Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye DLC Hints/Clue – Walkthrough

Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye DLC Hints/Clue – Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com
Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye DLC Hints/Clue – Walkthrough 1 - steamsplay.com

This is a series of a hints that will hopefully help you progress forward a bit when you get stuck in the Echoes of the Eye DLC

About this guide

This will be a series of hints/directions to help you progress in the EotE DLC. It’s recommended to start this DLC after you have finished the base game and continue to play on the same save instead of starting a new one.

Do not skip line or read further than what you need to, this is a series of hints and I tried to keep it as spoiler free as possible. Also avoid using this when you get stuck for just a bit. Try to figure out the puzzle, or go explore another place, solve a different puzzle. I only advise to using this guide only you have been hard stuck for hours and have no other places to explore.

Early Game/ How to start

1. Hmm, seem like a new museum exhibit has been opened, you should probably check it out.

2. The satellite captured quite a strange image, maybe there is some information about that capture that you should remember.

3. The station is called Deep Space Radio, maybe an equipment of your can make use of that?

4. Perhaps the person that appear on one of the image captured by the Deep Space Satellite can tell you how to reach it.

5. The information I told you about earlier, you think you can make use of that at the satellite?

6. The trailer for the DLC can offer you a hint on how to start the DLC.

Mid Game (Section 1)

1. The door is locked behind a pole with weird green orb thing. Strange. The place is quite dark, perhaps there is something you can turn on to help you navigate better in the dark.

Wow you made it, good job, you… What a massive place this thing is. It’s easy to get lost here. Please only use this part of the guide after you have completed a full 22 minutes loop and got stuck.

2. There seem to be some kind of projector in one of the house, maybe you can use it with a new kind of item you found.

  • In real life, an old school projector will cast light into a roll of film to create an image on the large screen, maybe you can use the information and apply it to the game.
  • What would be the perfect light source for the projector? It have to fit within the projector machine for sure, otherwise how can you the image clearly?

3. So you explored all the place already, but perhaps you could have missed:

  • Some places become inaccessible once the dam broke out and flood the Stranger. But it also means that a submerged structure that was hidden beneath the water is showing up now that the water level had lowered down.
  • Are you sure you have watched all the slide reels in the Cinder Isles? Some of them contain pretty crucial information about the tall Island Tower that sits atop of the place.

    – The Island Tower is pretty tall, but you can only access the first floor?

  • A place tuck in a little corner that easily be missed. Look around, I think you can spot it with a keen eye.
  • There seem to be a broken bridge regardless if the dam is broken or not, maybe there is another way to access it? Perhaps from the other side?
  • Right by the dam there seem be lone house with closed door. There is a pretty useless locked “gate” right by that you can just jump through. The house looks pretty broken tho, I think you can find a way around it to get inside.
  • A slide reels show an explosion on the outside of The Stranger. That might be worth exploring.


Originally posted by Feldspar:

When all it doubt, ship log it out.

The Ship log is your friend. Revisit some slide reels can also be useful, it’s easy to miss out on information because you got overwhelmed by the place.

Mid Game (Section 2) – Before you read

Before you reach this section, make sure you have explored everything if you are following this guide and don’t want to get spoiled. The only place that should either unexplored or not fully explored are:

  • The House with a locked door behind a planet/moon/star code interface on the Reservoir
  • The Island Tower on The Cinder Isles

In order to reach the second part of the DLC, you must know a very crucial piece of information. This information can be found easily through the many slide reels scattered around the ship.

In case you somehow completely miss it:

  • In order to enter the “Dream World”, you must doze off at a green fire while holding an artifact.
  • The most accessible place to get the artifact early game is the house covered in Ghost Matter in the River Lowlands. The second one that is useful for mid game is located on the table inside the Damaged Laboratory, which can be accessed through a breach outside of the ship.
  • There are four locations in which you find a green fire.

    – Three of them are hidden behind a false panel in the house with multiple paintings and lanterns. Locate the painting that have a moon that looks like Saturn, remove all the lantern around it until it’s pitch black and the false panel will be opened.

    – Another one of them are in the Submerged Structure.

This next section can also be quite scary and annoying, with a lots of wandering in the dark, backtracking,.. You can select the reduce fright option in the game setting to make it less spooky.

So because of that the next part will be a bit more straight forward walk-through to help you get it done quicker if you feel uncomfortable playing it (I still advise you play this section without any help if you can even if it means it’s scary, since that is the whole point of the DLC)

Mid Game (Section 2)

So you entered this new area. Everything is dark and scary. Let’s explore!

The Subterranean Lake

  • This place can be entered through the Submerged Structure.
  • Seem like the area down there is surrounded by water, better to be careful, you don’t want to fall down there and shut the fire out of your lantern.
  • There are three interface there, each of them lead to an area that have a weird structure with a red fire inside of it.
  • A locked vault? I wonder what is inside? Maybe try taking a peak?

The Starlit Cove

  • This place can be accessed through the Cinder Isles’ Island Tower.
  • There seem to be a dock on your left that is accessible. Maybe you can lit up a way to it
  • Did you check the Subterranean Lake area yet? The information you found there can be quite useful.
  • An info you found earlier point toward the Island Tower in the Cinder Isles.

