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This guide relates the lore about the Renrian Maritime Empire. It is a fictional interstellar kingdom.

Basic Information

The Renrian Maritime Empire (also known by The Renrian Thala*socracy, or The Therian Maritime Empire), is an interstellar Empire. It originated from the Korvus Delta, a mostly oceanic planet.
The current year has 47 TU.


Imperial History
The 2nd Therian Revolution of 112 YU saw the creation Renrian Maritime Empire. At that time, it was called the Therian Republic. After many conflicts and 3rd Great Western War, it was reformed as the Therian Federation. This nation was the largest on Korvus Delta. After only 20 years, the federation collapsed, and began the 4th Great Western War. The war was ended in 20 years with the victory over a nation known under the Therian Thala*socracy. In 10 YU Korvus Delta was unified under the Thala*socracy. In 4 YU Thala*sar Verun Vertes’t, his wife Treila Vertes’t a*sa*sinated him and took control over the nation. In 1 TU the RITN forms and in 4 TU Korvus Epsilon it is militarised. 7 TU are used to discover terolite and titanium resources on Korvus Beta. This results in the industrialisation of the planet. The Empire is currently planning for expansion outside the Korvus System.


Renrian Biology
Renrians (Ren Sentientis) are humanoid amphibians originating from Selachimorpha-like beings. A Renrian can be identified by its vibrantly red skin, maroon lines and four eyes. Other features that are less noticeable and less significant include sharp teeth, a hammer-shaped mouth and sharp teeth. Females are generally taller than their male counterparts. The colour of the eyes is all that can be used to determine the gender of a Renrian. Testosterone makes the eyes lime green and estrogen makes them pink. Renrians reproduce through… kissing. Both males and females can be remarried and are capable.
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Standard Imperial Therian is the main language used by the Maritime Empire. The second most popular language is Ancient Therian, but it's mostly used for scientific purposes. There are many languages that are used in different parts of the world, especially in Eastern Europe.
Altitude Towards Eachother
While the West believes Renrians belong together and should support one another, the East is a war-torn place where people are at risk.
Altitude Towards Extraterrestials
Most Renrians believe they outperform all other intelligent organic creatures for many reasons. Some believe the lines on their bodies signify that God is their favourite. Others believe they are biologically designed to be superior.
About 47% of Empire members believe in the "Sanctuaria de Naves" religion, which translates as "Church of Glory". The remaining 63% either believe in smaller, less significant religions or are atheists.


Imperial Law
The Imperial law is simple. All other anti-government actions, except protests, are subject to execution by firing squad. Any action below 1st-degree murder can result in light-type 1 sentences. Any action involving more than 1st-degree murder can lead to harsh, type 2 sentences.
The leader of Maritime Empire is a Thala*sar. He or she is either an heir of the previous Thala*sars or a highly respected general.
External Politics
The Maritime Empire is a defensive nation that tries to avoid unnecessary conflicts. However, it is not afraid to start one.

Law Enforcement and Warfare

Renrian Thala*socratic Ground Forces
The main military force of the state is the Renrian Thala*socratic Ground Forces. The RTGF can be described as a warmachine fuelled by propaganda and patriotism.
Renrian Interstellar Thala*socratic Navy
The space force of the state is the Renrian Interstellar Thala*socratic Navy. The RITN is a fleet that roams the vast outer space, supported by Nortarma as well as ReniSpaero Industria.
Orbital Assault Division
The state's SF, the Orbital Assault Division is (OAD). OAD soldiers have been genetically modified to be bigger, stronger, and more efficient that a regular Renrian soldier. They are dropped into orbit via drop pods and placed behind enemy lines.
Imperial Gendarmerie
The state's police force, the Imperial Gendarmerie, is called. The gendarmerie enforces imperial laws in settlements and on other planets. It only operates on planets populated with intelligent seaborne beings.


Korvus Delta
Korvus delta is the most covered in water Renrian homeworld. It is also one of two planets that are habitable within the Korvus System. The planet's atmosphere consists mainly of argon and oxygen and is bright red. The surface is covered with military structures and civilian structures.
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Therian Sea, Esta Archipelago, Korvus Delta.
Korvus Beta
Korvus Beta is a dead desert planet, full of various metals as well as volatile elements. Its atmosphere is capable to support life, but it's location outside of the habitable zone and its lack of water prevents any life from developing. Since the discovery its huge titanium terolite deposits, the Maritime Empire have been desecrating and exploiting this planet.
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Soldarei Mountain, Excavatore Zona 7, Korvus Beta.
Korvus Epsilon
Korvus Epsilon can be described as a heavily militarised jungle planet controlled by the Maritime Empire. Its atmosphere is dark blue, and nearly identical in composition to Korvus delta. The Renrian Intersellar Thala*socratic Navy is always watching over the planet. The planet is virtually impossible to conquer, with its surface covered in military bases as well as long-range radar stations, checkpoints, and surface-to air missile systems.
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Aerozona Monitore Stacion 3 Long-Range Radar Station, Militar Zona 14, Korvus Epsilon.


ReniSpaero Industria
ReniSpaero Industria (the largest and most important Renrian company) produces most of the RTGFs, Imperial Gendarmerie’s and OAD’s. It was created through the fusion between five companies. The CEO allegedly uploaded his consciousness onto a prototype android humanoid. Revius Resa’tt, the current CEO, is allegedly responsible.
Nortarma, a major Renrian ammunition company and vehicle manufacturer, is known. It's the oldest Renrian business, having been established at the end The 2nd Therian Revolution. Trana Res't is currently the CEO.
ImperiMedica is a Renrian health system that provides medical a*sistance for soldiers and imperial citizens. CEO Revius Resa'tt holds 8% of the healthcare system. Vara Feries't, Tris Feries’t, are the current CEOs.

Notable Characters

Treila Vertes't
Treila vertes't is currently the Thala*sar of Renrian Maritime Empire. She is a manipulative misandrist and ruthless, with little respect for others.
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Vires Resa'tt
Vires Resa’tt, a young, kind and charismatic diplomat of The Maritime Empire is Vires. Her morale is solid. She doesn't hesitate to face torture, murder, and genocide.
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Revius Resa'tt
Revius Resa’tt is an elderly, kind man who is the CEO of ReniSpaero Industria. Many people consider him a madman for his crazy ideas. However, he is one among the most respected members of the Maritime Empire.
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