Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide for Kineticists Builds + Pyromaniac + Maiden of Frost + All Classes Info

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide for Kineticists Builds + Pyromaniac + Maiden of Frost + All Classes Info 1 -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide for Kineticists Builds + Pyromaniac + Maiden of Frost + All Classes Info 1 -

Kineticists are complicated and challenging to build. This is because you need to make sure the substance infusions you pick will work with the composite blast form infusions you pick, and you also want to make sure your composite blast options will have the form infusions you want to use. Take cloud for example, one of the better form infusions, it’s associated composite blasts are Blizzard, Sandstorm, Steam, and Thunderstorm; in order to use it you need to pick elements that make up one of those composite blasts.
For more info on composite blasts and elements, see the Pathfinder kingmaker kineticist wiki. – [] 
I mostly made these for my own benefit while deciding what kind of kineticist I wanted to play. They aren’t exactly original, I’ve researched various kineticist builds and resources, so no need to credit me for any of them.

The Pyromaniac

The Pyromaniac; Loves burning things with his blue flame composite blast.
The Pyromaniac’s choice of form infusions will be fan of flames, eruption, and wall. The substance infusions he’ll be using with them will be the flash, unraveling, and grappling.
-Uses the only pure energy composite blast to Target flat footed touch AC (very accurate).
-Causes AoE shaken
-Very very persuasive
-Starts the game with an energy blast. You’ll want a little meta knowledge if you do this, because demons have 10 energy resistance and some spell resistance. At least know where to get the first kinetic diadem which you can pick up at level 3.
-Spell penetration doesn’t really get high enough until level 11.
-Less CC than other kineticists
Race: Human
KIneticist: Psychokineticist
Elements: Fire > Fire > Air
Background: Acolyte (For high persuasion psychokineticist)
Skills: Persuasion, Stealth, Extra points in perception.
Str: 7
Dex: 18
Con: 14
Int: 8
Wis: 19>24
Cha: 7
lv1 Feats: Point blank shot, Precise shot.—– Elemental focus: Fire.—– Infusion: Fan of flames
lv2 Wild Talent: Dazzling display
lv3 Feat: Spell Penetration.—– Infusion: Extended range
lv4 Wild Talent: Dreadful carnage
lv5 Feat: Weapon Finesse.—– Infusion: Kinetic blade
lv6 Wild Talent: Hare Familiar
lv7 Feat: Weapon focus kinetic blast.—– Expanded element: Fire
lv8 Wild Talent: Fire’s Fury
Lv9 Feat: Shatter Defenses.—– Infusion: Eruption
Lv10 Wild Talent: skill focus persuasion
Lv11 Feat: Greater spell penetration.—– Infusion: Wall
Lv12 Wild Talent: Kinetic restoration
Lv13 Feat: Improved critical Kinetic blast.—– Infusion: Grappling (for wall)
Lv14 Wild Talent: Iron will
Lv15 Elemental focus: Fire.—– Expanded element: Air
Lv16 Wild Talent: expanded defense
Lv17 Feat: greater elemental focus: Fire.—– Infusion: Flash
Lv18 Wild talent: Aerial evasion
Lv19 Feat: Improved imitative.—– Metakinetic master: Empowered.—– Infusion: Unraveling
Lv20 Wild Talent; Deflect arrows
Mythic Ability: Ascended element fire
Mythic Feat: Mythic spell penetration
Mythic ability: Kinetic overcharge
Mythic Feat: Mythic iron will
Mythic ability: Over infused blasts
-Using the acolyte background with pyschokineticist will give us very high persuasion for deadly carnage. You’ll need to take countermeasures for your low will save. Like getting freedom of movement and some way to deal with fear effects.
-Despite the thumbs down, spell penetration and elemental focus work with kinetic blasts. This is also why I ignore the pure flame infusion, it comes very late at level 17. Unless you plan to respec once you get it, it’s better to just use spell penetration feats.
-I use stealth on all my kineticist builds so that I can open encounters with a big blast without getting detected by enemies. This is also why my level 19 feat is improved iniative, you’ll be able to open combat with a charged blast, then go first on the next round, which allows you to go twice before the enemies go once.
-Thematically, demon is probably the best mythic path for this build. It should also be effective, since it boosts your infusion and reflex save DCs, just use something like aspect of the shadow demon. Mechanically Azata is pretty good too, because favorable magic works with pretty much all the kineticist blasts and infusions that require an enemy to make a save, and zippy magic works with your basic blast.

