Phasmophobia Basics – PC Guide V3!

Phasmophobia Basics – PC Guide V3! 1 -
Phasmophobia Basics – PC Guide V3! 1 -


The Whiteboard!

What’s New? 
In the new version of Phasmophobia there has been made some changes. The objective “Take a picture of Dirty water in a sink” has been removed, since it was too hard to achieve, but it will still count as Photo Evidence
This has also happened with the objective “Discover a room below 10*C/50*F”, this is because there has been added a new function with the Powerbox, which I’ll cover later. 
When playing the Professional difficulty you will no longer be told if the ghost responds to groups or if you’re alone. 
The Objectives 
When you start a game you’ll spawn inside your truck, here you will find your Equipment and you can monitor certain things, but what you really want to check out is the Whiteboard. On the whiteboard you’ll find alot of useful information. 
There will be four objectives on the whiteboard, the first objective will always be the same, which is the “Discover what type of ghost we’re dealing with”, the other 3 objectives are random. Some of the random objectives require Equipment to be completed, which can be bought in the item store. 
Phasmophobia Basics - PC Guide V3! 

Gameplay Changes

The Powerbox 
If you decide to play professional, the powerbox will always be turned off at the beginning of the game. This is because when you turn on the Powerbox you will also turn on the Heater, which will heat the entire house up. Because when the heater is off the entire house will be cold, but when it’s been turned on only the ghosts room will be cold. 
The ghost has been improved and when it’s hunting it will not be much harder to escape. The ghost will for example listen after your voice, and if it hears you it will search around your location. If the ghost has lost sight of you it will search near the area it lost you, instead of randomly wandering around. The ghost will also be able to open closet and lockers while hunting. 
The bone spawns have been improved, so that it won’t be spawning outside of anyones reach. 

The Ghost!

Being Hunted Is Hard Now 
The ghost will now search the area it last have seen you, instead of just randomly wandering around. The ghost is listening for you while it’s hunting. If you’re dealing with a banshee this may not happen if you’re not the Banshee’s target. If the Banshee’s target is outside, it will be able to hunt anyone else, there is inside. The ghost is now able to target any player if you get too close to it while it’s hunting. At last the ghost is now able to open doors, closets and lockers during hunts, and it’s also able to do it outside of hunts too. 
Phasmophobia Basics - PC Guide V3! 


Equipment Changes 
In the Professional difficulty the EMF Reader will go off during hunts and give random values, these values does not count as evidence. 
Glow sticks will shine as much as when they’re being held as when they’re thrown. 
The Parabolic Microphone’s range has been to 30 meters, and the width to 6 meters, the Parabolic Microphone will only be showing the general direction of the ghost, and not the exact location of it. It’s size has been reduced for a better view on Non-Vr/PC users. Parabolic Microphone and Sound sensors have been improved to hear players voices. 
Candles can be placed down like the Video Camera and Ghost Writing Book
Equipment List 
-Flashligt & Strong Flashlight – Shines light, so you can see 
-Candle – Shines light so you can see, you don’t lose as much sanity if you use the Candle 
-Glow stick – Helps like a candle, and also helps with detecting fingerprints 
-Head Mounted Camera – Camera that’s on your head, so others can see if you go on a solo mission. 
-Infared Light Sensor – Shines light if anything walks by 
-Lighter – Can light Candles, and Smudge sticks 
-Parabolic Microphone – Helps tracking ghosts movement 
-Sanity Pills – Makes your sanity increase 
-Sound Sensor – Detects sound in a certain area, which can be seen in the truck 
-Tripod – Video Cameras can be placed on Tripods and you can get a better angle when looking for Ghost Orbs 
-Ouija Board – You can ask the ghost questions, if sanity doesn’t decrease it’s probably a demon 
This Counts as Evidence 
-Spirit Box – Talk to the ghost 
-EMF Reader – Reads the ghost activity level. (Only counts if EMF Level is 5) 
-Ghost Writing Book – Ghost can write in the book. 
-Thermometer – Reads the temperature of the room you’re in (Only counts as evidence, only if freezing temperatures) 
-Video camera – Can catch Ghost Orbs on van monitor 
-UV Flashlight – Shine on surfaces to see if there are handprints [Counts as evidence, also photo evidence] 
-Photo Camera – Take photos of things, that counts as photo evidence 
Counts as Objectives 
-Smudge sticks – It will make the ghost go away for some time if used correctly 
-Salt – Can be placed on the floor, and footstep will appear if the ghost walks in it 
-Motion Sensor – Detects when something moves by 
-Crucifix – Can make the ghost stop from hunting 

The Journal

The Journal has a lot of different things and a lot of information, here’s the basics! 
Ghost Information 
In the Journal there is information for every single ghost fx. how they behave, speed and etc. The Journal also tells what kind of evidence each ghosts has to identify the ghost. Some information about ghosts can make you guess the ghost without having the evidence, cool right? 
Phasmophobia Basics - PC Guide V3! 
If you take a picture of something it ends up in your Journal. You can see if you’ve taken pictures of evidence or objectives. This is very helpful, so that you don’t need to take another picture! 
Phasmophobia Basics - PC Guide V3! 
Ghost Identification 
You will be able to identify the ghost when putting all your evidence in your Journal. If you’ve put 1 – 2 pieces of evidence the Journal will narrow it down to only a handful of the ghosts, but if you’ve got all three, the Journal will identify the ghost, and you’ve completed the first Objective. 
Phasmophobia Basics - PC Guide V3! 

Side Objectives

The Objectives 
1. Bone Evidence: Take a photo of the bone and then collect it by pressing “E”. You don’t need to take a photo of the bone. 
2. Footprints: Take photos of salt that the ghost has walked in. 
3. Ouijaboard: Take a photo of the Ouija board. 
4. Voodo dolls: Take a photo of the Voodo dolls. The Voodo dolls only spawn on certain maps fx. “Grafton Farmhouse,” or “Bleasdale Farmhouse”. 
5. Dirty water: Take a photo of the dirty water in a sink. To get dirty water you must anger the ghost fx. Calling its name, Turning on lights or Throwing objects (Props not equipment). 
6. Dead Body: Take a photo of a dead body. If your fellow investigator dies to the ghost go take a picture and make a little bit more cash. 
7. Ghostwriting: Take a photo of the Journal if the ghost has written in it. 
8. Paranormal activity with EMF: Make the ghost interact with your EMF Reader. You should probably be near the ghosts room to have a higher chance of paranormal activity. 
9. Capture a photo of the ghost: Take a photo of the ghost, either when it’s hunting or if a ghost event is happening. 
10. Have a member witness a ghost event: A ghost event and the ghost hunting are to different things and will not count. A ghost event is fx. The ghost walking towards you, but it will not kill you. 
11. Prevent the ghost from hunting with a crucifix: A lot of people thinks that you just need to have the crucifix in your hand, but you actually need to put it on the ground. If you have two crucifixes you should put them about 3 meters apart. Execpt when it’s a banshee you can put them 5 meters apart. 

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