Portal 2 How to Fix your FOV and viewmodel FOV

Portal 2 How to Fix your FOV and viewmodel FOV 1 - steamsplay.com
Portal 2 How to Fix your FOV and viewmodel FOV 1 - steamsplay.com
Portal 2 by default has a pretty low FOV and viewmodel FOV due to it also being developed with consoles in mind. On PC however the low FOVs can cause headaches and/or just look weird. When sailing through the air or comparing the portal gun’s viewmodel distance to Portal 1, it’s always bothered me.

Here I made a quick, easy, and effective guide fixing the issue. No binding keys when you walk, you don’t have to open up the developer console and readjust things every time you want to play Portal 2, none of that. You can launch Portal 2 whenever you want and it will work perfectly, like the problem never existed.


Figuring out what FOV you Want

Before you start actually doing anything you’ll want to know what FOVs you want. If you do know exactly what you want already then skip this step and go straight to the next one. 
Finding Your FOV 
Launch Portal 2 and open the developer console, then type in the line- 
sv_cheats 1 
For your FOV you’ll want to type in the line 
followed by a space and whichever double or triple digit number you want. 
For example I have my FOV set to 115 so I would type in ‘cl_fov 115’. You can keep entering the same command with different values until you find an FOV you’re comfortable with. Keep in mind that whenever you adjust your FOV you’ll want to adjust your mouse sensitivity accordingly. For a higher FOV you’ll want higher mouse sensitivity, for a lower FOV you’ll want less. 
Finding Your viewmodel FOV 
For your viewmodel FOV you’re going to enter the line- 
followed by a space and a single digit number of your choosing. 
I have my viewmodel FOV set to ‘viewmodel_offset_y 5’ because it looks consistent with Portal 1, and I can move around as much as I want without the viewmodel being so far out that I can see Chell’s invisible arm. 
With all of this you’re just experimenting until you find something you’re comfortable with. Once you have an FOV and viewmodel FOV you want, close Portal 2 and move on to the next step. 

The Solution

Take your FOVs 
Create an auto executable file by making a new text document and renaming it from ‘New Text Document.txt’ to- 
‘.cfg’ is going to be replacing the ‘.txt’ file extension because you don’t want a plain text document, you need a configuration file. The whole file name is just going to be ‘autoexec.cfg’ not ‘autoexec.cfg.txt’ 
Open your auto executable and type in your new FOVs. Again mine are- 
cl_fov 115 
viewmodel_offset_y 5 
if you just want to copy and paste that and try it. It’s whatever you’re comfortable with. 
Now you’re going to take your new auto executable and you’re going to cut and paste it in Portal 2’s files. If you don’t know how to get there you can head over to Portal 2’s page in your Steam library, click on the gear on the right hand side, click ‘Manage’, then click ‘Browse Local Files’. Doing that will bring you straight to Portal 2’s files. 
Once in Portal 2’s file you’re going to open a folder called ‘portal2’. It should be between two other folders called ‘platform’ and ‘portal2_czech’. Inside the portal2 folder you’re going to open another folder called ‘cfg’. Inside the cfg folder is where your auto executable is going to live. Paste your file in, (probably leave the folders open for the moment), and launch Portal 2. 

Making Sure it Works

Everything should work smoothly now and Portal 2 will accept your new FOVs by default every time you launch it. If something’s not right you can go back to your auto executable to re -adjust anything, if else you can go through this guide again to check if you made any errors. If you’re FOVs are fine then you can go ahead and close Portal 2’s file directory folders if you left them open. 
If I made any errors on my part please let me know and I will edit the guide as soon as I can. If everything is good then have fun! 

Hope you enjoy the post for Portal 2 How to Fix your FOV and viewmodel FOV, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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