Paradise Lofts Paradise Lofs – Chapter One – Full Guide

Paradise Lofts Paradise Lofs – Chapter One – Full Guide 1 -
Paradise Lofts Paradise Lofs – Chapter One – Full Guide 1 -
This guide will help you in the game. A notepad in your bedroom already does a good job as a to do list. This guide uses that list to help you through the game.

The introduction shows you the first few days.

After the murder, the guide shows you steps to investigate it. There are two sections.

The task list follows the list in the notepad, more or less chronologically. I’ve grouped some tasks together for easy reference. There are three sections.

There is a list of cases that appear in the game, once you become a private investigator.

Then the guide deals with Rita and the aliens.

And finally, a list of badges I’ve discovered so far.



PARADISE LOFTS is a slow-burning, noir, s*x romp, set in the fictitious town of Paradise in 1958. The story begins as our hero moves into his new apartment, eager to kickstart his new career and new life with his girlfriend, Penny. The only problem is, you’re fired on your first day moving in, and your girlfriend dumps you. As you struggle to find work and meet new people, you are thrust into mystery and mayhem, after witnessing the murder of a neighbor. 
Meet your maid Clara, who works for Eagle Cleaning Services. She will come by every Tuesday. Clara tells you about the masquerade party of Austin Pavel that night. When’s she’s finished you can tell her to go ahead (Angel point) or ask about the bathroom (Devil point). Getting Angel points helps further in the story. 
Dexter Simms calls you to do a photoshoot at his studio. 
Donna Preston is the new building manager. She appears on Thursday. You can invite her for a drink: But you want to. Come on, have a drink with me (Devil point) or You shouldn’t do anything you’re not comfortable doing (Angel point) and she has a drink anyway. Donna isn’t involved with any quests or tasks. She appears regularly and will have s*x with you after several visits. 
[You can gain Angel or Devil points during conversations. These points can be spent in other conversations. I chose to gain Angel points.] 

Solving the murder – 1


Meet Detectives Amanda Graves and Pete Mathews

Wait until next morning, and the police knocks on your door. 
I might have seen something. 
Portrait photography (Angel point) or Nudies (Devil point) 
Baseball: T*ts 

Finding clues

During conversation, you can uncover clues (Clue). A pop-up indicates you’ve found one. They will be collected in your notebook on the top right of the screen. 


Polly tells you Bethe was at the party (Clue). 


If Jane asks you for your name, she’s June. June tells you about people attending the party: Polly, newlyweds, Jane, June and Austin. (Clue) 


Talk to Zoe. She will tell you about Pavel’s registry (Clue). She also tells you about Freddie Felix, manager of The Top Hat club (Clue), attending the party. This opens that location. 


Won’t add anything about the investigation. 
My eyes are my profession (Angel point) or Anything is better than being a meathead (Devil point). 


Tells you his wife, Edith, left early (Clue). And that he worked for Franz, the victim (Clue). 


Is everything OK? (Angel point) 
Rita tells you she worked as a maid for Franz Marquis’ company, Eagle Cleaning Services (Clue). 
Ask Greg why Rita quit as a maid. Franz chased Rita (Clue). Rita will then tell you Greg might have gotten physical with Franz. 


Butch tells you that he was at the party with his wife Zoe (Clue). 


When Clara appears on Tuesday after the murder: Let’s talk a moment first – What? No! just trying to be friendly (Angel point). or I dunno. Maybe? (Devil point) – About the party last week… 
Then click on Clara again: I think I might have seen something that can help solve the case. – Can I ask you something else? – Have you heard rumors about the murder? – About the party… She wasn’t invited to the party (Clue) – One last thing… Ask about Franz Marquis – Ease off and let her do the talking: Clara tells you she got into a fight with her boss (Clue). 


You meet Austin after you asked Polly to introduce you. Ask if you can visit him sometime. Asking Polly to excuse you, leaves a bad impression on her. You can redeem yourself by offering to help her. 
Once you’ve gathered some clues, you can call the police to inform them. 


She tells you she saw a dark-skinned girl leave the party early (Clue). 

Detective Amanda visits

Amanda visits you at night. 
She tells you the detectives are not pursuing the case. Her superiors and colleagues aren’t sure she should be a detective. 
Her partner won’t let her have Austin’s registry book. And she suggests you get some women nak*d to find the one with the birthmark on her br*ast. 

Try to meet Austin at his place any afternoon or evening. He’s often busy, so he doesn’t always answer.