The Maiden of Frost

The Maiden of Frost: Batters and freezes enemies with the power of Ice and snow.
The Maiden of Frost will be using the wall form infusion with bull’s rush and entangling infusions. Entangling is probably not the best infusion, but slowing and entangling (freezing) enemies is part of the frost theme. Use chilling and entangling infusions on your cloud. Chilling staggers so it’ll keep ranged enemies in the cloud from being able to do full attacks. Last but not least, finish enemies off with an empowered/maximized Ice fragmentation blast.
This is a build for the elemental engine. Who’s greater elemental burnout makes her so cold that enemies freeze (get slowed) just by getting near her.
-Turns into enemies into popsicles
-Various CC and debuffs.
-The same CC and debuffs are probably ineffective for anything harder than core difficulty
-Starts the game with an energy blast. it just worked out better in terms of wild talents. And you can use a double infused wall at level 11 with higher gather power, so that’s something.
Race: Human
KIneticist: Elemental engine
Background: Pickpocket (for +2 initiative)
Skills: Stealth, Perception, 3 mobility

Str: 7
Dex: 18
Con: 19>24
Int: 14
Wis: 8
Cha: 7
Str: 7
Dex: 18
Con: 19>24
Int: 8
Wis: 14
Cha: 7
Elements: Cold>Air>water
Lv1 Feat: Point blank shot,Precise shot.—– Elemental Focus: Cold.—– Infusion: Extended range
Lv2 Wild Talent: Hare Familiar
Lv3 Feat: Weapon Finesse.—– Infusion: Kinetic blade
Lv4 Wild Talent: Bulls rush
Lv5 Feat: WEapon focus kinetic blast.—– Infusion: Entangling
Lv6 Wild Talent: Greater bulls rush
Lv7 Feat: Dazzling display.—– Expanded element: Air
Lv8 Wild Talent: Expanded defense
Lv9 Feat: Shatter defenses.—– Infusion: Pushing
Lv10 Wild Talent: Aerial evasion
Lv11 Feat: Improved critical kinetic blast.—– Infusion: Wall
Lv12 Wild Talent: Deflect arrows
Lv13 Feat: Elemental focus cold.—– Infusion: Chilling
Lv14 Wild Talent: Heat Adaptation
Lv15 Feat: Greater elemental focus cold.—– Expanded element: Water
lv16 Wild Talent: Aerial adaptation
Lv17 Feat: Improved initiative.—– Infusion: Cloud
Lv18 Wild Talent: Lightning reflexes
Lv19 Feat: Improved precise shot.– Metakinetic master: Empowered.–Infusion: Fragmentation
Lv20 Wild Talent: Blind fight
Mythic ability: Ascended element cold
Mythic feat: Kinetic overcharge
Mythic ability: Over infused blasts
Mythic feat: Mythic bull rush
-Since this is a build for an elemental engine, I didn’t take any active wild talents, because we’ll always be at max burn.
-If you take “close to the heavens” as your first mythic selection, with heat and aerial adaptation, you’ll have 20 resistance to each element at full burn.
-It doesn’t quite fit thematically, but this is a build for the Azata mythic path. You’re really going to need favorable magic to get the most out of your infusions. Favorable magic even works with the slow aura you’ll have from being a cold focused elemental engine. Incredible might makes your blasts more accurate. Zippy magic works with your basic blast. It’s just really good for this build.
-It’s basically a tossup between using elemental engine or base kineticist for this build. I’ve been playing through the game with it, and unfortunately the slow aura from greater elemental burnout is pretty useless, because it only triggers at the end of the round. Elemental engine will have better accuracy and damage on the blasts, while base kineticist will have better cmb and DC on the infusions.

