People Playground How to Fix Bugs in Game

People Playground How to Fix Bugs in Game 1 -
People Playground How to Fix Bugs in Game 1 -

so i found a bug that basicly randomly deletes everything in the game slowly its even in the non beta i will show you how to fix this bug

What bug can do

so this bug from what i see has deleted my menu and required me to restart the program the bug can break the ability to interact with the menu and can delete the main menu it has happend the bug even happens in the non beta version of the game i dont know how it triggers it seems to just happen randomly but maybe i can be fixed i hope so cause it will make it so you have to exit the entire game alt f4 or the x if some how that dosent work hope that task manager can stop the prosece if it dosent it will at least crash it allowing you to close it but to fix the bug go to the next section

How to (maybe) fix bug

step 1. try to restart the game if it dosent work go to step 2
step 2. try to see if youre on beta version if it works when you transfer to the other version the defult then youre good for then if it dosent work go to step 3
step 3. desable all youre mods they can affect the game and they may cause the bug idk if its the reson but its worth a shot if it dosent step 4
step 4. uninstall all youre mods it could fix it lowering the memory it posibly takes up it all dosent work go to step 5
step 5. reinstall the game if it works then good it it dosent go to the final step
step 6. completly reset all data on the game if you completly destroy everything it could restart posibley EVERYTHING if everything is gone all mods etc it could get rid of it if it dosent well sorry cause the last section will exsplan what to do

Last way to posiblely be able to play again

well i dont know how to well if you can get this info to the develepors then well one word is to well it might be youre pc my is pretty bad and ive downloaded… well posible viruses im not a computer tecnision so the only tip is to well either completly wipe you pc of all data, drain a lot of storage space, and if you can and well the develipors see the games fine well you might even have to buy a new pc but i have a tip for that either get an old kind pc with a tower sense they make the computer run better or buy a gameing pc or if you like to build do that if you cant do any of that well sorry i really hope yall can be able to play again and the deveipors fix it i generally either think its viruses or a bug in the code that is somehow even in the non beta please report this to the develipors and let them know ok please it will not only posiblely help others it will help the develipors so plase make sure to do that if you can and i really hope that one of the posible sugestions work for you in section 2 )= i hope this bug dosent stay long and im praying that it will well be fixed (= so i say this have a nice day and send the feedback to the develipors of people playground

Here we come to an end for People Playground How to Fix Bugs in Game hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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