Portal Glitchless Speedrun Chamber 08 Skip (Tutorial)

Portal Glitchless Speedrun Chamber 08 Skip (Tutorial) 1 - steamsplay.com
Portal Glitchless Speedrun Chamber 08 Skip (Tutorial) 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide will help noobs do a glitchless speedrun of the Chamber 08.



So, I was watching quite a few people speedrun glitchless, and I haven´t seen that many people explain this HUGE time skip & how it works. Many people usually just say: “You put portal in that corner, bhop through this extended block, and you´re there.”. There are two ways you can skip this chamber- either by the ledge bhop, or by doing a “wide bhop” out of the portal on the white wall to the left of the railing, effectively turning 180 degrees. I´ve managed to do this a couple of times, but the ledge bhop is actually easier to do. You´re not going to be able to do this the first time, AND you will need to practice it to be able to fully do it. Be sure to have your quickload and quicksave buttons handy. And, of course, PRACTICE IT FIRST until you can consistently do this skip. 

Needed things

So, what do you need? 
1. Your jump button to be binded to mouse wheel. You need this because it spams the jump function, making you jump at the earliest time (or tick if you´re used to CS bhopping) possible. 
2. Portal funneling binded to two keys you can easily access without letting your hand get off WASD and mouse (can be either backwards / forwards buttons on mouse or 1 and 2 on the number row above letters). It needs to be binded to two keys, like quicksave and quickload (I have them binded on Quicksave- Q, Load- C). 


So, now, to the mechanics. How does this jump work? What do you actually do? 
In some levels, you don´t need portal funneling. PF is the thing that slightly nudges you in a straight line when you exit a portal, you can notice it mostly when you´re flying towards a portal from a long distance, and the game corrects your movement slightly towards the middle of the portal. It also gives you a slight speed boost, which is exactly what we need. Some speedrunners like having it completely turned off and not have to deal with it, opting to learn the strats with funneling off. But I prefer it turned on in some sections. As far as I know, binding and turning portal funnelings On/Off isn´t considered a glitch. What you will notice if you experiment with this feature is that you get a slight speed boost when you exit a portal. And that´s what we´re going to use. 
The next thing is bhopping. I´m sure most of you know it. But for the noobs- that´s why we binded jump to wheel button. It´s to spam it, so that we can jump as soon as possible. Usually it´s combined with crouch, but in this game, it doesn´t matter that much. Unless you bind it to autohop with some external software, you´re not going to be able to do this with just a space bar. We´re not using Advanced Sideways/Backwards/Frontwards bhop, which are all prohibited within Glitchless category. Since Source Engine corrects the movement to a certain speed, mwheel jump is all we´re going to need to reach the max possible speed. What you´re going to do is you´re going to press W for a short amount of time to gain max walking speed, then, while still walking forwards, you release the button, and IMMEDIATELLY AFTER RELEASING W KEY you spin the mouse wheel to spam the jump, and you will keep scroll it the entire time. You now know how to do a straight bhop. But, to be able to direct yourself, you´re going to keep spinning that wheel for the entire time, and once you let go of W key, you won´t press it, unless you want to break your bhop. If you want to go to the left, you hold A while turning your mouse to the left at the same time, while still scrolling. And you do the opposite for the right side- just release W, hold D and keep turning your mouse right to bhop to the right side. You´re going to need to be able to do this in order to speedrun Portal at all. 
Portal peeking is another mechanic you´re going to utilize. There is always a small space you can stand on, even if you´re standing outside of the portal. This is what we´re going to do a bhop off of. Get a feel for this, place a portal on a wall high above ground, then strafe out of the portal while pressing the movement key ever so slightly. You´re going ot notice that once you hear the audio clue for when you pass the portal, you will still be standing on ground. That is the space we´re going to utilize. 

The jump

And now, finally, the jump itself. 
For noobs- make sure portal funneling is on. For skilled players, you don´t need portal funneling, but it´s harder to do it this way (at least IMO). As usual, shoot the portal in the corner on the left white wall as close to the upper corner as possible. This is going to place the portal to the corner as far as possible. You then jump on the railing, avoiding the energy pellet, and bhop on the platform with the orange portal. Now it´s all about timing. Aim yourself towards the middle of the portal, a big help is the middle line in the 4×4 tiles on the platform. Run into the portal, and as soon as you exit the portal, you bhop first off the ground, and then crouch. To know when exactly you´re outside of the portal, and still are on the ground- listen for the audio clue. As soon as you exit the portal, you will need to scroll the jump wheel, and press the crouch button when you´re at the highest point of your jump. You need to press crouch to be able to get onto the platform. Funneling is going to direct you frontwards, but there is a small time window in which you´re still touching the ground, even if you´re out on the other side. During this time window, you can still bhop, while having the speed boost of the funneling. 
The next visual guide are the large black tiles. If you´re aiming your camera right, AND YOU WILL NEED TO LOOK STRAIGHT AHEAD, LIKE 12 O CLOCK, IN ORDER TO UTILIZE THE FUNNELING SPEED BOOST, you will notice there are two large black tiles on the opposite wall. The one on the left side has two medium black tiles under it, and under that one are another two small tiles. What you need to do is aim in between the small black tiles, that means the ones at the bottom of the black part of the wall, which are about quarter of the lenght of the large black tile. Then, you bhop to the left on the platform, but you move your mouse to the left only ever so slightly, while still pressing A. It needs some practice, but after a while, you will be able to jump on the platform without falling off. Keep in mind, your crosshair can´t move out of the small black tile on the opposite wall, so you will have small room for mouse movement. 
So, right after you bhop off the platform, you turn slightly more to the right while holding D, and then turn around the corner to the left while holding A and moving your mouse to the left, and land onto the platform. It´s going to take you a lot of tries to get it for the first time, and it´s going to take even more time to be able to do this consistently. 


I hope you found this guide helpful. I´ve made this guide, because I haven´t seen a single guide detailing how to actually do it, and all guides just say “Oh yeah bruv you just bhop off this ledge no big deal.”. 

Written by Excrement Gaming

Here we come to an end for Portal Glitchless Speedrun Chamber 08 Skip (Tutorial) hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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