PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown 1 -
PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown 1 -

A list of locations that will be used for PAGAN:Autogeny. Some spoilers.


Here is a rundown of all locations in Pagan:Autogeny. Spoilers! I assume you are already looking for something specific if this is what you are doing. This isn’t the way to get the end. There is no guarantee this will include everything. (Location names could not be accurate, I’ve only made guesses based on what I’ve read)

We are sorry, but we haven’t included the Fool’s Card Location yet.

Start Area

Transverse Station

Exits to Rainy Village

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Starting Area - 50317A0

  • Priestess Card () Bathroom
  • 3 Labour Vouchers
  • Caffeine
  • Right Arm
  • Poem (Emporium)
  • Mystic sword (Emporium,)
  • Estrogen (Emporium)



Exits to Snowy Forest

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Starting Area - D0E3E88

  • Caffeine
  • 2 Poem
  • 2 Estrogen


(: You need 10 of each stat)

  • Contains Judgement card
  • 2 Estrogen

Ghost Boss Room

Exits to Shrine

(If the ghost boss to Shrine is passed, it will temporarily disappear)

  • A corpse can be seen to the left in the room. It has a Hanged Man card



Exits back into the Ghost Boss Room

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Shrine - FC7DE80

Card Shrine

After you have handed over the 4 boss cards (Moon Star Sun Tower), it contains World card

Side cavern

To the left are black crystal enemies which can drop various loot.

Black crystal enemies drop:

  • Piercing Spear
  • Mystic sword
  • Devil Card
  • Death card
  • Justice Card
  • Card for the HangedMan
  • Hermit Card
  • (What About Other Cards?)


Rainy Village


Transverse Station exits

Connects to Red Dungeon (By Vehicle), and Fallen Temple By Painting (

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Rainy Village - 4CF5FC0

  • Right Leg
  • Pistol
  • Ruin (Right of Factory sign)
  • Car (travels with the Red dungeon)

House 1

  • Shotgun
  • Estrogen
  • Caffeine

House 2

  • Figure that falls to Hermit Card if killed


  • Cursed mask
  • Poem
  • Painting (Portal of the Ghost Temple (Need Wormhole Generator)


  • After interfacing with the TV, it contains Skull Boss.


Snowy Forest

Exits to Transverse Station or Red Dungeon

Connects to Fallen Temple

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Snowy Forest - 9CE899B


  • Justice Card (in Tower right at Station exit)
  • Stonehenge (Need 21 Tarot Cards)
  • Caffeine (By Hunter_Digger)
  • Poem (- Small platform?)
  • Estrogen (By Shipwreck)
  • Fallen Temple: Entrance

Dark Tavern

  • NPC Lily and the Bartender
  • Caffeine


Fallen Temple

Connects to Snowy Forest, Rainy Village (Through Painting)

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Fallen Temple - CD7B162

  • Body assembly (For Body Forging
  • Estrogen
  • Head
  • Priestly Vestment
  • Ranger’s Cloak
  • Aethermage and Ceridwen, Acolyte NCs
  • Painting (Portal to Rainy Village (Need Wormhole generator)

Shaman Boss Room

  • Contains Shaman Boss
  • 3 Labour Vouchers


Red Dungeon

Red Dungeon

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - Red Dungeon - E4A0087

Exits to Desert or Snowy Forest

Connects to Rainy Village by Car (

  • Left arm
  • Car
  • Venus Statue


The Desert

Exits to Red Dungeon

PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown - The Desert - 4C91565


  • Red crystal enemies drop various loots and cards.
  • Wormhole generator (By Oracle)
  • Left leg
  • Poem
  • Estrogen
  • Aspen, Willow, Sage NPCs

Red crystal enemies drop:

  • Piercing Spear
  • Cuirass
  • Magician Card
  • Priestess’ Card
  • Emperor Card
  • Empress Card
  • Hierophant Card
  • Lovers card
  • Chariot Card
  • Strength Card
  • Hermit Card
  • (What About Other Cards?)

Left Pyramid

  • Contains Fortune card

Right Pyramid

  • Contains Temperance card

Scarab Pyramid

  • Scarab Boss



Written by Nanotide

Here we come to an end for PAGAN: Autogeny Locations Rundown hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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