    “The light coming out of the vault gave me a vision of climbing a spiral staircase to a room near the top of a tower. One of the Stranger’s inhabitants pointed at a mural of the tower beneath a nighttime sky, then picked up an artifact and left the room. Some time later, the lamps next to the all went dark, revealing a secret passage.”

    Maybe there is a connection between the Dream and the normal world. After all, the tower is still there in the Dream World.

  • Hmm, all of those pass code for the seals symbol are burnt. So opening the sealed vault in the Subterranean lake is a lost cause. There are only two code remains. The symbol look quite familiar however. What places beside the lake also have interface locks? (Hint: not the dream world)
  • There is not much else we can do here at the moment, let’s revisit this place later.

The Three Secret Location

  • The First Projection: Follow the picture, it’s in the River Lowland. It’s hidden behind a tree. In a place that looks like giant sewer grate
  • The Second Projection: A lake on the right side of Cinder Isles. Hug the right side of the river while rafting there and boost your way up the cliff
  • The Third Projection: In the Hidden Gorge. Get the elevator to go down, don’t get inside it. Then jump slowly through the elevator hole until you see an opening

The Shrouded Woodlands

  • This place can be accessed through The River Lowlands.
  • This place is like a dense swamp, yipey.
  • The locked door seem to facing a certain “structure” similar to the one you see in the Subterranean Lake, maybe you can use that structure to open the door?
  • That locked door opened to what appear to be a dock, you should probably keep that in mind.
  • There is a house across the water with music coming out of it. But how can you get there? Maybe try following the local, they might know the way (Be careful, I don’t think all of them are hospitable)
  • The house is guarded heavily!! You can’t seem to pass through. Maybe it’s the best to just leave for now and wait for them to begone and get back there? Or just bombard through them, Feldspar style? Your choice. Which one will work?
  • You managed to enter the house but don’t know where to go? Maybe there is a slide reel that show you the way.
  • Solution: Jump through the fire
  • After that reaching The Forbidden Archive in this place in pretty much straight forward.

The Endless Canyon

  • Use the knowledge you learnt earlier from the Map Projection 3 and get down to the bottom floor
  • Be careful, when the lights are out, all the door that was locked before are now open. And thus came the Owl People. I counted at least 4 of them.
  • Getting past those Owl People is a real pain, huh? And all to activate a single bridge… Maybe there’s something else you can use to get to that side instead of the bridge?
  • So you got to the bottom floor and see the door open, on the side of a cliff is a cave. But how do you enter it? Perhaps you already know how and even make use of it to be able get here in the first place!

Return to the Starlit Cove.

  • Use the knowledge you learnt earlier from the Map Projection 2 and to get down the well.
  • Be careful, like Endless Canyon, once all the lights are out, they come out. Once you are down the well, there are large room with 3 of them. Don’t go straight because there is a hole in the floor and you will fall down
  • Tip: Perhaps the infos you have learnt at the Forbidden Archive of Endless Canyon can be useful here!

And with that you have finished the mid game and all that left is to reach the end. So close!

End Game

So by now you should have all the information needed for the ending of the DLC (unless I’m missing something, in that case, my apologize!)

Now return to the Subterranean Lake, not through the submerged structure but rather by the method you learnt at the archive earlier on.

  • The second seal (the raft) should be straight forward and simple.
  • The first seal (Right side of the raft when look straight to the sealed vault). It look like there is no way across? The knowledge you learned earlier at the forbidden archive can be quite useful here, so be sure to check the ship log again if you are stuck

    – Hint : Maybe try putting down the artifact?

    – Solution: Put down the artifact and walk past it’s range, then you can see the bridge.

  • The third and final seal: Uh oh it’s the bell thing again, you can’t just shut out the light this time. I wonder if something you learnt earlier at one the Forbidden Archive can be useful. Something that has to do with death I think?

    – Hint 1: Yes you have to enter the dream world through death, not sleeping

    – Hint 2: It have nothing to do with the ATP or the supernova in case you was wondering (but something else new that came with the DLC might have to do with it)

    – Hint 3: The solution is in the same room withthe green fire ;;)

    – Solution: Jump to the fire

And with that you have reached the ending of EotE. It should be straight forward there

After you see you and the Prisoner leaving on the raft. That’s the end of the DLC. You can now bring your new friend into the creation of a new universe (AKA redo the true ending, it’s worth it, trust me).


This is the end of the guide, thanks for reading. If there is part of the guide that is missing,is too vague, has bad grammar or If you are stuck please leave a comment down below. You can also join the Outer Wilds unofficial Discord. There are many people there that will offer you spoiler free solution.

I want to personally thanks the people at Mobius Digital for making this game and the DLC. Now that the DLC is over I will probably not gonna be able play anymore out of this game except for 100% or just get in there and chill. It have truly been an amazing experience that I for sure will not forget until the day I die (or maybe I be able will find a way to forget about it and replay the game again, who know!)



Written by Puffer

Here we come to an end for Outer Wilds Echoes of the Eye DLC Hints/Clue – Walkthrough hope you enjoy it. If you think we forget something to include or we should make an update to the post let us know via comment, and we will fix it asap! Thanks and have a great day!

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