He can get the registry book back from Mathews. 
Go talk to Freddie Felix at The Top Hat club. 
Talk to Two-Cents (it will help you further along the story). 
Talk to Freddie. He knows the victim (Clue). He asks you to play in the band. I choose hard mode, because the distance between the accords is smaller. If you are successful, Freddie tells you Franz worked for Don Mosso (Clue). 
Can you share anything else? Freddie tells you to contact Brenda Jones at the Paradise Naturist Club about the mayor (Clue) and about Franz (Clue). And he tells you to check Amber and Becky, who work at The Top Hat club. 
You can inform Amanda of the mob link. 

Austin visits

Austin visits and gives you the registry book (Clue). 

Get a membership at the Paradise Naturist Club.

Talk to Brenda. They are in a legal dispute with the mayor. 
Ask about Franz Marquis. 
You can inform Amanda about the connection to the mayor. 

Paradise university

Ask Bethe if she knows someone willing to model for Dex and him. 
Bethe suggests talking to Anita Stillwell at Paradise university (Clue). This opens that location. Stillwell was also at the party. 

Find Anita Stillwell at Paradise University.

Meet Sandra at the university. She says Stillwell is here on weekdays before evening. 
Ask June about Anita. Her tip: Compliment her acting. 
Ask Jane about Anita. Her tip: Impress Anita. 
Ask Bethe about Anita. Her tip: Flatter her teaching. 
Ask Sandra about Anita. Ask about mother (Angel point). Her tip: Flatter Anita about looks. 

You need to flatter Anita with the right words, in the right order. Ask around for tips.

You look absolutely ravishing today, Miss Stillwell. 
I’m impressed by the dedication you devote to your art. 
You’re too beautiful to be a stage actress. You should be on the big screen. 
I took some drama classes back in college. I’d love to see what you think of my skills. 
Drama class 

You can join Stillwell’s drama class on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays late in the afternoon.

Visit theater. 
Allow Anita to continue (Angel point) or Hey that reminds me of a joke (Devil point). 
I’ll take you up on that challenge. 
You will have to prove yourself to Anita. Click on the spots, don’t forget the up and down arrows on her right arm. You win when her bar fills to the end before yours. The more experience you have with other women the easier this becomes. 
If you win, Anita will answer your questions. 
Did you see anyone acting strange at the party? (Clue) Anita tells you about a dark-skinned woman who came looking for someone. And Greg came looking for Rita (Clue). 
Can you describe this strange woman at the party? Anita tells you she said something about having to clean the mess (Clue). 
Call Detective Amanda and tell her to check on Greg Stones and get a blowj*b. 

Detective Amanda will be stopping by next week to help decipher your clues. 
Hang around your living room in the evening. Detective Amanda will stop by.

Amanda discusses the case with you. You need to combine clues from your notebook. 

  • Greg worked hard to ensure Franz had no contact with his daughter .(1) 
  • Bethe says a dark-skinned woman left the party early. (2) 
  • Anita said Greg was looking for Rita at the party. 
  • Anita says a dark-skinned woman left the party early. (2) 
  • Anita says a woman complained about having to clean up after the party. (3) 
  • Clara got in a fight with her boss about the new uniforms. (4) 
  • Rita says Franz was the manager of Eagle Cleaning Services. (4) 
  • Clara says she was not invited to the party. (3) 
  • Freddie Felix says Franz chased women. (1)

When Clara comes to clean, you can ask her to show you her breasts (Devil point). But she won’t. 

Dex will be calling soon. 
Hang out in the living room in the evening.

Dexter calls you and asks you to come by. 
Amanda arrives. She tells you Franz was strangled. If you choose to spend time with her, you get a Devil point, and won’t make the appointment with Dex. 
Choose to help your friend and go to the photo studio. 
Sure, Dex. Of course, you can count on me. 
Dex give you three negatives to develop. 
Take the box and go home. 

Develop the photos Dex left for you and talk to Amanda about them.

Set up the developing tools in the bathroom. 

  1. Place negative in the enlarger. 
  2. Place paper in the tray. 
  3. Expose print to light for 5 seconds.

Using tongs from this point: 

  1. Wash in first bath for 10 seconds. 
  2. Wash in second bath for 5 seconds. 
  3. Wash in third bath for 8 seconds. 
  4. Hang to dry.


Call Amanda about the photos you developed.

The photos are of the mayor. One with his far away cousin. 

