P3TT level 5 walkthrough

P3TT level 5 walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
P3TT level 5 walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
This is originally a walkthrough for the 5th level of P3TT, as I have not seen a text guide on this level (or any levels beyond). I may add more levels as I play through the game. Feel free to leave a comment with questions, clarifications, or anything!



This guide is a walkthrough for Level 5: Robots of P3TT. I may add pictures later, but for now it will just be text. Leave a comment if you find anything confusing or want a clarification! 

Learning how the Bots work

When you enter this room, you will see a portal wall, and, off to the right, a tall thin robot. I will call these Bots, just for conciseness. Shoot one portal, we’ll call it portal A, onto the portal wall. Remember which portal this is (blue or orange), it will become important later. Now, walk over to the Bot, but stay either behind it or right next to it. It will kill you, and it’s not a pleasant experience. Now look into the room past this one, you should see a cube in the next room. Use the middle mouse button to grab that from a distance. Once you have it, hold it up to basically eye level. Then, walk into the next room, keeping the box between you and the Bot at all times. Again, terrible death. Once you’re in the next room, move to the side that has a portal wall, and therefore out of the line of sight of the Bot. You can drop your cube off in this room for now. Now, remember which portal you placed before, portal A? Shoot the other color at this wall. We’ll call this one portal B. You now have a way to sneak around the Bot without being lasered. Walk through portal B, walk behind the Bot, and use the middle mouse button to press the button on its back. Danger averted, right? Well, let’s just say there’s a reason this level is called Robots. Now that this laser is off, walk back through portal A and into the room that has the cube in it. Place the cube on the button in the middle of the room and walk through the door that it opens. Be careful though, don’t walk too far! There’s a Bot pointed directly at the entry into the next room. 

The hard part

This is the part that I struggled with the most. How would I be able to get into the next room without immediate death? The only portal surface that you can see currently is right where the Bot is pointed. Remember portal B from the last section? Re-shoot that same portal so that the laser is pointed into the very first room, and is of no harm to you. Then, go into the last room, the one with the cube, and pick it up. Move so that you are right next to that portal wall, but not directly in front of it. Shoot portal A onto this wall. In other words, move the portal from the very first room into this room. You should be out of the way of the laser. Now pick up your cube, hold it as a shield, and move through the portal and into the room with the Bot. 


Now that you’ve made it into the next room, move toward the Bot, still with the cube shield up, and get as close as you can to the Bot. Then, move around the Bot to the right. I made the mistake of going left, and I promptly fell into a small hole that it was very difficult to get myself out of without getting recognized as a person and not a floating cube. Continue to move around the Bot until you are behind it. You should be safe now, and you can turn this Bot off with the button on its back. Now you can get a sense of your surroundings. There should be a tall platform with another Bot on it. Use portals to get up to that platform. Sneak up behind the Bot and turn it off too. You should also notice a button with sloped surfaces on two sides of it. There are also two receptacles for lasers, one on the ceiling above the platform, and one directly in front of the Bot on the platform. The next section will tell you exactly how to open the door, so if you want to try to figure it out yourself I’d leave here. 

Escape from the Bots

Looking at the exit, you should notice a portal surface right next to the door. This will be important later. Now, you must set up to open the door. You’re going to need to activate both laser receptacles as well as the cube button in the floor. First, make sure your cube is placed near if not on the button. Make sure you can find it later. Next, set up your portals. You’re going to need one portal on the platform floor, looking up at the laser receptacle on the ceiling. The other one should be on the portal wall right next to the exit door. We’ll call the floor one portal F, and the one near the exit portal E. Place portal F first, then drop down to the side where the button is. Turn on the Bot on the floor, then use the cube as a shield and move to where portal E is. Bring the cube with you as you go through portal E. Drop the cube off the side, preferably onto the button, but at least get it near. That’s what the sloped surfaces are for. Once that cube is on the button, sneak up and quickly turn on the Bot on the platform. Make sure to move out of the way as quickly as possible, because the Bot on the floor might see you. Then, drop down into portal F. You should now be right next to the exit. Move yourself so that you can see the portal surface in front of the Bot on the floor, but don’t expose yourself to the Bot on the platform. Move portal E to where the floor Bot is pointed. The door should now be open, and your journey continues! 

Written by emksdad

Hope you enjoy the post for P3TT level 5 walkthrough, If you think we should update the post or something is wrong please let us know via comment and we will fix it how fast as possible! Thank you and have a great day!

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