Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks

Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks 7 -
Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks 7 -
Where you will begin to encounter each enemy type in Post Void and how to deal with them efficiently



Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks - Suits 

The Suit is the first enemy the player will encounter in their journey, they are easily dealt with as with every enemy in the game a single shot to the head will kill them. The Suit becomes threatening in it’s ability to avoid the player’s shot’s and to damage the player at a range. Oftentimes, the Suit will stand still while attempting to fire at the player, providing for an easy headshot; their bullets can also be easily avoided through strafing. A shotgun blast at close to medium range as well as a full charged knife swing/two uncharged knife swings are also enough to kill this enemy. A stronger version of the Suit will begin to appear in stage three, adorning a white suit this time around with more damage and health to boot. As with the regular Suit, a headshot should be enough to bring this guy down, with a shotgun blast from close to medium range or a fully charged knife swing doing the job too.

Enemy Name Suit
Threat Level Average
Attack Speed High


Crying Mouth

Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks - Crying Mouth 

Crying Mouths are another enemy encountered by the player in the first level of the game that will persist all the way to level eleven, in stage one, or levels one through three, the crying eye will only be seen in the large open rooms that are found between corridors, and only at the top of the room near the ceiling. Crying Mouths are rooted in place, serving as a sort of turret with their high fire rates and lack of mobility. They are typically accompanied by one or two other Crying Mouths and anywhere between one and four Suits. Unlike the suits, whose fire rate is rather low, the Crying Mouth fires something a stream of bullets with a slow movement speed, these are easily avoided and given their lack of movement and their whole body (other than the stalk which attaches them to the wall obviously) being a hitbox, these enemies are easily avoided in the early levels serving only as a minor inconvenience at times, although they can also provide some health if you’re really hurting for it. It’s when the player progresses past the first act, to levels 4-11 that the Crying Mouth becomes slightly more threatening, residing not only in large open rooms but also in tight corridors typically among the several other enemy types, making avoiding their projectiles something of a challenge at times, fortunately they are still rather easily dispatched in these levels. As with the other enemies, a shotgun blast at close to medium range is enough to kill this enemy, in the earlier levels you’ll need to jump in order to reach it with the knife but this is no longer a problem in the later levels.

Enemy Name Crying Eye
Threat Level Low
Attack Speed Low



Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks - Flamingo 

Flamingos are the third enemy encountered by the player and begin appear after level one. The flamingo is fast-moving and relies on it’s bite to damage the player once it closes the distance. Although easily dispatched with a headshot, if the Flamingo is allowed to get near the player it will attack viciously and very quickly drain the players health, especially if they are travelling in groups. Luckily, the Flamingo’s movement is clearly telegraphed as it will chase after you which tends to equate to running in a straight line, if the player simply allows for the Flamingo to approach it will practically line up the headshot for them. As with any other mobile enemy, be sure to check your corners, this is especially important as the more distance you have between you and the Flamingo, the better. A shotgun blast at close to medium range as well as a fully charged/two uncharged knife swings will also quickly dispatch this enemy.

Enemy Name Flamingo
Threat Level High
Attack Speed Very High



Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks - Telehand 

The Telehand is encountered once the player has reached stage two, they tend to travel in groups of three to four and attack both up close with their rotors and from afar with bullets similar to the Suit’s. Often found near the Crying Mouth, Telehands can become quite the threat with their ability to easily slow down the player by flying into them and doing decent damage with their rotors while leaving the player more open to attacks while simultaneously making it more difficult to defend yourself since the continuous damage makes the screen flash quite a bit. As with the Crying Mouth, Telehands die in one hit wherever they are shot and their groups are easily dispatched with explosive ammo making for some easy essence accumulation. Unfortunately if you are caught off guard by them they can be detrimental to your run. As with everyone else a shotgun blast at close to medium range will kill them in one hit, sometimes even killing several, and the knife at full charge will almost always kill all of them, but an uncharged hit will also do the trick.

Enemy Name Telehand
Threat Level Low
Attack Speed Average



Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks - Fleshwall 

The Fleshwall is the second enemy introduced in the second act, although it is less an enemy and more a roadblock, often standing in the way of progress for the player, although it can also stand in front of dead ends to waste the player’s time. It’s especially important to aim for the middle with this enemy since this acts as it’s head hitbox and will cause it to die instantly. If the player shots this enemy anywhere other than the center with the pistol or uzi it will cover it’s head hitbox, forcing the player to empty bullets into it to progress and sealing them off in the room with whatever enemies are left over before they can progress. Another tip for dealing with the Fleshwall is to keep your distance, I’ve often found enemies lingering directly behind it for a cheap hit which could lead to a dead run if you get unlucky. As with the other enemies, a shotgun blast from close to medium range as well as a fully charged knife swing will instantly kill this enemy, clearing your path forward.

Enemy Name Fleshwall
Threat Level Low
Attack Speed None


Bulb Hand

Post Void Dealing With Enemies: Tips And Tricks - Bulb Hand 

The Bulb Hand is an enemy that the player will begin to encounter in stage three. It is a hand with a lightbulb attached to it at the wrist that will crawl across the ground towards the player, once in range it will take a moment before flashbanging the player, leaving them without sight for something like half a second. This isn’t all to threatening and the Bulb Hand is easily incapacitated in one shot, the player can even shoot the lightbulb off the hand leaving the hand to crawl about. While disorienting for a moment, this enemy honestly shouldn’t provide much of a problem to the player as it can be avoided pretty easily or dispatched with a single shot from all the weapons.

Enemy Name Bulb Hand
Threat Level Low
Attack Speed Low


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