Solving the murder – 2

[/h1]Dex will be call again next week. 
Dex will call on a weekday evening, so be in the living room.[/h1] 
He asks you to bring the photos to the warehouse. This opens this location. 
Donna arrives. If you choose to spend time with them, you get a Devil point, and won’t make the appointment with Dex. 
Go to the warehouse district and give the photos. 
Visit Dex. 


Next time, you can ask Clara to model. Offer her fifty, then hundred and tell her she gets your half (Angel point.) 
In the photoshoot, you discover the birthmark. It was Clara who hit Franz over the head. But she didn’t strangle him. Clara probably takes all your money. 
Next time Donna asks for the rent, you need to call your mother for money. Donna will ask you if you have girlfriend. Earn money playing at The Top Hat club. 

Talk to Amanda about Clara. She will eventually stop by, if you don’t call her.

Call Amanda and tell her about Clara. 

Swing by your office again.

Amanda visits you. She followed up on Greg. He was taken into custody, but not arrested at NPC. 
See if you can turn up some clues into the strangulation of Franz Marquis. 
Talk to Brenda. Greg stangled a man with his towel because the other insulted his home country (Clue). Does Amanda know? 
Talk to Greg. Greg confirms the incident, but says the other started (Clue). And he only humiliated him. 
Talk to Two-Cents. He tells you there was a hit on Franz by the mayor. 
Talk to Freddie. He suggests ‘Elbows McGhee’ a contractor could have strangled Franz. And he suggests making an appointment with Lil’Frankie. Ask Della to do it. You go to warehouse district. 
Talk to Lil’ Frankie. Het tells you Elbows wasn’t in Paradise the night Franz was murdered (Clue). Frankie will get back to you with Elbows’ number. 
Talk to Lionel. He saw him in the week of Franz’s murder (Clue). 
Talk to Two-cents. He tells you Elbows was going to take the job, but didn’t (Clue). 

Amanda will by your home or office for updates, now and then.

When Amanda visits you can inform her of your findings. 
Take a stab at solving the question of the strangler. 

  • Greg admits he hated Franz Marquis. (1) 
  • Greg admitted to having a short temper. (2) 
  • Greg has a history of violence but no arrests. (2) 
  • Franz was working on an agreement between the campground and the mayor. Blackmail photos were involved. (3) 
  • Two-Cents confirms there was a hit on Franz’s head, likely directed from the mayor. (3) 
  • Lionel saw Elbows McGhee the week of Franz’s murder. (4) 
  • Lil’ Frankie says Elbows told him he would be in Ohio during the time Franz was murdered. (4) 
  • Greg tried strangling a rude visitor with his towel. (1) 
  • Two-Cents says he talked Elbows McGhee out of taking the hit on Franz Marquis.

Then you need to choose who strangled Franz: 
It was Greg Stones or it was Elbows McGhee. 
With the additional information from Two-Cents, I chose Greg Stones. 
Amanda still wants a connection between Franz and the mayor. She will inform you when she can arrange a meeting for you. 
Amanda visits you again and tells you Franz has been poisoned. 


After the race Butch tells you Greg came from Franz’ apartment and didn’t attend the party. 
[This is as far as I’ve gotten in the murder mystery.] 

Task List – 1


Spend some time meeting the neighbors

Polly – Jane – Zoe – Edith and Lionel – Rita. 

Peep out the window and watch Bethe dance.

Left apartment building, 2nd floor on the right. This event is random. 

Peep out the window and watch Bethe shower.

Left apartment building, 2nd floor on the right. This event is random. 

Consider practicing the guitar. You learn a skill and pass the time.

Click on the guitar in the living room. You need to do this ten times to get the Guitar hero badge. Get this badge before going to The Top Hat to play for the band. 

Go to Dex’s studio to help with a photoshoot

Dex asks you to do a photoshoot. Sandra is inexperienced. You need to talk her through the photoshoot. 
Does Sandra know she has to model nak*d, or not? (Angel point) 
Why don’t you take pictures? Don’t sweat it (Angel point) or That’s hilarious (Devil point) 
Who are pictures for? Knows his history badge 
Spend Angel points 
Yes, it’s a nice pose – Smile for me again – You’re a natural model – Do you mind if I give you some tips? – Keep it up – Are you comfortable? – Did you like working at the Top Hat? Smooth talker badge. 

Get Polly to model.

Speak with Polly at least five times: sit with Polly (Angel point) – Ask about self | You have the looks for a stage actress – Ask about her husband (Angel point) – Ask about party – Ask to introduce you to Austin – Ask about self | Do what makes you happy (Angel point) – Help in the garden (Angel point) – Model 
At the photoshoot choose: You’re a natural beauty – You’re doing great, Polly. – Keep smiling. – I could get lost in these eyes – Were you a model before, and you didn’t tell me? 
Offer s*x 
Sit with Polly and help with crosswords: Phallic (Angel point). 

