PGA TOUR 2K21 How to make back up User Profile Guide


2K21 User Profile
This file can become corrupt so i recommend saving the file or back it up quite often, various things can cause a corrupt User Profile and it does happen in other games as well , so here is how to back up the file for 2K21 PGA TOUR .
WARNING – If you get a corrupt User Profile the Game may not start, you may get an On screen warning , you could lose the Level you have attained along with assets you have attained.

Go to the Control Panel click on Appearance and Personalization
The go to File Explorer Options \ Show hidden files and folders
Then a dialog box opens labeled View, look for Don`t show hidden files and folders
and put a tick in the Box, ******** Show hidden files and folders.***********
Then click Apply and close the Control panel.

We then find the User Profile saves folder the directory is this below

C:\ Users \ your name \ AppData\ Local Low \ 2K \ PGA Tour 2K21
When you have found the User Profile folder which is the [ PGA Tour 2K21 ] folder ,right click on it
and chose the option ” send to desk top \ create short cut ” then you can open this folder from the desktop.

Right click on the desktop and create a new folder i name it 2K21 Saves with the date
Example: 2k21 Saves 23rd April 2021 , put in my documents is an option or leave it on the desktop

Periodically or preferably after every round of the PGA Tour , copy & paste the Data from
the folder PGA Tour 2K21 , which is on your desktop , to the Save Folder 2K21 23rd April 2021

That is obviously today`s date so name your Back Up folder appropriately
In the event of a Corrupt User Profile { this can happen for a number of reasons }
Example power cut while playing the game, interupted file save { do not hit the Advance Icon to quickly } ? a disconnect from steam , a game crash.
After the end of a round the game has to update files shown by the Radio Antena Icon
at the bottom right of your screen.

Before copy&pasting the data from the 2K21 PGA Tour folder to the Saves folder ,I delete the data in the saves folder,
this is a personal thing if you just copy&paste the data from the PGA Tour 2K21 to the Saves folder it will
prompt you to over write existing data click OK \ Yes .

Another option is to put the save file on a usb memory stick because you never no when a Major PC crash could happen ,
On the hyper link below is a screen shot of what to expect when the User Profile becomes corrupt , this was what happened to me and the Guide fixed it, if you get this ******** SELECT CANCEL ******** If you select CONFIRM it would restart you PGA Tour from the begining.
BELOW THE DREADED CORRUPT PROFILE MESSAGE ON THE HYPER LINK and on this screen shot you will see { bottom right corner } the Radio type Icon which appears when the game is saving or updating the User Profile
Update , PGA Tour 2K21 it seems that the User Profile is or gets corrupted when playing the Tour after Q school



Written by Stigga

Here we come to an end for PGA TOUR 2K21 2k21 BACK UP YOUR USER PROFILE hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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