The Overwhelming Soul

The Overwhelming Soul:
The goal of this build, is to make a character that feels really powerful. I had something amazing happen while playing through the game with the Frost Maiden. The pushing infusion on my blast blasted back an enemy who was engaged by one of my pets that can trip, the attack of opportunity successfully tripped the enemy. It was a big looking demon, it flew across the screen and smashed into the wall, then fell prone to the ground. After that I thought it’d be cool if I could make a kineticist that uses both the pushing and bowling infusions on his blasts.
It took me awhile, but I thought of a decent way to build the overwhelming soul archtype. Basically, this build won’t be using any infusions or blasts that rely on DC checks or reflex saves, it also doesn’t need to care about max burn. In other words, it won’t care to much about having a high casting stat, instead it can go all in on dexterity to increase attack bonus. This helps alleviate the headslot item conflict, we just wear the best dexterity belt we can find, and have a team member put eagle’s splendor on us for the 2 cmb. We can also start the game with a dex/charisma race, which will slightly make up for our lack of size bonuses. Lastly, we can dip 1 level into vivisectionist to get more dexterity.
The game plan will be to use the metal composite blast, with wall and deadly earth infusions. On our basic blast we’ll use pushing and bowling infusions when we want to feel powerful, magnetic and pure metal when we just want to hit the enemy. On the wall we’ll always use pushing and bowling infusions, pushing is nice for the wall because it makes it so enemies can hit the wall twice in one round. On deadly earth we’ll use bowling and magnetic infusions, so enemies get knocked down but don’t become hard to hit from prone.
The one downside compared to other kineticists, is this build won’t have an energy blast. Make sure to take “instrument of freedom” or “Close to the heavens” for your first mythic choice, so you have an option for a touch attack.
Race: Musetouched Aasimar or Kindred raised half elf.
Kineticist: Overhwhelming soul
Background: Pickpocket (for +2 initiative)
Skills: Stealth, Persuasion
Str: 7
Dex: 19>24
Con: 12
Int: 12
Wis: 12
Cha: 18
Lv1 Feat: Point blank shot.—–.Elemental focus: Earth.—–.Infusion: Extended range
Lv2 Wild Talent: Hare Familiar
Lv3 Feat: Precise shot.—–.Infusion: Pushing
Lv4 Wild Talent: Trip
Lv5: Feat: Fury’s fall.—–.Infusion: Bowling
Lv6: Wild Talent: Greater Trip
Lv7: Feat: Weapon focus kinetic blast.—–.Expanded element: Water
lv8: Wild Talent: Expanded defense
Lv9: Feat: weapon finesse.—–. Infusion: Kinetic blade
Lv10: Wild Talent: Bull’s rush
Lv11: Feat: Improved critical kinetic blast.—–.Infusion: Wall
Lv12: Wild Talent: Greater bull rush
Lv13: Feat: agile maneuvers.—–.Infusion: Deadly earth
Lv14: Dip 1 level vivisectionist for dex mutagen
Lv15: Feat: dazzling display.—–.Wild Talent: Kinetic healer
Lv16: Expanded element: Earth
Lv17: Feat: shatter defenses.—–.Wild Talent: Healing burst
Lv18: Infusion: Magnetic
Lv19: Feat; accomplished sneak attacker.—–.Wild talent: Tremorsense
Lv20: Infusion: Rare metal
Mythic ability: Kinetic overcharge
Mythic feat: Mythic trip
Mythic Ability: Overinfused blasts
Mythic Feat: Mythic bull rush
Zippy magic
Life bonded friendship: Tandem trip
-Dip 1 level of vivisectionist after getting deadly earth. We basically lose nothing for doing this, because we don’t care about having caster level 20 for our kineticist, and the level 20 wild talent selection was dry. Being a dex build, mutagen is very good, and we get slightly more damage from sneak attack dice.
-Azata mythic path is our best friend, not only does zippy magic make your blast hit two enemies, but the infusion applies twice for each enemy hit, once on your blast damage and once on the bonus damage that zippy magic does. The infusions will even apply if your attack misses, because the zippy magic bonus damage never misses.
-Life bonded friendship with tandem trip should be very beneficial. Get one or two more characters capable of tripping. Pets are a good option, like the Leopard. My planned party for this build will have 2 pets that trip and one party member besides my MC.
-The other super powers are optional, might want to use favorable magic if you have Ember and Nenio on the team.
-I don’t actually take dazzling display and shatter defenses on my own kineticist builds, because I use tabletop tweaks which makes shatter defenses kind of bad for a class that only attacks once per round. If you don’t like them, improved initiative and improved precise shot are good replacements.

The Metal Master

Originally, this was going to be a Legend build. 20 psychokineticist + 20 instinctual warrior. But I encounter some bugs during testing, such as tireless rage not working, and reckless stance not leveling up; so I decided to put it on hold for the time being. Instead I wrote a build for the overwhelming soul.

My thoughts on the Kineticist archtypes.