Get Butch on my good side.

When you meet Zoe for the second time, and have peeked on Butch and her, Zoe asks you to take her to your room for s*x. The next morning Butch punches you. 
Talk to Butch and say that Zoe lied to you. Butch will allow you to keep pleasing Zoe. 

Get Jane to model.

Cook with Jane. (Angel point) 
Offer to help 
Talk about self 
Model – you need to fill the side bar. 
Thanks for doing this. You are a brave woman. – Knowing you, I trust you’ll get back on track. – Beautiful and charming – You’re a natural beauty. – You poise and confidence. – You bet you are! – At the moment, no. – I’ll bet you are more beautiful than your sister. – What’s more fun? Studying or modeling? – Think about the way you want to come across in print. – Last round. Give it everything you got! 

Have s*x at The Top Hat Club, by playing well for the band.

Visit the club. Talk to Two-Cents (you need to do this several times for him tell you that if you ever need a favor). 
Play in the band. 
Visit backstage. 

Take picture of Zoe.

Freddie asks you for a nak*d picture of Zoe. In PeepView see her walking in the kitchen. Snap the photo when she’s in the center of the view. 

Get Rita to model.

Ask Rita about modeling. 
Her father won’t let her. He’s usually at her apartment on Monday and Tuesday morning. You have to get him to agree. 

Go see Greg (Rita’s father) on Monday or Tuesday morning in her apartment. From peeping you should know, they live on the 2nd floor, first door on the left.

You get kicked out by Greg. 

Ask Polly about Gregory Stones.

Polly tells you Greg invited her to the Paradise Naturist Club. The location opens. 

When the maid comes to clean, ask her about Gregory Stones before she leaves for the day.

What do you know about Gregory Stones?: He likes younger men, and has an eye on Butch. She also tells you Gretta Brentworth is back from her trip to Paris. 

Get a membership at the Paradise Naturist Club.

Go to PNC and pay $110 membership. 
What can you tell me about Mr Gregory Stones? 
When does Gregory Stones visit?: He usually visits on Wednesdays and Sundays. 
Where does Gregory Stones hang out? 

Go see Greg at the nudist beach, near the club. Check any morning except Monday and Tuesday.

Go to NPC beach talk to Greg. 

Get Butch to help you take blackmail photos with Greg at the nudist beach.

Talk to Butch. Agree to meet at NPC on a Wednesday or Sunday. 
Get your camera. 
Go to NPC beach. 
Find Greg and Butch. 
Go to Dex and get film. 
Take pictures. 
If this fails, talk to Butch and set another day. 
Dex develops film. 

Go to Rita’s apartment on Monday or Tuesday morning.

Talk to Greg. Rita can model for you. 
Talk to Rita. Your father said he would allow you to model for me. But she won’t. You will also get involved in Rita and the Aliens if you look out of your window on Friday evening. 

Go to Rita’s apartment Sunday or Thursday evening.

Visit Rita. 

Go to Rita’s on Thursday or Sunday night.

Visit Rita. 

Discover June to open up the Bethe storyline. Keep interacting with Jane in various ways to get there.

When Jane doesn’t remember your name, then you’re talking to June. 
Tell about self: she ask’s if you are single. – Take her home. 
When you see Jane and ask to go back to your place, she slaps you (Devil point). 
Talk to June again. Do you have an identical twin sister? 
Talk to Jane again. Still mad? – Offer to help. 

Look out the window sometime. The wealthy heiress has finally come home.

Peep through the window. Gretta is on the 3rd floor of the apartment building on the right. 
Visit Gretta. 

You should visit Gretta again some time. When you see her from the window, hop on over to her place.

Peep through the window. Gretta is on the 3rd floor of the apartment building on the right. 
Visit Gretta. 
Have you ever considered modeling? 
Gift conundrum: agree with Gretta (Angel point). 

  • Rita got purse + Tropic of Cancer – wanted gloves 
  • Polly got hat + 120 days of Sodom – wanted purse 
  • Jane got vase + Howl and other poems – wanted vase 
  • June got gloves + Lolita – wanted hat.

Get your reward. 

Try to help Bethe find a new job (go to the Top Hat and talk to Freddie).

Meet Bethe. She will tell you she just graduated from university and needs an acting job. 
Hey, I know a girl that might make for a great dancer here. 
Freddie needs a portfolio from Bethe. 

