Don’t get stumped in PIIITT and give up, check here for hints and walkthroughs to help you figure it out! Just hope I don’t get stumped, too.



PIIITT builds onto the gameplay mechanics of the popular Valve game, “Portal”. If you’ve played portal, you don’t need help, you’re fine. But, what if you haven’t played portal? PIIITT is free, and portal isn’t, so there’s a good chance you are here without coming from there. 
Don’t worry, I will do what I can to help you acclimate. 
I have not yet completed PIIITT, but there is already requests for guides. Soooooo, as I figure out what to do, I’ll share it here with updates for anyone who is feeling stuck. Sound good? Sounds awesome! 
I have played lots of Portal, and in fact stopped playing only because there were no new puzzles. Custom multiplayer maps haven’t stopped, but the PUZZLES have, and I got bored. So, I am excited that PIIITT was created, as it has some fun, well designed puzzles, and I’ll share my Portal experience with you. 

The first puzzle: A little box!

I won’t waste space here with the first two rooms. They’re just basic movement controls. Want a walkthrogh? Here: 
Go through the door, find the ledge, jump up it. 
Woo hoo! You rock! 
Now for the actual puzzle. In Portal puzzles, you regularly have to find ways to manipulate your environment in basic ways to progress. This room is to make sure you know how to do exactly that. 
If you tried to jump onto the ledge with the exit door, you surely noticed it escapes your ability. You may have wandered around and found a box, and thought, “Hooray! How do I open it and get the prize?” But no. There is no prize inside the box. The box is the prize. 
Look at it so that your aiming reticle (white dot in the center of the screen) is on the box, and grab it by clicking and holding your middle mouse button. If you don’t have a middle mouse button, I am sorry. I am truly, deeply sorry. No one can ever help you. 
See if you can find a more useful place for this box to sit. 
Now, that looks like a jumpable ledge, doesn’t it? Get used to solving problems this way, it is a skill you will rely on repeatedly in Portal puzzles. 
Now that you can climb onto the upper level, BUTTON! Those big beauties that love to get depressed. Step on it, see what happens. 
It’s pretty clear what you have to do next, right? But UH-OH! This button has to STAY pressed for you to proceed. Well, that helpful little box isn’t doing anything useful right now. Look over the ledge, and pull it up. 

The second puzzle: glowy holes in the walls!

Meet Mr. Blue Portal. He is the better half of the portal team. He just is. 
You can’t use a blue portal by itself, however. You need an opposite portal, Mr. Orange Portal. To bring him out, look up, and find the box sitting precariously over a ledge. 
Grab the box the same way you did in the previous puzzle, and pull it down to your level. If you keep looking around, you’ll spot a nice big button in a curiously box-shaped recess in the corner. I think you can see where this is going. 
Click – FWOOSH! 
It’s not a Stargate, it’s an orange portal! It’s way up on the second level, where you can’t reach, but you don’t need to. When blue and orange portals exist simultaneously, they form a gateway beyond the reach of existence to place where you can simply decide to instantly relocate from one to the other. Try it out by walking into the blue portal. 
Blue and orange portals are 2-way routes, so it doesn’t matter which one you walk into. However, you should get in the habit of keeping track of which one is where. After you obtain the ability to place portals at will, this detail will become importal. 
HA! I meant to say important, but I’ve been typing the word “portal” so much that I… ahem, moving on. 
Now you have a new button to push, but you need the box to keep the other button pushed, right? Nope, you can forget that old button. 
Your first thought may be to reach through the grill and pull the box up, but you will find that very difficult. Not impossible, but not the best way. 
Instead, just walk over to the opposite corner (near the exit button) and grab the box from across the room. 
The orange portal will shut off as soon as the box leaves the button, but that’s fine. The puzzle is solved! 

The third puzzle: LAVA!

Yep, you are in mortal danger. Welcome to Earth. 
So, there is an orange portal, but no blue one. There is a button, and a spinning laser-thing. Also a lava-spout that is spewing lava-proof boxes. Welcome to PORTAL PUZZLES! 
You can step on the button to see what it does. It is connected to the spinny thing in the middle of the lava. When the button is pushed, the spinny thing fires out a blue portal! If you time it right, you can get the blue portal to appear in a spot that is convenient to you. But the button has to be held down, so grab that box you see falling out of the lava spout and put it to use. 
The completed portal pair now lets you access the upper level, where the exit button is. But this time, you won’t be opening it with the box. 
Instead, notice how the exit button is so nicely just above the lower button. Stand on the exit button, and pick up the box. 
Now simply drop the box when the blue laser is about to aim through the exit-door. With a portal on the other side of the door, and here in the room with you, who needs doors at all? 

