Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide

Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 1 - steamsplay.com
This guide will help anyone struggling with getting the Deep Impact achievement as all of the steps are easily executable without any complicated ship maneuvers. If you can press and hold one button for a few minutes and then switch to pressing and holding another button for a few more minutes, you will easily get this achievement.

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The description for the Deep Impact achievement is: “Enter Giant’s Deep ocean fast enough to break through the current.” While there are certainly other creative methods that also unlock this achievement, this method is by far the easiest to perform and this guide will trivialize any of the tough piloting normally required to maintain a collision course with the planet. 


In order to build up enough speed (10,000 m/s*) to break through the current, the ship must be more than 1,000 km away from Giant’s Deep before accelerating toward the planet. If you start from the surface of Giant’s Deep and use the landing view along with the up and down thrusters exclusively to pilot your ship, you will perfectly preserve the path your ship needs to take towards the planet by completely eliminating two whole axes of movement. As stated in the description of this guide, if you can switch from holding one button for a few minutes to holding a different button for a few more minutes you’ll easily get this achievement. 
*(NOTE: The exact speed required to break through the current seems to be proportional to the frame rate the game is running at with 30 FPS requiring as low as 5,000 m/s while 144 FPS requiring a full 10,000 m/s. For the purposes of this guide, 10,000 m/s will be used as this should ensure most people hit the speed required regardless of graphic settings. As I haven’t personally tested if 10,000 m/s is a sufficient velocity on frame rates above 144 FPS, bear in mind that if you are running at an FPS that fast, you may need to increase your starting point away from the planet accordingly.) 


1. Enter Giant Deep’s atmosphere and scope out a clear area in the water away from any cyclones and islands to land your ship. 
(NOTE: While it may be possible that the spot you choose will put you on a collision course with a heavenly body such as the sun, bear in mind that this is very unlikely. Don’t get discouraged if you have to try this method more than once to succeed.) 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 
2. Switch to the landing view and wait until the core of the planet settles into the middle of the viewing window. Ensure Giant’s Deep is targeted in the viewing window. 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 
3. From the surface of the water, engage and continue to engage full up thrusters for a few minutes as your ship accelerates away from the planet and towards the starting position of 1,000 km away. 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 
4. As the ship gains speed it will soon be traveling very quickly away from Giant’s Deep, so you will need to start decelerating when it is still several hundred kilometers away from the starting position. Monitor the distance it travels through the viewing window and wait until the ship passes 500 km away (with a speed of roughly -7,150 m/s) before switching from full up thrusters to full down thrusters. Although the ship will continue hurtling away from Giant’s Deep, it will eventually slow down until it stops at roughly 1,030 km before beginning its descent toward the planet. Continue to engage full down thrusters for a few minutes until the ship crashes through the current and you get the achievement. If performed correctly, you should hit the required 10,000 m/s while still several kilometers away from the planet. 
(NOTE: Switching the thrusters at distances less than 500 km away may not guarantee that your ship eventually rests at a starting position of at least 1,000 km away and may cause you to miss getting the achievement. Make sure you visually see 500 km on the screen before you switch them and don’t worry about how precisely close to 500 km you are. As long as you switch sometime shortly after 500 km, you will come to a stop well over the 1,000 kilometers required but still not be too far away that you risk clipping through the planet entirely.) 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 
Ship at a starting position of 1,034 km away with a speed of roughly 0 m/s and beginning its descent: 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 
Ship at 50 km away showing a speed of greater than 10,000 m/s: 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 
Ship underneath the current after impact: 
Outer Wilds Easy Deep Impact Achievement Guide 


That’s pretty much it. Leave a comment below if you have any suggestions on improving this guide or if this method didn’t work out for you. Thanks, and I hope you get the achievement! 

Written by Helgi Ralfarsson

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