Do a photoshoot with Bethe for Freddie.

Tell Bethe about the Top Hat opportunity. At first, she doesn’t trust you enough. You have to find her a friend. 
And if it’s any consolation, you’ve found a new friend in me (Angel point). 
Talk to June: Introduce Bethe. 
Go to Bethe’s apartment. 
Take Bethe to June in the courtyard. 

Get Bethe and take her to the Top Hat to audition.

Talk to Bethe. 
Smooth talk her, you silver tongued cad. 
Dex shows you how to develop photos. 

Take Bethe’s portfolio to Freddie at The Top Hat.

Talk to Freddie. 

Try to successfully audition Bethe at The Top Hat.

Bethe in courtyard: Are you ready to audition at the Top Hat? 
Talk to Freddie at the club. 
Accompany her on guitar until she’s undressed. 

When you view some of the action in PeepView, see if you can run across the courtyard and join in the action.

This taks appears randomly, several times. These are the available PeepViews I’ve found. 

  • Bethe shower – visit 
  • Bethe dancing 
  • Bethe and June – join 
  • Rita writing 
  • Rita playing with herself 
  • Rita abducted by aliens 
  • Edith and Lionel – join 
  • Zoe nak*d 
  • Zoe dressing 
  • Zoe and Butch 
  • Zoe and Butch arguing 
  • Jane reading 
  • Jane shower – visit 
  • Polly cleaning – visit 
  • Gretta watching TV – visit 
  • Austin with woman 
  • Austin with Anita – join 
  • Vanessa and Anna pillow fight 


Task List – 2


Go see Austing when he’s ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ Anita against the window.

Kind of. 
You can be seen having s*x in the window. 

Take a picture of Austin and Anita in PeepView. Develop it in the bathroom.

Take the picture. Develop it. 

Take the print to Austin and Anita the next time you see them in the window.

From now on you can join them. 

Convince Gretta to model.

When you see Gretta in the window, visit her. 
You will need to please her. Eat ten meals from the refrigerator. Get the Bizarre food badge. Now, try Gretta again. You’ll go to the photo studio immediately. 
Talk to Dex later, to develop the photos. He tells you to call your old boss. 

Call ♥♥♥♥, your old boss.

Call ♥♥♥♥, the pass by Dex to get a negative. Opens GAM location. 
Visit GAM. Talk to Melinda. Get Angel point if you tell her she doesn’t need bigger breasts or Devil point if you tell her she definitely needs bigger breasts. 

Wait for a few days for you boss to call you back. 
Pick up the rest of the prints and negatives from Dex.

Go to photo studio. Pick up the photos. 
Go to GAM. Drop off photos. 

Go to Dex’s and give him the money.

Go to Dex. Give money. You get the studio and need to see Frankie at the warehouse. He will set up a private detective agency for you. 


Ask Clara to improve upon her uniform. Go to the courtyard. Ask Zoe to join you upstairs. Clara will join. When you’re done. Your sister, Vanessa, will visit. Zoe opens the door. You can tell Vanessa you were doing the laundry for a Devil point. 

Ask someone if they know of any jobs available for Vanessa.

Ask Freddie. 
Ask Bethe. 
Ask Rita. 
Ask Zoe. 
Ask Butch. 

Bring June home when Clara is cleaning.

Clara surprises June and you. June ask if you were hoping Clara would join. 
Only if you want to. 

Wait a few days. You will be getting your very own office soon, detective. 
Visit your new business at Dex’s old shop.

Go to photo studio. Talk to Della. Amanda visits to wish you good luck. 

Solve case, using the work board at Paradise Investigations.

[See cases section] 
Ask Della to show you her t*ts, after each successful case. 
When she tells you you may not like her breasts, say Impossible for an Angel point or You might be right for a Devil point. 
After solving the case for Freddie about the murder in his club. Della shows you her breasts. 

Swing by the office again.

Amanda asks you for help at the grocery shop. 

  1. Angela 
  2. Paul 
  3. Frances 
  4. Bobby 
  5. Cathy 
  6. Gina 
  7. Eugene

Talk to Sandra. Get Angel point if customers come for her personality or Devil point if they come for her looks. 

Swing by your office now and then. Make sure you do all the cases available.

[See cases section] 

Vanessa will drop by sometime soon.

Vanessa tells you she’s looking for an apartment with her friend Annabelle. Anna has a lead on a job. 
Talk to Donna if she has an apartment available for Vanessa. 
Donna drops by for the rent. Ask her about an apartment. The apartment of Franz is available. Vanessa also drops by. Donna takes Vanessa to view the apartment. 