The fourth puzzle: MORE SPINNY THINGS!

This seems to be the spot where several players have gotten stumped, but fear not! I will reveal, for my own amusement, the wisdom required to succeed! 
This is a “momentum” puzzle, a demonstration of another puzzle concept that is basic to Portal games. In this room, you’ll learn this rule: 
Speedy thing goes in, speedy thing comes out. 
It’s true. 
When you enter the room, a wall will open, revealing a lava pit at the bottom, a slope at the top, and a couple tumbling boxes. One box will tumble out to where you can get it, but the other will be a bit more work. 
The two buttons you see correspond with the spinny things across the room, and they are charmingly color-coded to help you discern which is for which. Grab the box and get ready to drop it on the blue spinny thing. Just like in the previous room, time it so the blue portal appears in a place that is conveniently accessible by you. 
As for the orange button, watch the orange spinny thing, and jump on the button when the orange beam aims at the slope where the second box is tumbling down. 
TIP: When standing on buttons that require careful timing, you can simply jump to skip forward in small increments. 
If you get it right, the box will fall through the portals, ready to serve. 
Got it? Good! Now we can start the puzzle. 
To progress, you’ll need to re-position the portals, and you’ll want to use both boxes for it. This time, place the blue portal on a wall next to the blue spinny thing, and the orange portal anywhere you can reach it, like on the floor or a low spot on the wall. 
Hooray! Now you can reach the blue spinny thing! Drop into the portal and sack that sucker. 
Next, you’ll collect the orange spinny thing, and become a dual-spinny-thing puzzle-wrecking-machine. 
For this, you’ll want to reposition the orange portal way up high in the corner of the white wall, near the ceiling. 
As for placement of the blue portal, you control the blue spinny thing now, and can place the blue portal almost anywhere you want. Experiment with it for a moment, just shoot some blue portals around. You’ll discover that some surfaces, mostly the black-tile areas, can’t be portaled. You’ll need to keep this in mind as you continue tackling Portal puzzles. 
But, the orange portal is WAY over there, and the orange spinny thing is WAY over there, how do you get it? Right? Follow these steps, and you will fall into the exciting world of portal momentum. 
1.) Get down on the white floor. 
2.) Place a blue portal at your foot, you will immediately fall through. 
3.) While falling down from the orange portal, fire another blue portal to where you will land. This can be tricky, even with a lot of practice, so don’t feel frustrated if it takes you several tries. That is completely normal. 
Once you have achieved this, you will rocket back out of the orange portal with enough momentum to grab the orange spinny thing! 
With both spinny things in hand, you are a god of impossible things. The cosmos surrenders to you, and nature shudders at your slightest displeasure! However, you are still stuck in this room, so… get over it. 
You may notice that this room lacks an exit. This is good. You have portals. You don’t need exits. Doorways are mere suggestions to you. You go where ever you please! And right now, you should see if you can figure out how to get back up to the place you came from before you entered this room. 
Head back to the broken door you passed earlier, and take a close look. It’s closed, sort of, but not too closed to impede the will of your mighty portaling godhood. Just the tiniest crack is all you need, and the puzzle is all over! 
Until the next one. There are more puzzles. You have to do those, too. 

The fifth puzzle: Coming soon!

Yep. It’s late, and I’ve done enough on this for one day. I am moving and have to go get my U-Haul truck in the morning, so I am stopping it right here. I will continue adding guide for more puzzles next time. Until then, don’t give up! You can do it! I mean, I can do it, so I assume you can. You probably can. 
Hint for this puzzle: 
Keep track of which portal (blue or orange) you place where, and try to re-use your portal powers in a way that lets you get the boxes from the previous room up to the buttons by the exit door. If done right, it will take you only one trip. 

Written by Gyrant

This is all for P3TT – WALKTHROUGH GAMEPLAY AND GUIDES hope you enjoy the post. If you believe we forget or we should update the post please let us know via comment, we will try our best to fix how fast is possible! Have a great day!

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