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Power to the People Gameplay & Secrets Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Power to the People Gameplay & Secrets Guide 1 - steamsplay.com

You know that feeling of dread?
Lightning bolts frying your power lines?
Wild Cities mysteriously appearing out of thin air on the other side of the map?
Lost species found under the power lines going out of your brand new biomass plant?
Drank too much caffeine?
Really need a pause during daytime (to look for that archeological excavation)?
You like the game but – COME ON – you just want to take a breath?
Well, there is (sort of) a solution for that!
(And below that my opinion on creating artifical barriers. Maybe some food for thought for any dev who reads this)

The (sort of) Solution!

The game pauses while you spend time in the construction or research menus.
That’s it.

.. to be precise

Well, to be precise, the substation, storage, power generation, company information and research menues.
NOT while drawing power lines.
So, a wild city has appeared?
Just press 3 (or 4, 5, R, I- whatever your shortcuts are) and take a breath!
You can even scroll around and zoom in/zoom out while doing this! (the absurdity of hiding this pause behind a menu).
HOWEVER, if you “shift-tab” out of the game to the steam overlay – e.g. to read this guide 😉 – the time resumes! So be aware of that.
So, use this “Soft” Pause Option whenever you need it.

My 2 cents on design decisions & accessability

While I respect the freedom of art & design decisions – and I really really like the itch this game and its design scratches in my weird engineering brain! – excluding a “tactical pause” (see frostpunk) just adds frustration for some players and actually creates barriers of accessibility to some of us.
So if you were sure about the need of pausing the game, while searching for that juicy molten salt storage for your Solar Power fantasies, why create this barrier when you are searching for mysterious appeareances of cities? I mean, you are just HIDING it.
I think it has the potential to frustrate a lot interested users who, for a myriad of reasons, need/want a bit more time for decisions (or just want to “relax” after a ♥♥♥♥♥♥ day or have children that really need your attention NOW or whatever your reasons). Thereby excluding more people from the wonderfully nerdy world of Power Grid Design.
While I understand the thoughts behind “creating that tense situation”, as stated above, hiding this feature is just a bit off for me. There are definitely other solutions – enable a tactical pause on Easy Mode. Or make it an additional option to enable before playing. Or hide this option in the settings. There are a lot of solutions.
Well, whatever.
While we wait on further “design decisions” on this, just press “R” when the going gets rough 😉
PS: Did I miss the ability to review previous days profits (and therefore sector statistics) after dismissing it the first time?
The guide Image is published under a CC0 license, part of the public domain. Therefore I’m not obligated to link to its source but here you go – https://pxhere.com/da/photo/1362094 – [pxhere.com] 

Written by Guulev

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