♥♥♥♥ will call asking for your help soon.

♥♥♥♥ calls and he wants you to do a photoshoot. At the studio, Vanessa and Annabelle are there. Anna leaves. Rack up as many Devil or Angel points with Vanessa. 
Alright Vanessa, the key to a great photoshoot is to be confident and relaxed (Angel point) or The man paying for this insists you ‘push boundaries’ (Devil point). 
You’ve obviously never modeled before (Devil point) or You may be inexperienced, but you have natural gifts (Angel point). 
Why are you doing that pose again? (Devil point) or That’s fine. Do what you’re comfortable with (Angel point). 
Oh, uh… back to that pose again, too, huh? (Devil point) or I hope you don’t tell Mom about this (Angel point). 
I disagree (Angel point) or I suppose you’re right (Devil point). 
Wait a second. Why are you doing this pose again? (Devil point) or Van, I know you’re nervous, but eventually you gotta show more (Angel point). 
About damn time! (Devil point) or Very brave of you (Angel point). 
After the photoshoot, Skinny Sam visits you. He has a catalogue of specialist equipment. 

Take Vanessa’s photoshoot to GAM.

Develop the photos in your bathroom. 
Take them to GAM. 

Vanessa and Anna will be moving in soon.




You can visit Sandra at the grocery store. She will ask your advice on spicing up her dresses. You can support her boss’ idea, tell her to dress how she likes, or agree to spice it up a bit. There are several variations. 

Try visiting Vanessa and Anna when you know they are home. (Use PeepView). They won’t always let you in.

Talk to Vanessa and Annabelle. Play Slap Prime. You win a heart with Anna by playing. 

Your ex-girlfriend, Penny, may drop in soon.

She says she left Biff and was wrong about you. Tell her she’s a two-timing ♥♥♥♥♥ for a Devil point or I feel like I’ve been used for an Angel point. 
Why didn’t you think of me before then? (Angel point) or That’s too bad. Been doing great without you (Devil point). 
I’m not down for dating you again, but I’m down for ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ (Devil point) or Do you want to try again? (Angel point). 
She suggests dinner: it doesn’t matter what you choose. She suggests Gracie’s. This opens up a new part of the map. 
She asks you to call her. 
[Apparently Penny’s storyline ends here.] 

You would trip over this eventually, but here is a nudge: Look out the bedroom window late at night sometime.

Looking out the window, you see a man fall out of Gretta’s bedroom window. And a man slides down the emergency ladder. 
The case of a Lover’s Leap? [See cases section] 

You should get to know Anna better. She loves playing cards.

Play Slap Prime. Win or lose gains a heart. After 3 hearts you can ask her for a date. 

Go help Butch on the race tracks.

In the courtyard, Butch asks for your help. He needs pictures of women distract his race car driver. He tells you to go to the racetrack on Saturday. The location is open on the other half of the map. 
Look for the tele-lens everywhere. 
Go to the tracks. 


Use keyboard. 
Stay in top lane as much as you can – press space twice when you see someone next to the track. 
Go down, then up again to avoid other cars. 
If you avoid every car, you win the race. 
Some women are hard to see, so pay attention to the helmet appearing. 
Fast with a trigger badge 
If you go to the office after the race. The tele-lens will be on Della’s desk. 

Ask Annabelle on a date. You can go on more than one.

Take Anna to Gracie’s. 
The small talk game The aim is to fill the bar. Depending on your relationship with Anna, you can choose different answers. Play it safe in the beginning, then take more chances. 
Ask about Anna: What aspirations do you have? 
Talk about me: I play guitar | I like the color brown 
Pass to Anna: Photograph beautiful girls – I’d like to show you my work sometime. | Do you do volunteer work – lie for Devil point. 
Compliment: You have a great body. 
Flirt: say something witty | sexy 
Annabelle doesn’t mind that you touch her, and your excitement. 
Keep getting to know Anna, and taking her on dates for a reward. 
You need >gt;= 5 hearts for the happy end. 

Task List – 3


Lie detector

Once you have the money buy the lie detector. Test it on Vanessa. Then go back to the office and call Skinny Sam to complain. Amanda interrupts for an emergency session. Return to the office and in the back. Della is hooked up to the lie detector. Skinny Sam explains how it works. 
I switched the middle lever, at high intensity for the 4 second duration. And toggled the juice switch twice. Then I flipped the right lever, at high intensity for the 4 second duration. And toggled the juice switch twice. Both indicators were above 70%. I asked all the questions. Della lies about the last three. You know you got it right when Della says you humiliated her. 
The session ends and Della offers to do it again. 

