Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing

Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing 1 -
Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing 1 -

Welcome, and we hope you find our Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing Guide.

Order Station

What do I know about what I should make?

This is the Order station:

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing - Order Station - 405EFF4

You can take orders from the customers at the counter, the delivery phone, or the dining room bell. You don’t have to worry about the way your order was taken affecting your score. It’s just a little visual variation to your day to daily Freezeria Shop keeping. The STATS Menu will let you know whether there will be phone delivery or bell dining-in under the day number.

Through the Order Station you earn your Waiting Score.

You can earn a 100% score on your wait time by being prompt in accepting the order of the customer and preparing the order as quickly as possible.

You’ll lose points if a customer cannot receive their order or waits too long until they are taken.


Do not sacrifice Accuracy in other score categories for a better Waiting Score by rushing a poorly made Order out. It’s typically not worth it.

Furthermore, customers will be more patient if their shop Lobby is decorated. For more information, see the Lobby Decoration section of this guide. Try and aim for an impressive Shop Lobby score to make them wait as long as possible.

Although it can be a time-consuming process to take orders, it will become more efficient as each customer gets more stars. Special Orders are the quickest orders to process.


Remember to always make sure you have enough time remaining on currently mixing orders in the Mix Station before accepting a new order.


Building Station

How do I get started placing an order?

This is the Build station:

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing - Build Station - D04AEAB

You can earn Build Station points. Build Score .

Here you select a cup size, fill it with Ice Cream base, choose Mixable to add, and choose a Syrup to pour in. To find out the preferred cup size and ingredients look up the Order ticket.

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing - Build Station - 6A6D748

Click the Pour Button to pour ingredients. The black meter line should be higher than the green center of your meter. The button is pressed three (3) times at the same time for the Ice Cream, once for the Mixable, and then again for the Syrup.

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing - Build Station - 44C5A75

Pick the right Cup Size, Mixable and Syrup to get 100% Build Score. Then, place the meter in the green center for each of the three presses of the Pour Button.

Note: If You purchase the Auto Ice Cream Upgrade for the Build Station in the SHOPPING Tab of the Menu, you will automatically receive a 100% Accurate pour for the Ice Cream Pour.

Note: If you get the black meter-line accurately in the green center, you will get Bonus Money.

After you have added the Mixable and Syrup to your order, it is sent to the Mix Station.



 Remember, Take careful note of a customers desired cup size on their Order Ticket as it’s easy to miss!


Build Station Timing

How do I hit the green in center quickly?

This is what I have found to be most effective:

I mentally count 1,2,3, every time I click on the cup mixable, syrup, or cup I choose.

  • 1 – Clicking on the selected ingredient/black meter-line to hit the red right side of the meter on “1”
  • 2- The black meter-line hitting the red left meter side on “2”
  • 3. Clicking the Pour button on “3” 3. Place the black meter-line into the green center of the meter.

Here’s a graphic to help you figure out the proper way to count.

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing - Build Station Timing - 91FC0BC

If you are doing it correctly You could win bonus coins as well as a variant of the “Awesome!” affirmation.

Papa's Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing - Build Station Timing - 7A1A38E

Bonus Money

How Bonus Money is determined:

The number of times you have to pass the black-meter-line through the green center starting from the time you hit the ingredient button determines you Bonus Money that you will receive. The quicker you hit button (less passages of the black-meter line over the green center) the greater the Bonus Money amount received will be.

1st passAwesome! (4 coins appear)

2nd passAwesome!

3rd passGreat! (2 coins appear)

Fourth pass and beyondGood! (1 coin appears)

You should aim to go accurately fast enough (“Awesome!” affirmation) at each meter as to earn the most Bonus Money per day.

There is a certain amount of Bonus Money bonuses you can earn based on the total number of customers you will be receiving during the day. This means that there’s no point to Build Station Bonus Money farming. (Example: If seven (7 – customers enter the store during a single day, then you can earn seven (7 Bonus Cash bonuses for the Ice Cream meter press, seven (7 – Bonus Money bonuses for the Mixable meter presses, and seven (7 – Bonus Money bonuses for the Syrup Meter press.)

Note: Bonus Money Limits are independent for each meter section of the Build station, not combined in total. You have the same set limit of Bonus Money bonuses for each Ice cream, Mixable, and Syrup meter section.

Note: Each "Awesome!", "Great!", or "Good!" Bonus Money bonus is each registered as one Bonus Money bonus. Meaning that if all you get is seven (7) "Good!" Bonus Money affirmations, you cannot additionally receive any more that are better, even if they are "Awesome!" or "Great!"

Note:You cannot earn Bonus Money from the food truck.

Note: You don’t need to throw away an order if you didn’t get coins and an affirmation message to get a 100% score. This is just a coin bonus. As long as the black-meter line ends in the green center, you score will be okay.

With patience and pacing you will master the timing, getting 100 percent every time.



Feel free to practice at the Food Truck

Use the background music tempo or sound effect timing to help you accurately click the button to hit the green center of the Build Station meter!

If having a difficult time, the black meter-line will slow with time to give you a chance to get it in the green. However, this will be much slower despite the accuracy, possibly at the risk of your Waiting Score, and earn you less Bonus Money.

Here we come to an end for Papa’s Freezeria Deluxe Build Station and Timing hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day! The inspiration for this guide comes from a post that kakie wrote, so a big thank you to him! Don’t forget to add us to your bookmarks if you like the post; we update regularly with fresh stuff.

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