon, I fear he will follow in my father’s footsteps. 
    -Richard Vann
  • My son is on to me. The frontier has made him too strong, beyond what I’ve seen in humans. Luckily, he does not seem to know my secret here. So long as I am with my pets, I am safe. They will protect mine and Var’s Legacy. Even against Darrow, Quinlan, and my son, I am not afraid. Var is with me. 
    – Richard Vann
    Old Report 
  • While he was confirmed to have been left in the drowning cage south of the reefs, we found said cage, empty. I find it hard to believe the fish would have picked him clean so quickly. Though, I suppose it would be fitting for him to join his wife in tragic death. It is a shame such a powerful soul must be wasted on such a public and official death. Surely, it could of had better uses.


Grey Castle – Right Door



  • It’s a list of gates into other world. Lyrian, Haven… I wonder what they are like. 
    A Scouting Reports 
  • They have rebuilt their accursed capital city. The ruins were left abandoned and the order of the Libram revived their grand library. The knights are few and far between within mage territory. The ruins for the most part are avoided and will make a perfect staging ground. 
  • The mages are more or lest the same as when we were banished. Carefree, confident and only women. The men who wish to fight are still as knights of Armadel and are indeed skilled combatants. One surprise is that the knights of Armadel have begun accepting and training mages. The combination of mage and knight could be troublesome. We will need to be careful of these enemies. 
  • The Light Mage who battled our mother still lives. However, she seems terribly preoccupied with a strangely powerful young girl. The young girl is an outcast of sorts. Perhaps… We should try to use that to our advantage.


Broken Tale

Cave Under the Waterfall 
On the First Day, Lyrian was born secluded and hidden, far flung among the countless stars. 
Crystal Cave 
On the second day, Nyxian was born- to safeguard the young world. 
On the third day, Nyxian was given siblings to help nuture and defend the world.
Vann’s Secret Ruins 
On the sixth day, Nyxian fell. 

Written by isaacmartilu

Hope you enjoy the post for Prodigal Lore Library, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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