A cut-scene suggests the end of Chapter 1.

But you can continue your adventure: dating Anna, photographing walk-in models and getting Sandra to dress differently. 

Drop-in photoshoot

In your office, sometimes someone asks to photograph a girl. You have to talk her into undressing completely. You may need to flatter (F), encourage (E) or reprimand (R) her to make it happen. 

  • Do you think I could model for playmates magazine? – F 
  • May I should have had a pedicure before this – F&nbnbsp;
  • Will I get to see the pictures before anyone else? – R 
  • In what magazines have you published? – R 
  • I hope my father sees this – E 
  • Where do you get the fancy equipment? – R 
  • Why do I have goosebumps? – E 
  • Did you photograph someone famous? – F 
  • What if the pictures aren’t any good? F/E 
  • Do you think I have what it takes to be a model? – F 
  • I hope they turn out good. – E 
  • I’ve always wondered if I have the right figure for this – E 
  • I’ve never done anything like this before. – E 
  • My ex-boyfriend is gonna be so jealous – F 
  • How long have you been a photographer? – E

[It’s possible to get separate tasks in your notepad about testing the detector on Vanessa and on Della.] 

Solve cases, using the work board at Paradise Investigations


The case of the missing towel.

Mr Abraham’s towel was stolen at the PNC. Talk to Brenda and ask all the questions. Investigate the three cabins. 
Click the sand in cabin 3 and present the evidence to Brenda. 
Next day, Brenda tells you you were right. 

The case of bumbled plumbing.

You need to fix Edith’s plumbing. Use the magnifying glass to identify the bad pipe. Use the four hints. 

The case of Freddie’s ear.

Freddie wants you to eavesdrop on two hoodlums while playing the guitar on stage. Play guitar, and when you have the opportunity, click on eavesdrop. You need at least four good leads. 

The case of two Gretta’s

Apparently, the photos of Gretta are appearing in another magazine. ♥♥♥♥ is angry because he bought exclusive rights. You head over to GAM. 
You have to compare two pictures: 
With the magnifying glass, discover a mole on the left neck and a scar next to the hip of the model in the magazine. They are not on the original photo. 
Without the magnifying glass discover the model’s feet are bigger than Gretta’s and that her breasts are lopsided. 
If you find all four, Melinda will ask your opinion of her breasts. Tell her they were perfect. 
Present your findings. 

The case of a Lover’s Leap?

Looking out the window, you see a man fall out of Gretta’s bedroom window. And a man slides down the emergency ladder. 
Wait for authorities (angel point) – examine body (devil point). 
Not to do it again. 
I also saw another man escaping down the emergency ladder. 
Amanda’s right. It doesn’t necessarily mean the runner was responsible for this man’s demise. 
I’ll make sure my assistant, Della, checks that all my paperwork is in order. (Spend 2 Angel points) or Of course I have a license. (Lie and spend 2 Demon points) 
Examine the scene: flowers under body – shoes – suit – flowerbed – flyer in body’s pocket. 
Discuss scene with detectives 
Sure, let’s go see Gretta. 
Tell me everything that happened, Gretta. | If you choose: Wouldn’t you like a robe or something? then choose: I apologize, Gretta. I did not mean to suggest you are offensive. 
Where did the stranger enter? 
Have you ever seen the man before? 
Was there anyone in the apartment with you, before the intruder arrived? 
Search for clues 
Living room: TV – right corner – bed 
Door entry 
Master bedroom: window – broken glass – incense – painting – book – box 
Talk to detectives 
Evidence of untruth 
You said you were watching television… | The TV stays warm for some time after you use it, right? (20%) or There’s evidence of you being in the bedroom, and not here, when the man broke in. – There’s incense burning, birth control and an unmade bed. (10%) 
About the break-in. (40%) 
Circumstantial and Corroborating Evidence 
Gretta, did you recently purchase a vacuum? – I think you purchase that vacuum within the last few days. (60%%) – He was wearing his Sunday best and brought expensive flowers. (80%) – Evidence of another man: I noticed incense and your birth control storage in the room (95%) – Gretta is telling the truth. 
Amanda rewards you. 

