Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Class in Game

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Class in Game 1 -
Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous Best Class in Game 1 -

What are the best classes at Wotr? And why? This guide is for you if that’s something you are looking for!

What makes a class the best?

First of all, this is my opinion. You can disagree with me or your favourite YouTuber, but that’s okay. You can play the game as you wish.

Without further delay, here’s what I think makes any class, mythic and normal, amazing or not.

It could be an animal companion, or, in the instance of lich, a companion skeleton.

If it gives one, it’s part and parcel of ‘the finest’. If it doesn’t, it’s not.

So, what is the secret to this? These extra companions are so incredible!

It effectively doubles your damage output as well as your survivability.

If you have animal companions who are capable of multiple attacks, it will more then double your damage, at most in the early stages.

While you may only be doing one (attack or two, your animal companion could be doing up to five attacks per turn if you use either TWF or cleave). This is a massive boost in damage output that other classes don’t have.

It’s easy to see: If you choose a horse with shield bash and TWF, you will be doing two attacks per round. Your horse will do three. This is five attacks per round at level one. How can a class without an animal companion compete with that?

Your companion animal acts as a second-level health bar. If you do crane-style feats on your companions, and use buffs like mage’s armor, you will find that your pet is more than your MC.

TL:DR – A class that includes an animal companion is like having an extra member of the party. (- Except that you’d get less xp if there was an extra party member. Animal companions don’t suck up xp so they are probably even more valuable than having another party member.)

Which class should you choose?

There are two types: those who get an animal companion at Level 1 and those who get an animal companion (at level 4 or, in the case of blood riders, level 5 –

I recommend you start with a class which has an animal companion at the level 1. Then, when you reach level 5, you can use one your three free respecs to switch to that class. It will make your first game easier if you do this.

(Level five) You will need a boon companion in order to bring your companion up to your Level.)

Here’s a list listing classes that can acquire an animal companion at level 1:

– Barbarian (Mad Dog)

– Cavalier

– Druid

– Hunter

– Inquisitor – (Sacred Huntsmaster -)

– Magus (Arcane Horse)

– Monk (Sohei)

– Oracle (, Nature)

– Shaman (Wildlands F17Y

– Sorcerer (Sylvan)

Here’s a list with the classes that get an animal companion at Level 4:

– Cleric Animal Domain ()

– Inquisitor e14Y Animal Domain)


– Ranger


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