Planet Alcatraz 2 In depth analysis of the two different game modes

Planet Alcatraz 2 In depth analysis of the two different game modes 1 -
Planet Alcatraz 2 In depth analysis of the two different game modes 1 -
My observations and also after perusal of the programming code.



This guide will outline the differences between the two game modes and explain indepth about the ‘standard’ game mode. 

The two game modes

The default game mode titled as ‘standard’ mode (aka Goblin mode). Is where you begin the game with a predefined character, the seasoned operative, as Goblin intended. 
The second game mode titled as ‘alternative’ mode, is where you get to build the character to your preference. 
There is a lot more to the different game modes than just that of course. ‘Standard’ mode may give you an easier start to the game, but the difficulty in both modes can be altered to your liking as I will explain in this guide. 

‘Standard’ game mode

In this game mode your health points start high and don’t naturally increase over time. Also, you won’t gain experience points or level up throughout the game. 
Starting Attributes 

Strength: 9 Dexterity: 7 Constitution: 9 Perception: 6 Intelligence: 5 Charisma: 7

Starting Perks 
In this game mode, our predefined character will already come with specific Perks and therefore doesn’t have the entire ‘Perk Tree’ system. 
In the Perk menu all we will see are ‘Engineer Perks’ pertaining to the repair and upgrade of weapons and armour. To unlock these, I think you might have to visit certain ‘Master’ characters as you progress in the game. 
The ‘Perks’ that your predefined character has are: 

Accurate Shot A Special Attack – Only available when using rifles, including assault rifles.
Gung-ho A Special Attack – Only available when using machine guns.
Extremely Accurate Shot A Special Attack – Only available when using rifles, excluding assault rifles.
Precision Strike A Special Attack – Only available when using melee weapons.
Parrying Increased defence in hand-to-hand combat.
Slice and Dice A Special Attack – Only available when using two-handed swords.
Roundhouse Kick A Special Attack – Only available when using two-handed swords.
Fatal Strike A Special Attack – Only available when using two-handed swords.
Counterattack It’s possible you may dodge attacks while simultaneously attacking your enemies.
Silent but Deadly Your attacks can be more lethal while in Covert Movement Mode.
Behind Enemy Lines Your attacks can be more lethal when approaching an opponent from behind.
Last Stand Your attacks in hand-to-hand combat can become more lethal when you are on your last legs.
Long Throw Increases your grenade throwing range.
Rapid Readying It takes you less time to ready a grenade before throwing.
Throw a Grenade Bundle Special Attack – Only available when using hand grenades.
Power Pitcher Increases the thrown grenades velocity to the target.
Saturation Bombing Special Attack – Only available when using the grenade launcher ‘Terminator’.
Camouflage Increases your stealthiness while you are in Covert Movement Mode.
Eagle Eyed Increases the vision range of your ‘field of view’ cone (except during night time or in darkened areas).
Super Sleuth You can detect a false bottom in chests, under which additional items maybe hidden.
Superior Hearing Increases your hearing range.
Sixth Sense You have the ability to detect ambushes whilst travelling in Planet Map Mode.
Know Your Enemy You can determine if you are detectable by others whilst in Covert Movement Mode.
Cloaked Special Ability – Activates Covert Movement Mode with an increase to your ‘Stealthiness’ Attribute for a short period of time.
I Spy With My Little Eye Increases the vision angle of your ‘field of view‘ cone.
Die Hard You receive only half the damage from incoming attacks and have increased protection from critical injuries when you are near death.
Fragment Evasion You are less likely to take damage or receive critical injuries from grenade fragments.
Second Wind You have the faculty to use Special Attacks more frequently when you are on your last legs.
Super Human Increases the possible frequency of using Special Attacks in combat.

What we can deduce from the above table is that firstly, our character has the ‘special ability’ and all the ‘special attacks’ that are available in the game, from the beginning. Albeit, that you would still need to have the appropriate weapon for said special attacks anyway. 
Secondly, we have Perks that make us more formidable in combat. Dodging, counter-attacking, stealth kills, and all three near-death boosting effects (last stand, die hard, and second wind). Also, quite a few Perks that improve your proficiency in grenade usage. 
Finally, we see other Perks that are also useful. Improving stealthiness, vision, enemy awareness, and the ability to use the special attacks more often. 
Starting Skills 

Gun Lover Maximum             Star Pitcher Maximum             Street Fighter Maximum            
Reconnaissance Maximum             Sleight of Hand 27             Presence 0            

We can deduce from table above is that your character has excellent skill in combat and reconnaissance. Your ‘sleight of hand’ Skill is basic, but you can improve that over time with use. Also, your ‘Presence’ will improve as you gain knowledge of characters, locations, and get better gear and weapons. 
Starting Weapon Proficiencies 
Excellence in Imperial weapons, melee weapons, and the experimental flamethrower. I suspect that you can increase your proficiency in the local ranged weapons of the planet by using them. 

‘Alternative’ game mode

In this game mode you have full control over how your character will be built. You will gain experience points and level up throughout the game. You will start with less health points, but they will increase with each level up. 
Although you will start with a more basic ‘Skill’ set and need to slowly increase these with each character level up. 
You also begin with no ‘Perks’, but have access to the entire ‘Perk Tree’ system. Earning perk points which each character level up. 
The ‘Weapon Proficiency’ system is not used in this game mode, thereby putting more influence on what perks you have unlocked and which skills you choose to upgrade. 

Adjusting difficulty to suit

There are two ways to adjust difficulty in this game. Firstly, by selecting the style of game mode you want to play ‘Standard’, or ‘Alternative’. And secondly, by selecting the in-game settings, which can be adjusted on the fly. 
Game Settings 
The main primary options are: 
Current Game Difficulty = This is an overview setting 
Amount of enemies health = Enemy health as a percentage 
Damage dealt by enemies = Enemy damage output as a percentage 
(There are some secondary misc settings which you can toggle on/off as you prefer) 
Basically, if you double the enemy health and/or damage output, then you would theoretically be increasing the difficulty of combat twofold. You could even go the other way and halve the enemy health and damage output. 


Hopefully after reading this guide, you have a better understanding of the two different game modes and which style is more to your liking. 
Although, ‘standard’ game mode is easier from the get-go, you can still customise the game to give you a more challenging experience. For example the ‘standard’ game mode with a boost of twice the difficulty to combat with enemies. 
Or, on the other hand if the ‘alternative’ game mode seems to tough in the beginning, then you could cut of the enemies combat difficulty by half. 
Remember that the in-game difficulty settings can be changed ‘on the fly’ while you are playing the game. So, you can adjust it as necessary as you progress. 

Written by DeadlyDan

Hope you enjoy the post for Planet Alcatraz 2 Indepth analysis of the two different game modes, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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