Death in the back room of The Top Hat

Freddie asks you to investigate Tammy’s death. Tammy is his nephew Beau’s girlfriend. And Freddie is worried his nephew has something to do with Tammy’s death. 
Go backstage 

  1. Walk around by touching areas of the floor. 
  2. You can only investigate objects you are standing nearby. 
  3. Try not to ruin any evidence, and be careful where you walk. 
  4. When ready, go discuss this case with Freddie. 
  5. Final piece of advice: sometimes, you can find extra stuff in the same area.

Gun – Body: suicide note – Body – Blood splatter – Cabinet 1 right + top hat – Cabinet 2 right + coat: diary – Cabinet 3 right + shopping bag – Armoire left – left Drawers – Make up box – Middle drawers – Right drawers – Lamp – Purse: letter. 
Discuss with Freddie 
Clues found: 

  • The victim had an admirer, who wrote her a love letter. 
  • I found the victim’s suicide note on her. 
  • The gun fell to the left side of the victim. 
  • She writes that Bob can get easily angered. 
  • Says she’s tired of him making her live in fear.

I believe the victim committed suicide. – Possibly… – I think Beau contributed to Tammy’s suicide. – I don’t think Gregory’s love for Tammy had much influence on her death. – I think the suicide note expresses the victim’s true thoughts. 
In another version, you need to search the top hat twice. 
Clues found: 

  • A bottle of pills belonging to the victim. 
  • The victim likely had a secret lover, based on the love letter discovered. Interesting that it was hidden away from any of the victim’s belongings. 
  • The gun fell to the right side of the victim. 
  • I found blood on the diary, and the diary was hidden in someone else’s locker. Maybe the murderer’s fingerprints are on it. 
  • She writes that Bob can get easily angered. 
  • An she’s more afraid of him, than ever.

I believe the victim was murdered. – Yes, I think so. – I think Beau may have murdered Tammy. – I think Tammy was afraid Beau knew about someone named Gregory, her lover. – Based on what I found, Tammy was an occasional user of drugs. 

Rita and the Aliens


Rita was abducted by aliens! Keep checking on the window on Friday nights and maybe talk to her about it.

Rita gets abducted by aliens. 
If you go watch TV with Gretta, aliens will come check you out. 

Look out the window on Friday nights and talk to Rita about it.

Talk to Rita. She denies there’s something wrong. After three weeks, you can ask her more. 
Tell me where you go on Friday nights. 
Then two weeks later, you can ask evenmore. 
Insist on talking about abductions. 
You will have to find a way into her apartment on Friday. 

Who would have a key to Rita’s apartment?

There are two routes: Greg or Donna 
Go to PNC. Talk to Greg. 
Talk to Brenda. Go to Greg’s cabin. Steal his key. 
Ask Donna for a key. If you can please her, she’ll give it to you. 
Donna shows you new locations to have s*x in your living room. A button appears, click on it. Keep clicking the buttons until org*sm. 
[Cheat: press escape when the button appears – move your mouse to the button – press escape and click on button.] 

You have Rita’s key! Sneak into her place on Friday afternoon or evening, before she gets abducted.

Sneak into Rita’s apartment and get abducted to the alien ship. Altitz explains their research on Rita. 
That’s unethical! (angel point) | Can I ask Rita some questions, while she’s on it? (devil point) 
You need to fill the bar by asking Rita about Life – Love – S*x. 
Life: Are you happy? – Love: Do you have a boyfriend? – S*x: Who are your current sexual partners? S*x: Who was your best sexual partner? [Ego boost badge] – S*x: What’s your favorite sexual position? – Love: Are you in love with someone now? 
When on the space ship, you have the opportunity to give Rita the perfect org*sm. It makes her forget she’s being kidnapped by aliens. 
You just gotta listen to her… 
There are three buttons you can press: Green – Red – Blue. 

  • Grope me, Jake – blue – blue 
  • Give me everything – red – green – blue 
  • In my a*s: red -blue 
  • ♥♥♥♥ me, Stu: blue – red 
  • Choke me with it: red – red 
  • Pay attention to her needs until you fill the bar. 
  • Maybe look out the window on Friday night again.

[After this, the Rita storyline repeats.] 


Knows his history – ask Dex about Don Mosso 
Smooth talker – successful photoshoot with Sandra. 
Fast with a trigger – win the race and take enough pictures. 
Well read – read 10 books. 
Guitar hero – study guitar ten times. 
Bizarre food – eat 10 meals from the refrigerator. 
Ego boost – Rita has a perfect org*sm. 
[These are the badges I found, so far.] 

Written by faraday00

Here we come to an end for Paradise Lofts Paradise Lofs – Chapter One – Full Guide hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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