Just my thoughts on the Kineticist archtypes I’ve looked at or used.
Base Kineticist:
Unlike other classes, who usually have subclasses that are better than the base class, it tends to be the other way around for the kineticist. The size bonus from elemental overflow can be used to boost both your casting stat and your attack stat. Which at the very least, makes it the most balanced kineticist, but for trip builds, it’s the best, because fury’s fall double dips on the stats you get from the elemental overflow size bonus.
Blood kineticist:
I don’t know, i haven’t given this one a deep look yet.
Dark Elementalist:
Soul power looks a little gimmicky. The problem I see with it, is you really want to rest before boss fights, which means you’ll lose your soul power right when you need it the most. Also, since it doesn’t give you any size bonuses, even at it’s maximum power it’s not comparable to what a base kineticist can do. It’s nice that you have a functional HP pool though, so it’s less of a glass canon than the base kineticist. Thematically it looks like a good choice for a lich kineticist, but I’m not sure mechanically, because there are a lot of lich abilities that I’m not sure whether or not they work with kineticist.
Elemental Engine:
At max burn, this kineticist has higher accuracy and damage than a base kineticist on his basic blasts, so for a pure blaster, it’s the best. You can get up to +12 attack, and +24 damage. However, burnout doesn’t boost your CMB at all, and you get no bonuses to your casting stats either, so for CC and blasts or infusions that require DC or CMB checks, it’s quite inferior to the base kineticist. In fact, I probably shouldn’t have used this archtype for the frost maiden, I mostly just did it for the slow aura which fit the idea thematically. Btw, even though you lose supercharge, burnout at max burn has the same effect, so don’t worry about that.
Also, at level 20 you want 12 burn to reach your max burnout bonus, with this much burn your HP pool is functionally non existent. You have to win fights with high initiative before it becomes an issue. It’s ofc a weakness the base kineticist shares as well, but at least the base kineticist can stop at 7 burn.
Overwhelming soul:
The overwhelming soul gets the same attack bonuses as the base kineticist, but no size bonuses. This means it should have approximately 2 less attack bonus on it’s blast, and 3 less DC for it’s infusions. Though the fact that it’s charisma based means you can start with +4 in your casting stat by using a kindred raised half elf, so functionally it has 2 less DC for it’s infusions.
Charisma based means you also have good multi class potential. But unfortunately kineticist doesn’t like to dip, if you do your blasts will become weaksauce. At most a level 20 character can take maybe 1 level in scaled fist, with water shroud and charisma to AC, this kind of kineticist would be significantly sturdier than other kineticists.
But I don’t see the real potential of this class in level 20 characters, I see it in Legend characters. Legend can really benefit kineticist because it’ll give you +20 base attack bonus for your blasts and CMB, and give you approximately +9 to your casting stat. Of course any kineticist can do this, but they can’t overcome their glaring weaknesses, like that functionally non existent HP. An overwhelming soul can though, you can get charisma to saves, charisma to armor, then overcome the weaknesses of your base kineticist class with really high BaB and stats. Do you want to be a frontline tank kineticist that blasts things to smithereens? An overwhelming soul legend build can do that.
Just be careful if you go legend kineticist, that you’re aware of which mythic feat and abilities you really need, because you only get 2, maybe 3 at rank 10 but I’m not sure. An example of a kineticist that only needs 2 mythic abilities is the metal blast kineticist, which should only need mythic overcharge and overinfused blasts. And also keep in mind, that Legend is only something you can do at the end of the game, so for the remaining portion of the game you’ll be a bit weaker than other kineticists.
Sidenote: There is a head item conflict because this class is charisma based. Do you wear a charisma crown or a kinetic diadem? Imo use a kinetic diadem and have a team member cast eagles splendor on you.
The psychokineticist is almost as good as the base kineticist, with a different weakness. Almost, because the stat bonus it gets from mental overflow isn’t as good as tthe stat bonus a base kineticist gets. A base kineticist can get bonuses to dex and constitution with elemental overflow, but a psychokineticist can’t get a bonus to dex, which it needs, just wisdom. This means, in addition to a slightly lower attack bonus, it’ll also have much less CMB for trip builds.
Neither of it’s downsides really effect the class for my fire/fire build though, because that build doesn’t need CMB at all, and it’s already very accurate because it targets flat footed touch AC. The DC for infusions and reflex saves will be equal to the base kineticist, so there’s also no problem there.
It does share the same head item conflict that the overwhelming soul has. But you can solve it in the same way, just have a party member cast a wisdom buff on you.
Also I think this class has some good really good synergy with instinctual warrior for legend builds. You get wisdom to AC, wisdom to initiative, a full 20 BaB, bonus wisdom from rage, guarded stance plus beast totem for AC, and fearless rage to alleviate one of the most common will saves in the game. Also, it might be possible to use reckless stance to further boost your blast attack bonus and CMB, unlike the other offensive stances which say “melee or thrown”, reckless just says attack rolls. Just be aware I haven’t confirmed this. One thing I have confirmed though, is that barbarian rage doesn’t prevent kineticists from using their abilities.

Written by Climhazzard

Hope you enjoy the post for Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Guide for Kineticists Builds + Pyromaniac + Maiden of Frost + All Classes Info, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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