Pavlov VR Tips and Tricks for New Players

Pavlov VR Tips and Tricks for New Players 1 -
Pavlov VR Tips and Tricks for New Players 1 -
In this guide you’ll learn how to video game well.


Baby’s First Glock (The basics)

The basics of the game are simple, you just shoot. Play the tutorial first before reading this guide.

Reloading the M249 LMG is a bit tricky though so heres how to do it.

Step one: open the top

Step two: put box mag in

Step three: drag bullets to where you opened

Step four:close the top

Step five:pull charging handle on right side.

One important aspect is that when you want to reload press trigger instead of grip to grab stuff. On SnD and TDM/DM you need to hold down the joystick on the right controller to open the menu and trigger to select stuff. (you use the joystick to move the cursor in the buy menu)
That’s really all the basics if you need to ask me anything let me know in the comments.

Actual Tips

Alright so some things I’ve learned after 107 hours of this game are in this list

  • The only good sniper is the 50 Cal.
  • Communicating with your team is only important in SnD in TDM you can but it isn’t that neccesary.
  • Don’t KOS squeakers, most of actual sentient ones are good at the game.
  • Only kill as an innocent if your in a group in TTT. (Preferably with the Detective)
  • Cover is important when you’re in a firefight.
  • On the maps “Containers” and “OG Containers” watch out on the second floor of the building, a lot of people snipe there.
  • The Minecraft Prisonbreak map is a cesspool of rude and downright nasty people.
  • Oculus and Vive headsets cause a lot of screentear, make sure you have your settings adjusted.
  • If your mic doesn’t work install OVR advanced settings.
  • The revolver is better then the Deagle
  • TK at the start of the first round of SnD when everyone has free revolvers, It’s kill or be killed
  • Train on singleplayer SnD and TDM with bots if you don’t want to train on multiplayer.

That’s really it, practice makes perfect and if you have any questions let me know in the comments.

Written by TheFeels

This is all for Pavlov VR Tips and Tricks for New Players hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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